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Justice Soumitra Sen

Justice Soumitra Sen is 53 years now.
He has been impeached by the Rajya Sabha.
He is awaiting  impeachment by Lok Sabha now.
He was first  appointed receiver when he was 25
and again a second time probably some ten years later.
A judge should be clean, I understand.
He said he has been clean since appointed judge.
He claims his acts of misdemeanour
has been to the extent of fund mismanagement
of two funds in three accounts
before he was appointed judge.
He has not benefitted in any way,
though there is a talk of his credit card payment
from one of the accounts.
As a receiver he did falter
not going by strict orders.
Should he been appointed a judge
in the first place?
So now there is a talk of a judhe's commission.
Also, I should not be appointed  judge
if I had committed adultery
in my youth.
Further, I should not be appointed judge
if I practised polygamy
at any point of time in life.
It is being told judges got away
with larger acts of misdemeanour.
Justice Soumitra Sen does not get a chance
because of the national mood on corruption,
because legislature has got a chance
to get even with the judiciary, they say!
Justice Soumitra Sen says he will fight.
All people cleaner than Justice Soumitra Sen rejoice.
And all people even a wee bit less clean
please shed tears for him
and shudder what can happen to any man
if luck is not in his side.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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