Theme: Love

Solvent X

Spring of 1975 reminds me
the love at first sight of you -
While three decades have gone by,
To dazzle me with your laughter and hue !
Restless love between the mating dove
Played the feeble in my mind -
And I longed for your Midas touch;
When you cloaked me from behind !
Your curly hair wrapped my face,
With the madness of blowing air -
And the aroma of two young hearts
made us speechless right then and there !
Twinkles on your eyes danced,
Like in a Hollywood movie show -
And my heart knew no bounds
to show how our love likes to glow !
Lips; trembling in romance;
Lost no chance to steal your kiss -
While you looked around
Like a greyhound to nibble without a hiss!
We combed the moonlit beaches,
and fought the leaches, jealous of our love -
Sometimes in a cracker barrel,
We chased the squirrel, watching from above !

Sea-breeze while I sailed the boat
dried your lips in a hurry -
And you got busy on stove-top
to cook Indian dishes and curry !
As a rodeo cowboy, I tackled the bull
on a horseback with a longer rope -
While you uttered “Oh my gosh”
in a trembling voice with an winner's hope !

In a race car express, just to impress,
You forced me to don the helmet -
And raved the engine to its fullest
to leave others to dust at sunset !
Flying the planes was my favorite hobby,
When you were beside me as a co-pilot -
And we soared the skies over all nations,
And later to land in Fargo or Minot!
Lake Pontchartrain pulled me
to row my sailboat on windy days -
With a heavy cap you looked so cute,
While your skin was tanned by sun-rays !
Scuba and sky-diving became my obsession
for the past thirty years -
And I watched your hour-glass body,
In thin air and blue water, without fears !
Upon winning a Lotto, I held a motto
of hot air ballooning, to extend my joy -
With you leaning on me to whisper
“I Love you, babe; and you are my only toy”!

Our Himalayan trekking, though nerve wrecking,
back in nineteen eighty three -
Still reminds me your thrills on the hills,
With a Sherpa to let us free !
Kayaking was your favorite pastime,
and it took us to Auckland, New Zealand -
Where we sang aloud and danced,
While racing the pelicans on golden sand !
Well, as I reminiscent my love today in “Milestone”,
And read through my lenses , concave or convex-
I seem to drink the nectar of your love,
Saturated in obsession with your Solvent X!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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