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Money is Always Golden

Tell me, why do we resort to illicit relationship?
Does illegal sex give more pleasure?
Or, it is just a fig of imagination,
sex out of relationship is more pleasurable.

Lot of people are just for plain legal sex.
Are they chicken hearted?
Or they pfrefer to refrain from cheating?
Both may be true.

Similarly, what is black money
and when is it white?
Clearly speaking, black money is money
whose face Government does not see.

Actually, by stashing money what is due to Government,
those denizens are lessening Government's responsibility.
They are then forced to run a parallel Government
by opening private schools, private hospitals,
private airlines, and what not.

Thanks to them, they are lessening the burden of the Government.
Common citizens, go after money.
Pay up Government.
Strngthen Government.
Slowly these empires will crumble.

Remember, when everybody is picking everybody's pocket
all are equally rich or poor!

So the moral is,
money can never be black,
it is always golden!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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