Theme: Monopoly

No Butter?

(When a country practices monopoly)
“Butter", the chef said, "I can’t fry a schnitzel without butter? If I use margarine
it gets too salty and tastes like whale, if I use olive oil, it gets a Portuguese
flavour, a schnitzel is Austrian. How can you fry an egg without using butter,
one loses the taste of clover and rural idyll, farm yards and chickens looking
for worms?” "Sorry", the restaurant manager said, "but we have no butter,
 you gotta use margarine and anyway, the guests are not chefs, they will not
 notice the difference.” The chef looked aghast, put down his ladle and said:
“You can’t mean that, has all my work come to nothing?” Took off his apron,
had tears in his eyes, ready to walk out into the cold night and not return.

“Hang on", the manager said, "without you I can’t run this place, it is the caring
way you prepare food that our guests like you, they know there is a butter
shortage, but they don’t mind as long as they know you are the chef.”
Mollified, the cook took his apron back on, lifted his ladle and said, “OK, but
see if you can get some butter even if you have to buy it from the Danes."


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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