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Late Night Movies

by Jan Oscar Hansen
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I wear denim trousers and a matching jacket in winters, this because
I always wanted to be a cowboy, the simple life, what can be simpler
than herding cows. I can’t afford buying a horse but nearly bought
a donkey once, but I have no stable and couldn’t leave it in room,
one can’t toilet-train beasts; they will only knock the door down to
go outside for a pee. Oddly enough, once upon a time, my living room
was a stable, a big pile of dry manure was the first that greeted me
when I bought the dwelling. But time moves on, there are no beasts
of burden left, only tractors litter the landscape and the good smell
of sweaty animals has been replaced by diesel fumes. I wouldn’t mind
being a monk especially now that my sexual drive is in a steep decline,
but I’m not ascetic or contemplative enough to fit in. So I’ll stick to
being a horseless cowboy while trying to walk like John Wayne and
watch late night western movies.


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