Theme: Choice

Beverage Clashes

Tea and coffee have a war
both of us have come from afar
My leaves are from the Camellia Sinensis, boasts Tea
And I emerge from the bean, retorts Coffee.
I contain antioxidants-police officers who seize
bad guys that plan to harm the human cells,
says Tea triumphantly.
So do I, retorts Coffee nonchalantly
anti bacterial to prevent tooth decay, also food poisoning.
You’re not the only one, I have it too, fumed Tea.
Can you reduce the risk of Cancers or Heart Disease? quips Tea,
Can you prevent gallstones, Parkinson’s or lower the risk of Diabetes?
Coffee has a jibe.
Is there a way to find out who is better?
Coffee addicts and Tea lovers know best
Morning cuppa……brings cheer,
ready to face yet another gruelling day


More By  :  Hema Ravi

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Comments on this Poem

Comment A charming poem on the very real rivalry for taste between these two universal beverages, with the imagined accent on 'rages'.

What is truly astonishing is the variety of tea and coffee blends; tea comprising of a variety of other leafs and roots; coffee, the roast bean product, in the vast range from filter to instant, expresso to cappuccino; but these two rivals are mutually exclusive as a species, and a hybridised brew would be unthinkable - oddly enough, both get on very well with dairy milk, for tea, and milk/cream, for coffee: milk, as we generally observe from our childhood days, fills in the spaces of these two dark brews like it was nature's own blend - though how and why this occurs is not something we dwell on: I suppose it's a bit like the marriage of bread and butter!

27-Aug-2011 19:58 PM

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