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Forever Green

Sitting by the bounty green grassy blades,
Relaxed and reminiscing thoughtful shades,
I looked up at her branches crude but sturdy,
Beneath them I write of a lifetime, all wordy!

A slice of candy, a sip of sweet mango pulp,
A box of chocolates and a mouthful to gulp,
Under my protective tree, in the lush meadow,
Merriments of childhood, with my wild credo!

A decade later, a pedantic black board rests
By her cozy, comforting and secure nests,
And I sermonize wisely, to a younger class,
Show them the books, through my looking glass!

Another decade goes by, I insanely hurt her
Carve out my name, and watch the oozing amber
Enduring the pain, she embraces me with love,
She brings me peace, with the sight of a dove!

Three decades now, my children at her stalk,
Climbing her diverse off shoots, as they talk,
She stands bearing, latitudarian in thought,
Hard to forget are the good times she's brought!

Nearing the halfway mark of a grand century,
I rest on a hammock, hung by her rich luxury
I've watched a long life span, pass well by me,
My spirits, high and low, but how steady is she!

The grand glory, leafy and brown, stands atall,
She teaches a way of living, through rise and fall,
While my years fly past, in a quick hasty scene,
Pictures of her, remain still, lovely and evergreen!
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More By  :  Mehga Vishwanath

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