Theme: Apathy

The Sea Captain

From sun tanned hero to zero, the unthinkable happened, the captain
on a 14 story liner hit a rock. Her captain lost his marbles, didn’t
know what to do next, shell-shocked his world and dreams had
come to an abrupt end. What followed, show us a man not in charge
of his own faculties, he went down to the bar and ordered a drink,
this while the crew was putting on life belts ready to leave the ship.
Eventually, the master walked on deck more like a zombie without
the faintest idea of what to do next. Since he didn’t know what to
do and the ship was listing, he joined a life boat, ashore it worried
him that his socks were wet, he might catch a cold. Is that an action
of a sane man?  All he wanted to do thereafter, was to go home, go
to sleep, wake up next morning and it all had been a bad dream.
It was not. When command was expected of him, he failed and will
never sail on a ship again. In Italy, people are ashamed of him, it is like
he has let them down. How lucky we are, that few of us are called
upon to do the right thing in time of adversity.  


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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