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A Random Poem!

At random I start the day with poem
Beginning with nothing in particular
Caring for only the flow of words fine
Diverting attention to points I know!

Effortlessly many do same since long
Full of animosity signifying nothing!
Good turns here and there make good
High ideas of heart evoking feeling nice!

I always look for great and noble ideas
Joyfully exploring Nature, love, life and
Keeping the flow of river in mind ever!

Loving souls' appreciation on all expressions
Many pieces have clicked well many a time
Never leaving anyone sans any hope ever!

Of course, all smooth flowing poems go well
Paving the way for better ideas, on and on!
Quality too has not so far dimmed in all
Regular inputs of best pieces in forms fine!

Sense, sound and scenes of Nature beautiful
Totally have touched the hearts of many friends!
Universal appeal of excellent ideas has captured
Variety of readers from all walks of life ever!

World of poetry never lets me down in life
X,Y,Z though may not have the heart to praise
Zealous expressions of inspired visions so far!  


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Life Sans Love and Laughter is a Dream!
June full Moon shines beautifully behind thin blanket of clouds kindling romance;
But Corona spell has made all close doors and lights in darkness in town;
Sans love and laughter, life is worthless to live healthy life in the world;
Sans music, dance and songs, how can love be strong to rule everywhere?

Love blooming in the gardens of Eden has not disappeared in hearts of all;
The joyful moments of love with all having wonderful time on green meadows
How can all so soon disappear in the dreams of Nature lovers of human world?
Romantic love only can revive passion of love to be alive ever in human souls!

Modern world life has forgotten all those precious thoughts and dreams;
Is it just a tall told by an idiot with full of sound and fury signifying nothing?
No, man is a quintessence of precious dust as per the view of Shakespeare,
Yet, life goes on with all romance as happening in a dream rounded off in sleep!

Sans dream even, only songs of "somewhere my love, there will be songs to sing"
And "love story, where will I begin?" with sadness ever will be echoing in all hearts!

T A Ramesh
25-Jun-2021 01:57 AM

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