Theme: Protest

In Search of Annaji of Humanity

I, we, you, they, he -who’s not?
Against corruption all do shout;
Ramdev thrown to bay,
However Anna breaks a day.
Ply cards and banners speak
People from all corners reek
Parliament stumbles and fumbles
Streets fast and roar, the belly rumbles.
Is corruption India’s property
Black money ,its treasury;
Why Anna for Indian state
Not for the world and rest.?
Why so much cry here
A Rebirth of Gandhi or
Another struggle for freedom
Or new order of wisdom !!
Let the world seek and unite
Rest of Annas rise for a fight
As Switzerland rustles in joy
All the plump in Swiss at gay
Mountains of black money
Make it so high and sunny;
The play ground of the world
Sponsoring such hidden sport.
A state secures by law all ill got Shame!
The world recognizes the lot.
Oh ,where is Anna of humanity
Why not ban such an evil entity.
When root of the black tree’s sea deep
Don’t dig, cut it from the top and tip;
The root will gradually rot and decay
Awake! Arise!
Oh, my World !
Don’t delay


More By  :  Prafulla Sahu

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Comments on this Poem

Comment The anguish of the poet can be noted; an implication at the trappings of powers and that the assidious activity needs to be streched as he transcends national boundaries and presents himself as a part of the global village or somewhere the patriotism cannot accept the motherland to be singled out as corrupt, his own morality militates and reflects in the poem. The suggestion to cut the 'top and tip' is again a poetic confusion of passion and pragmatism - who will cut, how will cut! The people are to awake and arise - is it a call for a social revolution or in search for a Anna of humanity encompassing the entire global village?
The presentation is good and the idea of a broader dimension involving cooperation of the nations is welcome. A change for me - a romanticism of a different level.

Bijoy Chandra Mohapatra
26-Mar-2012 04:39 AM

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