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Apathetic Goddess Ganga

Brought from the heavens
By Brahma’s boon,
Shiva’s sacrament,
Bhagirath’s brinkmanship,
Your water consumes and
Purifies vicious karma.
Flooding centuries of meditation
From Mahabharata to Mother India,
You make an unending series of erasures,
Transforming geographies,
Histories and demographics
Of the land you inhabit.
Can the spirit find satisfaction
In your transformations,
Reach the domain of moksha
In your swirling liquefaction,
Or find satisfaction
In your apathetic embrace?

The River Ganga is personified as a goddess in Hindu mythology and its name means a current or a river. It is said that its waters possess the power to free people from the cycle of birth and death. Many people bring the ashes of their relatives and immerse it in the waters of the Ganga to hasten their process of attaining nirvana.  

Image © Mukesh Williams


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