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When You are Down and Out

When you are down and out,
don't give up.
Open your heart to near and dear ones.
If not, to acquintanes.
But don`t give out everything,
only samples.
The sack should never beemptied.
Slowly your confidence comes back.

Every event has its logic,
however unpleasant.
On hindsight, not every description,
not every detail can be laid bare.
The pain could be excruciating.

Pardon others,
as well as,
pardon your own self.
The journey anyway will come to an end.

So drown your woes,
drown your ego,
make yourself smaller and smaller
and imagine yourself to be one with Him.

So when you are down and out,
don't give up.
Pray for everybody,
those who are in this earth,
and beg pardon of those
who have left.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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