Theme: Lust

The Black Horse

The black horse that breathed in my heart
Throughout last night
Was my blind lust
That wanted to rush
To do something impossible
To jump over a difficult hurdle
It dug the grounds
With its impatient hooves
And restlessly made
Neighing sounds.
It was like a black flame
At the turn of Time
A blinding storm of dust.
Suddenly stung by frustration
And finding the doors open
It forced its way out.
One whom it brought
Was none other than my love
Now petrified by pain.
She found no shelter outside
And huddled in my mind.
In the darkest night such as this
This unbridled horse
Breathlessly rushes out.
My dark thoughts
Are like a suicidal blast
That longs to plunge
Into an utter forgetfulness
Along uncharted ways.
Let it go
Let it take in its wake
All my frustrations
Beyond the utmost limits
Of this limitless darkness
Without any motion
Without any sound.
After this loss
Let my mind, unscathed,
After a flaming bath
Like a sun-bathed rainless autumn cloud
Blaze in broad and open light
Beneath the boundless sky.
Translation of the poem ‘Kalo Ghora’ from the collection Bchitrita by Rabindranath Tagore.


More By  :  Kumud Biswas

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