Theme: Love

A Churn of Love!

Clouds floating under Moon light of cold night

Just as snow layers accumulating all over land
Make sky and plains pure white as buttermilk!

Milk becomes buttermilk and butter to ghee and
Cheese and yogurt byproducts of milk to enjoy
As children to mother we nourish in life long...!

Milk and honey flow as river if world is prosperous
By honest and true lovers of work for perfection
In all fields not calculating only money and profit!

Churning milky ocean elixir was produced for angels
As buttermilk is churned to produce butter for all 
To enjoy and live longer in the world to do better!

As churning in base one another better one is made
Painful pleasure is love to live life in enjoyment ever! 


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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