A Song On....  by G Swaminathan
Crying  by Jodi
Don't Know  by Aparna Chatterjee
Frozen  by R Purushothama Rao
If Tears Were Words  by Nooria Rahmanzai
Laughing Through Tears   by Saifullah Khalid
Night Rain  by R Purushothama Rao
O Tears!  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Portrait  by Bharat Mehru
Source  by Aparna Chatterjee
Tear  by Prafulla Sahu
Teardrops  by Sandra Martyres
Tears  by Mita Sharma
Tears  by Pratyush Tiwari
Tears  by Sandra Martyres
Tears  by Alka Agarwal
Tears as Rains!  by T. A. Ramesh
That You Can Cry  by Mita Sharma
The Story of My Tears  by Khushboo Jain
Trail  by R Purushothama Rao