Theme: Horror

Fly with Me

In silence she came unto my bedside
Sleepy were my thoughts
Churning and jumbled
Yet aware
That I could reach out and touch her

Still, her presence I denied
No I will not hear you!
With fervor she persisted
As did my lack of acceptance

Burst forth a dam of recognition
And resignation
Released from within my loitering depths;
Her advantage
Within moments
Her power unleashed
In the beat of one's heart in panic
And confusion


With fury she came about me
Mastering my mind
Entering my soul with hers
Fear not she conveyed

Limbs shuddering
As an object bound for flight
Yet body grounded in vibration
Chest heaving with her thunder,
Gasping in disbelief
Turbulence engulfed me
As she tried to take me
Fly with me!
Her intentions forced stark

I shall show you far beyond
Your earth, your moon, your stars,
Places of wonder
Where I have journeyed
Let me take you there

No storm dare mime her violence
I felt her burning desire to lead me
Lift me not! I cried without sound
For I fear my life will end
Should I follow your path
And furious strength of will

Although I fought for focus
And balance of the spirit which
No longer was mine
I fast became the smallest particle
In a void of time
Insignificant breathless creature
Helpless as her essence drained
My struggling lungs of trembling air

Fly with me! Again her demand
But I could not
Perhaps I did not want to
Perhaps I feared
But truly I believed
In a heart that had been broken
With loss

For most precious as she had been
To me in life.
Had I followed her that night
Surely mine would have ended

As hers had months before

And as sudden as her arrival
Was her departure.
She must have understood
I could not taste for a moment
The glory of her new world, for
In that same beat of a heart in panic
She set me free


More By  :  Victoria Valentine

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