Theme: Destruction

Horror of Thane!

All were seeing TV movie with much interest
Suddenly current went off at 11.30 pm sharp!
Rain started with howling sound at a less decibel
At first plunging the whole town in black out state!

Cyclonic storm Thane hit the shore at 70 Kmph first;
Then went on developing speed to 80, 100, 140 Kmph
Drummed out all zinc boards of shop names everywhere!

Like T Rex dinosaur Thane knocked doors and windows 
Till they all broke open and entered houses sans mercy
Smashed all utensils, lights, boxes and flower pots....!

Stripped off all leaves from avenue trees in all streets
Rooted out as many trees as possible from the ground!
And left leaf less trees as skeletons standing on streets
Also, twisted and broke as many lamp posts as possible!

In many places carried away PVC overhead tanks of houses, 
Twisted and broke all water pipe lines connected to tanks
With howling noise Thane cyclone crossed town only at 10 am!

From Bay of Bengal Thane cyclone went across main land 
Causing devastation beyond imagination to Arabian sea!
Everywhere destruction of properties and lives went on
Followed by rain nonstop all day long unabatedly on Dec. 30!

New Year eve became a mourning day for many stranded
House less, food less and water less and current less...!
Clearance of debris of colossal level would take 10 days
Horror of Thane cyclonic storm made indelible mark on all!

New Year day dawned without much delight in all houses
In some main streets power supply is restored to normalcy!
Shops and water supply have started to give relief to all
Never again no one wants to see such a havoc even in dreams!  


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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