Sudha Dixit


Sudha Dixit, was born and brought up in UP. Presently settled in Bangalore. She is doing she always wanted to do - painting landscapes and portraits & writing poetry / articles on net and various magazines, including print media.

She is not religious in conventional sense but spiritual to the core. Cosmopolitan by style, global by attitude and gregarious by nature. She loves all forms of fine arts – music, dance, painting, craft, reading and writing. Believes in simple living while enjoying partying with friends and living life to the full with zest, knowing that one lives only once.

She looks at nature with myopic eyes and paint it wearing tinted glasses, with poetry in her heart. Poetry just happens. It acts as catharsis in her life, removing the toxin from her heart in the form of words on paper. It’s therapeutic. This high spiritedness reveals itself in both, her poems and paintings.

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