Soumya Vilekar

Sharjah,United Arab Emirates

Soumya Vilekar is a poet, writer, blogger and a published author. She hails from the spiritual country of India. Although from the background of powder metallurgy and having an interest in engineering, she gets inspired from the various aspects of Nature and combines her philosophical outlook to create her works. A writer by passion who believes in the true essence of Humanity, she considers realization of the Divine gift in the form of Human Life is priceless and precious. She writes about the presence of Divine in every living form and believes one's conscience to be the true guide in each human being. Her other main interests are sketching, painting,music and traveling. The varied culture of different countries fascinate her and so do the history of civilizations. She has interest in reading about spiritual and philosophical works. Her works are included in several anthologies covering social issues and also in collection of poems of different genre. She has several books to her name, all of which are based on the journey of life including its inspiration. The recent one is authored along with Shaheen Dhanji named, "SUROOR OF THE SOUL" which encompasses the topic of the endless quest of a human soul in search of ultimate happiness.
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