Theme: Adventure

Adventure in an Alien Land!

Adventure in an alien land needs great courage
Before one ventures on a mission to moon or mars!
Calculated risks are taken to solve puzzles unknown
Deciding matters and meaning by intuition ever!

Energy to go ahead is triggered by sheer will alone
Fully knowing that success or failure is immaterial!
Going up the ladder one sees new pastures fresh
However the complete vision is not obtained yet!

Ideal assumptions are in the least will help to know
Jeopardy of miscalculation at first on dangerous way!
Keen observation and alertness are the tools help
Locations new to assess beforehand anything thereon!

Mustering hold based on progress made in the least
New ideas may give clear picture of riddle now and then!
Observations of strange situation on the way give clues
Perhaps never thought before as it is adventure pure!

Quiet state of mind with thoughts ever going by logic
Real link of missing pieces can be ascertained by chance!
Seriousness may not be of any use there as causal look
Tickling curiosity to new clues also is possible to get!

Unwinding tight knots stage by stage one will feel free
Very often to approach new heights with ease and hope!
Wide variations surely will provoke mind to try chances
Xanadu of pleasure dome has offered to lucky few only

Yesterday though might not have helped much anyway
Zeroing tension to a joyous mood as end is reached soon!



More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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