Theme: Aging

Why are You Old?

The very word OLD mean something that is not NEW.
It is human to worry as body becomes OLD,
But Aging should not be considered burden
As it is an uninvited guest and is part of any one's life.
The moment we attain the status OLD,
We act as if we are obsolete and feel neglected.
Neither had we overjoyed for being NEW before
Nor we should be upset when we cannot stop our body decay.
OLD is out of syllabus in abroad as
That is the age people renew missed out teenage relations.
NEW is flourishing period everywhere
BUT how long NEW would remain NEW, teenagers think.
Sometimes old generations submit to young
And admit that they are at the latter's mercy.
Young also have the impression that
Always they are the people to rule and fool OLD.
YOUTH is magical for some but also dangerous for others.
Most of the great achievements are made by YOUTH.
But now direction of the youth is not towards prosperity.
They are all towards all untoward happenings in life.
Dear Youth, Always keep the OLD happy as
They are the architects of your life and nation at times.
It is your smartness that would retrieve
the best out of the experienced people.
Ideas of OLD and Actions of Youth
blend for the great success of a country.
Experiences are something that we take
As Lessons to link generations after generations.


More By  :  Ravi N.

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