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Tree Lady

The Pearl of Nairobi had left this world.
In silent whimpers the forest greens had wept.

A bud that had blossomed at the tip
of the lofty universal tree;
a saint who smeared the sweet nectar
of world's univocal esteem;
a brave woman who taught
the wounded souls to sprout
again with hope and love
that pearl of Nairobi had left this world.

When natives were about
to forget the magic of green-mantra
she bent her back to plant
the seeds of peace.
That pearl of Nairobi had left this world.

You can measure the height of humans
but not the loftiness of humaneness.
Where to find enough holy water to ablate
an absolute body besmeared with green-love?
How to felicitate those flowers who turn euphoric
at nature’s opulence?

That Pearl of Nairobi
became the rejuvenating rain in sky now;
slaking the thirst of every sprouting seed...

She’s the pearl of Nairobi...nay, nay
the Tree-Lady.

Telugu Original: Perugu Ramakrishna, India
Translation: Sathyanarayana MVS, India


More By  :  Perugu Ramakrishna

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