Theme: Birthday

Agony of Superannuation

The poem shown below is a reflection of some
scattered thoughts that flocked the mind while
celebrating my birthday on October 6.

Physical and facial glamors
Bring beauty in our younger days-
But they go downhill with age,
Like the setting sun's rays!
Efforts to spruce up continue,
While health or wealth is spent-
To impress the viewers or takers,
Just like us, and not heaven sent!

Verdant paths of our life
Resemble the chapters in a book-
And sometimes they wander,
Without knowing where to look!
Poverty to richness, or good health to ailments,
Keeps on circling around-
And roller coaster of life renews beauty,
Which may not be always found!

Dancing puppets on the show
Impress viewers with subtle nature-
And make us giggle or tear
With their own caricature!
Life in an essence resembles puppets
From the moment of our birth-
And mimics in surreal ways
To get us drenched in ocean of mirth!

On the eve of my birthday today,
I am walking back on the memory lane-
To rehearse my scribbling,
Before it’s eclipsed from the den!
My hands that once scribbled A to Z,
And transformed thoughts on writing pad-
Seem to shiver, with a quivering voice,
That honestly I never had!

Through this fragile life, I try
To enrich the art of scribbling for sure-
And the love from you, the faithful readers,
Helps me well with lesser pain to endure!
Posthumously, a thing of beauty
May be a joy for ever-
Especially to the scribbler,
Adorned by the readers and art saver!

Well, profound views on “scribbling art”
Are becoming my own parlance now-
While the agony of superannuation
Invades senses with a repulsive vow!
So, my festive heart today sings aloud
To rewind the childhood mind-
And glides my pen along A to Z
Without knowing an agile path to find!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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