Theme: Spirituality

An ode to Allen Ginsberg's mother

"The key is in the light.
The key is in the window."

Thus wrote Allen Ginsberg's mother to Allen
and his brother Eugene.
What beautiful allegory!
One can well understand
wherefrom Ginsberg's poetry
was derived!
Father, yes.
Mother, more so.
A son rarely can fly away
from mother's womb!
Mental illness
is but buttressed truth.

For truth rarely sees the light
as it must wind through the alleys of life,
rarely unfolding,
hidden in the fold of
generations' sin
committed due to compulsions of existence
in every human life.
For what is more important
than to live!
And what is truer
than to die?

So kaddish could not be held for you;
for your son will spill the beans on the society
and you too
in your after lives!
Lay Allen's mother in peace
in your lives to come.
Your life did not go in vain!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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