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For The Forever Elusive

Does Happiness have to mean
Stolen moments subsidized by lies and disguises?
Or, stealthy flashes
sustained by elementary conspiracies?

Does Happiness have to mean
Forever testing the luck from disruption?
Or, flinging the elemental four-lettered word
Straight out of the window, the door, the room
Where we nestle?
Where we find happiness, which still displays fear?

Does it have to transitory?
And if not, the price?
Does it have to cost?

I am an adult the day I can decide
between right and what others say of it.
Happiness, till then, is there for us on hire
Leasing this time against all odds,
be happy that you
have it yet.

Or is it for sale at too high a premium?
That is my fear.

Does happiness, then, have to be only
For the quintessential
swindler, with peace?

Or for those who fear,
Watchful forever
of probing, questioning, accusing eyes?


More By  :  Deepika Singh

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