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The tri-color unfurls proudly
Reflecting the mood of a nation
Showcasing its emotional history
Narrating the tales of a nation
That went through hell
And came out victorious but
Still bears unerasable scars
That will reveals its dark secrets
For ages to come

Saffron reflects....
The dried blood of the thousands
who laid down their lives
Without a protest,
Without a murmur,
The valiant who voluntarily died
That we may live :-
A life that they sought
A life free from their public hell
A life full of all they sought
Seeking to speak their heart
And be what they are
Freedom to live their own life
Be a real person rather
Than a puppet dangled mercilessly

Green tells tales of....
The ever green vitality of a nation
Of people poised to face adversity
With inimitable courage and reckless bravery
It bears tales of tender smiles
Mingles with bitter tears
Of the daughters of the nation
Who gave away their sons, fathers and loves
As priceless gifts to their first love
It echoes the optimism of the people
Ready to mingle with the future
Yet retaining the past

White shows....
The unadulterated love
Of the people for a nation
The pure unmitigated passion
Unfathomable in its nature
And unrestricted in its flow
It reflects the oneness of the mind
Binding the people together
Holding them as one being
Breaking all barriers
Reducing all differences
To arrive at one root
The effervescent Indian
The blue Ashoka wheel ticks away
The time holding the nation
Within it's confines
To arise as one being
Shedding animosity and spreading love
In times of need
The tricolor waves wildly
Rejoicing in a nation built
and history written
And recreated.


More By  :  Smitha Chakravarthula

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