Theme: Apathy

Dating and Cohabitation

Decisions of living together and loving each other

Occupy our mental space from time to time-

And such “ebb-tide” creates the ripple effects,

Echoed through the mental hymn!

Testing of “marital waters” comes into play

By living together among marriage-wary couple-

And the plunge goes into effect, sooner or later,

With blender and bedspread shuffle!


“Shacking up” or “living in sin” is losing glory,

Compared to the dating as the norm-

Under the veil of “trial marriage”, as we see now,

Enshrined in the mental storm!

“Wedlock” continues to lose in strength,

With the inhibition of dating and cohabitation today-

Among the singles of opposite sex of varied ages,

As the researches are evident to say!


Cohabitation before marriage raises the risk

Of divorce for lack of commitment to each-

Whereas the serial cohabiters may swing

Such statistics and stick like a leach!

Crisis in the “Institution of Marriage” these days

Is increasing rapidly without a doubt-

And for the past few decades, the trend continues,

While the lack of confidence tends to shout!


Cohabitation is a “dating replacement” in general,

Towards the compatibility and confidence test-

And it bolsters the tolerance for each other,

To weave in solutions and work out the best!

Monitoring of the relationship progression

From dating to cohabitation seems to shed new light-

And reveals cohabitation as an “alternative to marriage”

To remain tangled within the sight!


Living with a romantic partner as a convenience

Is a serious thought to consider-

Because of tight budget and economic downturn,

Marriage is getting delayed too far!

Cohabitation is not a “mortgage alternative”

To weather financial crisis of modern age-

Rather, it’s a stepping stone towards relationship,

Opposite of a Himalayan monk or sage!


In my conjecture, cohabitation is not a “rehearsal”

Or “practice for marriage” to slow down the “bed hopping”-

Rather, a simulation towards perfection of a relationship,

To eliminate or minimize the “divorce shopping”!

Marital satisfaction, good communication,

And total dedication of two must flex with the mood-

So, think twice, before you surrender your autonomy,

Or take the plunge of a lifetime for good!!



July 22, 2011



More By  :  Hillol Ray

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