Theme: Ethics

Ethics - A Rare Commodity

With the rapid progress of modern civilization,
the varied “problem of ethics” seems to spin the webs of despair now-
And life is getting complicated, depicted by mental depression,
in spite of having knowledge or technical know-how!
We need to lead and control our own life under ethical parameters,
as was the case with the tribal past-
But with enhancement of technology, the society has changed
to place the life in a lane that’s too fast!

Ethics has its foundation in our own emotional background,
and separates the animal instincts from mankind-
But the hidden problems of egoism or greediness are too intertwined
that we can easily track and always find!
At the early stages of human civilization,
abundance of air and water kept the life simple and free-
While the complications were brewing with overpopulation
and shortage of food with ethics spree!

With the growing problems of economic and ecological issues,
ethics of life has to play a very significant role-
Because a scarcity of the needed resources spins around the wallet,
where ethics may cut the real biggest hole!
The fragility of mind is a serious issue
coupled with the progress of our own society these days-
While the importance of own ethics is lost
in the shuffles and keeping our minds really at bays!

The influence of exclusion and ‘inclusion’
may swing the mode of ethics in politics or power-
And set the ground rules of society by ignoring the reality
haunting around the reign of tower!
Today, technological means and scientific knowledge
are promising a new life of isolation and artificial touch-
While the click of a handy mouse on the computer keyboard
maintains the relation through e-mail and as such!

In stead of artificiality, it is better to choose brotherhood,
cooperation and welfare for all-
While the application of ethics is tax free,
and will stay ready at the minds’ beck and call!
But the sadness in modern society prevails
around the ethical question that hovers in our mind-
And may lead us to live like a parasite, or an exploiter,
or a criminal to distress the social bind!

At times I feel, in the new millennium, our understanding of the joys
of communal life may give ethical sense-
Followed by the tribal ways with family relationships,
in stead of destructive behaviors that make us too tense!
So, let us try moral perfection joined by hard work,
and a disposition to change through education as the key-
And initiate a daily construction through perseverance
for cultivationof ‘right” emotions from heaven to sea!

Very often our mind gets lost in egotistic
and self-pursuing interests that end up in vain-
While the outcome may be solicitude or divorce
to cause deeper anguish or mental pain!
Remember, nothing is gained by lowering the morals
or making our ethics a rare commodity of the Earth-
Rather, in stead of restrictive regimes, let us promote
the freedoms and cooperation to achieve the mirth!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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