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by Ravi N.
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You were not just parents - undoubtedly divine

Every day I start my day with a brief note to you.
When I want to write the note, I squeeze my brain to
Pen the most appropriate words to express my view.
When I want to express my view, I recall all my days
Then passed with touching moments and hardships.
When I want to bring back the moments, I may feel
Drained and saddened the way things went.
When I want to revisit the ways that went bad, I could not
Find any soul now that realizes its blunders.
When I want to remind them their blunders, I really
Wonder whether they are born to you mom and dad.
When I feel that they are born to you, how could they
Never had the courtesy and hospitality you showered.
When I want to emphasize the courtesy and hospitality
That you showered on us, I feel that it is of no use to them.
When I feel that it is of no use to tell my brothers and
Sister, why did you lead a selfless life for these junk.
When I am also one of the chunks of the junk, I feel
Ashamed that you should be my parents again not with them.
When I wish to have you as my parents in all my births,
I seem to feel satisfied and end my journey with your blessings.
When I want to end my journey with your blessings,
Please take care of my creations as now that I am a parent.
When I think about my role as a parent, I am proud to
Have a couple of lovely roses Manoj and Sangeeth.
When I think of my lovely creations, it is really great
To be a parent but worry corners me always to seek your feet.
When my worry corners me to seek your feet, please
Be with me all the time to save me and my family.

When I want to save me and my family, whom I can
Ask other than you – Bless me Dad and Mom.
You are the world.
You are everything to me.
Without you, the world is big zero.
With you, even I too become a hero.


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