Theme: Pain

A Teenager's Life

I am me, No one else.
I am my own entity, I am not false.
I dream of eternity, Among everyone else.
I am alone, No one knows me.
No one cares, For my well being.
I have lived on the streets,
In the cold nights of winter.
I have lived in a hole,
It was my only shelter.
I have depended on people,
That just do not know.
What I have been through,
And why I am so scared.

I am made fun of, But no one cares.
Sometimes I cry at night, Wondering.
Will anyone be there, That really cares?
I cry for no reason, There is no one there.
No one can understand,
Why I have shed so many tears.
Sometimes I cannot decide,
Whether to fight or cry.
I am confused, What is my purpose in this life?
What am I supposed to be doing? Does anyone care?

Sometimes I am angry, Yet I am sad.
Sometimes I am raging, Yet I am crying.
I am utterly alone, I am confused.
I am looking for someone, Someone that can understand.
What I have been through, And really cares.
I am me, Just a teenager.
Looking for someone to hold me, That I may trust.
I am no one, That lives in solitude.
I just exist in this world, Forever Alone.


More By  :  Andrew Roles

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