Theme: Idealism

The Tree of Ideology

I wish I killed the banyan tree
That devoured the crust of my soul
To  spread cheap shade and peace.
I have nothing to crush it down
Its leaves giggle, the  snake like rootlets bind me tight
I am breathless,
I live my life at their mercy,
The passersby have made the shady tree their huts
Laughing at me when I say leave me alone;

Each leaf reads a sermon:
Look at the proud sun from here
How merrily birds chirp making a symphony
The forlorn beggar finds a shed;
Immortality stands firm at service
And has grown like a mystery to defy death and decay.

I know I nourished this plant
But I am a landless landlord;

My grown up daughter needs no rest under such shade
My unemployed son moves with an axe
My wife wails like gushing cyclone
apathetically my(?) banyan is happy and gay like Buddha.

I know how bitterly I have betrayed my life
Now I love the tree because all love it
I try to kill it but in vain
I simply wait who will come forward to kill me
My children stab me, punch my breast all day
I have no blood to bleed
I request the banyan to crush me with a dry log
It says 'I’m green and wet'
I wish I shot myself but I'm armless.

The banyan said the other day, it was not worried then
If I died…..or lived in  any cell like
Brahma, Allah, Jesus, Mahavir and Buddha, Mahatma, Sai or Avtars
when creation thrives...


More By  :  Prafulla Sahu

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