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ABC* in H-Ray Vision

The dawn of civilization opened up the human vision
To portray their own intrinsic mind-
And an "internal sense" of aesthetics was born
That's still prevailing on present mankind!
Biogenetic influence in our culture relates
To the seed of beauty in our idle brain-
Followed by ethical values disappearing fast
Like passengers in locomotive train!

For our primitive forefathers, beauty of art
Started as an expression of hidden joy-
And dearly kept it alive for the many millenniums
To come, like a treasured toy!
They painted their own bodies and even carved them
With scalpel or blunt knives-
In an attempt to extricate the beautiful form,
Ranging from mountains to beehives!
Thus, the connection between realities and imaginations
Was established with a mission-
And I do visualize that well as I dwell
On the third millennium with my "H-Ray Vision"!

During the "Stone-age Civilization",
We were all practitioners of solo dancing and song-
Irrespective of the month or season, time of day or night,
These rituals went on too long!
Music became an inherent part of life,
Evidenced by the bold historians' tales-
And 'Art' was engraved since then in our brains
To ring knowledge doorbells!
Aesthetic emotions led us in the vast waves
Of creation to hop on a joy ride-
To provoke the feelings of enjoyments
Without any scorn or life's ebb tide!

Primitive tribes emphasized the aesthetic implications
And ethical values in man-
To exemplify the manhood as a demigod
Drenched with beauty in the heroes den!
Modern religions have obscured
These important thoughts to disguise it too well,
And converted man from self-assertion
To contemplation where minds now dwell!
Adoration of material things has prompted God
To depart from the spirit of man-
While the evil spirits keep on provoking us
To commit the sins whenever we can!
The aesthetic values have now left the churches
With the exception of an only few-
And left the Gods alone, decaying in the old temples
Preserved for a historical view!
The center of life has changed from the inner spirit
Of modern man to the world outside-
While I watch the growing cities,
Full of monotonous forms and tunnels, for us to hide!

Obviously, there's beauty in the world today
That man still constructs to appease the eye-
But in 'H-Ray Vision', that's a beauty of decadence
Of genuine art and causes me to sigh!
Modern beauty of replicating form seem to sink
Individual mind into nothingness at best-
And to me, this feeling is so pathological,
'Cause it draws the mankind to a perilous test!
The idea of being beautiful or heroic
Is being abandoned fast with modern hectic pace-
While the rooms for all sorts of perversions
Are being made to glorify our sanely face!

Modern man has become an addict to all the excesses,
From chemical stuffs to junk food-
And has abandoned himself into gluttony
To become an obese, may be even for good!
Well, obesity is not only a relinquishment
Of self-aesthetics covered under blouse or shirt-
But it's also the forsaking of the idea
For the next era that man has to be an object d'art!
We seem to have ceased to be performers
To become observers on the Earth-
Whose aesthetics have left us behind
And truly taken away the life's mirth!

Today, 'H-Ray Vision' reveals that modern revolutions
Are recreating lost beauty sense-
And so have chosen the way of mass-beauty
Of rigid men in uniform marching in tense!
Certainly this has some beauty but this is the beauty
Of mass destruction and senseless killing-
Immersed in a tragedy of slaughtering and cleansing,
While leading our bones to chilling!
So a few questions that are flocking my quivering voice
Now whisper in the stormy air-
And ask: how should we reclaim our rights
To aesthetic emotion that's genuine and fair?
How do we regain our innocence
To a spirit of wonder towards beauty and art?
And reclaim our ethical rights to an answer
While we mend the broken heart!

I am sure, these are the trivial questions
For the modern intelligent man to talk about-
'Cause life is now being built as a machine
That grinds and squeaks without a doubt!
So far, no one has claimed yet
The human "aesthetic" rights that we all are entitled to-
Nor has any respect to preach "ethical" human rights
The way we deal with or love to do!
In Brazil, the people have chosen music
With slow dance as an artistic goal-
And they adore their bodies with
Magnificent costumes to cherish the soul!
To an outsider, this seems to be an exercise of futility,
Or not a beautiful sight-
But it's the way, the Brazilians love to live
And assert their own aesthetic right!

We erroneously think that aesthetic emotions
Are a by-product of civilizations for sure-
In stead, they come from prehistoric man;
Similar to ethical feelings they had to endure!
We have quietly forsaken our cultural (tribal) life
To replace it with a grim boredom now-
And destroyed our emotional incentives
To promote lust, greed, and technical know-how!
Our aesthetic values are mixed up
And emotions are based on watching the big television-
So we love to view the gory scenes
Of war and crimes daily, followed by nuclear fission!
But we would be better of if we learn to play
To our "inner sense" of beauty-
And claim our aesthetic rights to nourish
The ethical values as a moral duty!
There's no beauty in the squalor and poverty
Of population in poor nations on Earth-
Likewise the beauty is lacking in "shallow lives"
Of richer countries since their birth!

Well, as a revolutionary thinker, today I advocate
The continuous reconstruction of mind-
By sharing science with wondrous globe
And putting aesthetics with emotions in a bind!
'Cause science has the essential tools
For making a better world, and there's no doubt-
But human mind is curtailing the cultural
And political means to create game of shout!
So for betterment of mankind, may I urge
To build our brains and culture until it's right?
Via the homogenous blending
Of ABC in "H-Ray Vision" with precision and foresight!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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Comment What in the name of gawd is this??? This is utter garbage. To call this sequence of words a “poem” is an insult to real poets everywhere

02-Nov-2022 04:56 AM

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