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Threats to Heart Health: A Hot Button Issue

As per medical research, continued threats
To heart health have become a hot-button issue now-
Aggravated by blood cholesterol, blood sugar, smoking,
Hypertension, obesity, and stressful life somehow!
Overweight and non-vegetarian people are worst sufferers,
And their ill-fated numbers continue to grow more-
While there are many others in the rich families too,
Who are also at risk, and are fast becoming a real eyesore!

With global awareness about environmental hazards,
Issues related to heart’s health are coming to light-
Through a review of generations of families who have
Suffered from heart diseases and gone out of sight!
Unsafe drinking water, contaminated air, lead in soil,
And deep fried fatty foods are reasons of only a few-
Followed by smoking, stressful lifestyles, stock market,
And sleeping disorders, insomnia, seem to add a hue!
Modern risks are growing from dangerous chemicals,
Toxic wastes, noise, and industrial pollution-
While the unsafe chemicals in household products
Harm the heart and lungs, and deserve a solution!
The potential emerging threats to heart health include
Ozone depletion, new diseases, and global climate change-
Regardless of adequate control and EPA implementation
Of environmental laws for a short and long range!

Today, through the didactic “H-Ray Vision” and “Hillologue”
Of heart’s health protection against environmental calamity-
I see the silver lining on the horizon of “Hillolsphere”,
Convinced by the EPA commitments and medical solidarity!
Now I am enthralled to view the EPA roadmap drawn
For the benefit of heart health of today and tomorrow-
And let’s ensure the safekeeping of national plans into reality
To wipe out the innocent tears with unwanted sorrow!!


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