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Garbage, Garbage Everywhere

Garbage, garbage everywhere
Under my feet and over there
Who's to say, who's to care?
There's garbage, garbage everywhere

To pick up and clean no one dares
This responsibility no one to share
People just watch and stare
And think it's just not fair
That there's garbage, garbage everywhere

The child with feet so bare
Sitting there with dirt-filled hair
eating a half swollen pear
Where compassion is something rare
This tragedy no one to repair
There's just garbage, garbage everywhere

As greed and power bring brother against brother
And money switches from one hand to another
There's so much abuse of the great earthly mother
No one cares to think
But rather sits and blinks
Who will get up and dare?
To clean this garbage, garbage which is everywhere?

With the pundits and their religious prayers
And the gundaas and their political slayers
While the beaurocrats sit on their lakh rupee table and chairs
In a world where no one seems to care
Is it a wonder there's still garbage, garbage everywhere?


More By  :  Parth Salva

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