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Awaken Thy Conscience - A Call for Humanity!


Recent incidents all around the globe have disturbed the peace, sanctity and the balance of existence of humans on earth. Be it the gruesome killing anywhere, or the politics sweeping the chairs, the heinous rapes or the attacks on mankind through destructive weapons!
Let us pray and wish there is an awakening in the conscience of every soul!

Multitudinous events,
juxtaposed sets
shocking incidents,
erratic accidents...
Isn't life still the same after every disruption?!

Is it the peace of mind,
or the callousness in hide
ignorance in stride or
the habit of being an onlooker every time!

Gossips, murmurs,
theories discussed
blame game played by the politicians
or the ethical code transpired,
yet scratch of the wound still
remains scathed...

The sin of transgressing
continues to prey upon...
whilst the corpse watches
mum and dumb
for the cries were unheard
and the burnt soul unearthed!!!

Demeaned is the human of today's world,
rise and awaken from the slurry of disgusting thirst
curb the desire of overpowering the meek,
speak thou, when something wrong is seen,
decayed will be the world,
It won't be long before we all succumb to
this suffocating poison!
Image © @soumyav


More By  :  Soumya Vilekar

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