Theme: Civilization

The Adivasi

In socialist, capitalist countries-
But still some misguided terrorists shine
To be handled properly and quelled in time.
Nothing has stopped, nothing goes unhindered
Old world of exploitation marches on-
Extracting wealth from the bowl of earth, sea
And sky for prosperity, industry;
The old incorrigible, superstitious
Adivasis are still reluctant to
Be evicted. They remain misguided.
They do not yield even after threatening,
Conversion and brainwashing: The Rotters.
But they had their civilization, they
Have culture and tradition, they defy
Globalization: their war rages throughout
The globe; Oil-Timber-War around Peru,
Amazonian Rainforest, Niger-Delta;
Mine-War spreads in Papua-Indonesia,
Phillipines, Niyamagiri hills, India-
In Chhatisgarh, Jungle Mahal, Anantapur
There, in Yanomami land, Brazil and
Manywhere. It seems a desperate strike
By organized forces is imminent
The sons of the soils to eliminate-
From the face of the earth, water and sky.
They are really helpless, misguided, they
Hold on to any discredited lot
Take to arms to survive in their plight.
A recent photograph in a newspaper-
Body of a young girl, died in combat
Carried in a bamboo pole by killers-
Inspired a similar scene to get flashed
In memory- it was the corpse of a
Wild boar hunted for community feast.
It is ugly to ogle at jarawas,
Oldest Andamanese , like beast in cage.
To declare ‘International Day of
World’s Indigenous people’ by the highest
World-body is nothing but puffed up farce.
It is a clash between civilisations:
Industrial-technological, man-made
Against agricultural, forest-bred.
Globalization cannot destroy all;
Environment, ecology, human.
None can evict them, throw them into sea
What has happened is a stain on human glory.
People regret now as the last speaker of
‘Bo’ language dies or rejoice when a
New-born is added to Onge tribe.
Advasis were the first born on earth
They have the first claim on it before us,
Modern civilized. They live in Nature-
Forest and hills, rivers and animals.
Everything cannot be exploited, used.
If they must be removed for any project
They must agree, must be compensated.
Be aware man, awake; Honour Nature
To be honoured by it, to live better.


More By  :  Aju Mukhopadhyay

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