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Smiling Gandhi


Non-Violence and Truth were the weapons 
Gandhi used to get freedom for India;
Fasting was the method he adopted for all 
As Non-Cooperation against the Foreign Rulers,
Following simple living and high thinking measures 
As his mark of culture that made Gandhi a Mahatma.

Now Mahatma Gandhi smiles at the economy 
Of the nation in all the Currencies of India
As without village development India cannot achieve 
The stipulated economic targets of the nation;
For, “India lives in her villages,” said Gandhi 
Long, long ago to one and all in India! 

For fair democratic development advised Gandhi to start 
New political parties disbanding Freedom Party;
But contrarily for catching votes followed politicians 
Political parties under the same banner of the old party;
So, only corruption, casteism and favoritism thrive now 
In all walks of life leaving the nation at the back burner.

“See not, hear not and speak not Evil things” are symbolized 
Through Mahatma’s Dolls of Monkey to the people;
But contrary to this, people use democratic rights wastefully 
Degrading the hard earned freedom by him,
Leaving Gandhi just to smile from above the sky forever 
As he does in all the Currencies of the nation!

So, Education without Character, Politics without Principles 
And Freedom without Discipline cannot achieve his Dream;
Remembering this in mind, let us honor the Mahatma 
By following his ideals in life in the true spirit 
So that Gandhi Nation can lead to peace and prosperity 
All the nations of the world as One Nation! 

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More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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