Theme: India

Free India in Sight

The sun still peeps 
Through our roof tops
As if to console and
Sympathize with our lives

The invaders from the west
Looted our riches
Ridiculed our ancient culture
Created rifts, successfully
Stampeding our traditions
Only to be victims of their greed
Tolerated all
For two centuries or more

At last!
A saint came up
To bring a revolution
This shook the nation
Drive the culprits out
Was the intention
To free India
From their mighty clutches
After more than half a century
Now again
We remain the same
Stand at a critical juncture
Unable to refute
The same ‘Non-Violence’ theory

The outcome!
We continue to wait
With the same patience
And are witnesses
To the transformation
And shift of the nation
From the hands of ‘Saints’
Into the hands of ‘Politicians’
Instead of being beneficiaries
Now remain victims of cruelty
Still respecting the same theory,
Being exploited by them
Using the same ‘Non-Violence’
Not as a tool
To develop the nation
Instead as a lethal weapon
In their self-interest
For their self-defense
Which is turning out
to be a deadly a weapon
For our total destruction

And now!
What is to be done?
Should another ‘saint’ come?
Will it be sufficient?
Should it be a ‘non-violent’ war?
Is sensitivity still left in them?
Not the least,
Their actions don’t show it.

Urgent need!
A movement that is new
Not non-violent all through
Only can see the nation through;
Can it be done?

When the nation shifts
From the clutches of politicians
Into the hands of true leaders
Who work not for money
But for many!
Who work not for self
But for others!
Let us not elect them
By getting sold
Let us all put in an effort
To collectively select
For once!

It is commonsense
No need at all
For any protests
For any movements
Let us all campaign
By questioning our parliamentary system
But by
Franchising our rights with attention
Is our fundamental right
Not ‘vote’ for a ‘note’,

Think straight
And select the right
To show our might
The right leaders
Who change our plight
We foresee to live again
In a free India in sight


More By  : Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thanks for drawing a true poetic picture of the state of affairs in India. I hope that the people who are at the helm of affairs realize the reality and work for "many" and not only for "money" and for "others" not only for themselves and their family, friends and relatives.

Anil Prasad
14-Feb-2012 07:35 AM

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