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Forever Place

Looking for treasures
they came with heavy trucks
to blast holes in the earth
amid rock panels and ancient dwellings
gutted houses and nameless tombs

So what seemed a lasting impression
is now linked forever in memory
to a sad and wonderful land
where the underground language
leaves vibrations
you feel when you stand on the red clay dirt
in bare feet letting the rhythms of the earth
turn to pictures in your mind

The sky is a forever place
though natural gas flows now through the pipes
and turns to gold in the deep pockets
of a new class of people
entangled in days of static and noise
deep in steel and glass cities

The sky is a forever place
carrying the memory there
of how the wind rustled stones in the dry creek beds
how the ancients turned tales to gold
around the fire on calm summer evenings
clutching their children to their side
looking for treasures


More By  :  Bernie McCann

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