The Secret: The Halo Dreams

Continued from "The First Publication ... "

The next day at 5 o'clock in the morning a person of strong body built-up in black pant and white shirt was standing near a bus with a tool box in black leather bag. He was having a well developed moustache with a calm face. He was enjoying a cool smoke. Kannan observed him for sometime. Then the man threw away the cigarette butt on the sand near the platform and looked at his watch. Kannan approached him.

'I take it you are Mr. Prakash?' asked Kannan.

With a smile the man looked at Kannan and shook hands with him.

'Yes, I am Prakash,' said the man. 'You are Mr. Kannan, I suppose?'

'You are correct,' said Kannan.

'Jacob told me that I have to take you along with me. At what time the bus starts from here?'

'After half an hour!'

'Can we have our morning tiffin here or on the way?'

'Yes, I like your idea.'

'Then come on, we shall go and have coffee in the Bus Stand itself.'

After taking coffee, they came to the bus and sat inside it. The bus started from the place at 6 o' clock.

At 8 o' clock the bus stopped at Maduranthakam. There everyone had tiffin in a small hotel. Then Kannan sat in his place with the mind of seeing his town once again after two hour.

When Kannan came out of the bus at the Pudhu Town he saw Gopal coming with salutation. They both shook hands.

'Gopal, I have come along with this person who is standing near the front side of the bus. His name is Prakash. We are actually on duty. We shall be visiting some places from tomorrow on wards. We are going to stay in the Liberty Hotel. I shall meet you and our friends today evening in the usual place of the park. Please inform our friends about this. Now I think I can take leave of you. Our man is searching for me on the other side of the bus. See you!'

'Okay Kannan!'

Kannan went to the other side of the bus, joined Prakash and walked out of the Bus Stand. They got into a rickshaw and left the Bus Stand.

Before the Liberty Hotel the rickshaw stopped. A double room was provided for them. The suit cases were carried by the waiters to their room bearing no. 4.

Prakash went round the room, saw the toilet, opened the windows, saw the green plants outside and threw himself on the bed by the side of the window. After taking a glass of water Kannan sat on another bed directly below the ceiling fan.

'How do you like this place, Mr. Prakash?' 

'Ah very fine! I feel like taking rest forever in this place. A calm and fine place for rest! I have been travelling from place to place and doing the engine servicing work. I don't like it. But what to do? I have to eat, look after the family! What to do? You don't have this problem. You are a lucky person!'

'Familiarity breeds contempt! It is a well known proverb. Life will be like this for you. Everyone will talk ill of each one's way of living. That is human nature, Mr. Prakash. You take full rest today; I shall meet my friends today evening and come here for night dinner.'

'I am damn tired. I can't go anywhere. We will have beer and whisky tonight. And a sound sleep!' With these words Prakash turned his face to the window side and started sleeping.

Kannan lit a cigarette and called for the room boy. He asked him to bring him that day's newspapers and magazines. Then with a thoughtful mood he gazed at the green plants just outside the window. The breeze was cool. He was able to hear the snoring noise of Prakash. He smiled himself and smoked his cigarette with pleasure!

Soon all the old and new magazines and newspapers came to him. He went through all the magazines. The time passed like anything. It was 12.30 noon when he finished reading an important article in one of the magazines and looked at Prakash. The snoring sound was no more heard. It looked he had come to life only a few minutes ago!

'Hello Mr. Prakash, are you all right? I think we can go for our lunch.'

'Yes, yes, I feel very hungry! Where can we have the food ' in the room or some where outside?'

'We can have it in the Dining Room below. Everything is prepared then and there. We have to order them first. It will take time, you see. We can go there now itself.'

'Yes, Kannan! I shall wash my face first and then we will go there.'

Prakash entered the bath room. Without closing the door he finished all his works. Kannan just looked at the mirror and adjusted his hair. Then he left the room and stood outside watching the beauty of the flowers in the pots kept along the corridor. Soon Prakash came out of the room and locked the door.

They went down the stairs to the office room and then entered a room with the name board Bar and Meals Attached. They placed an order for beer, fried fish, chicken, bread, rice and curd. One after the other the items came to the table. They drank, ate and smoked to the best of their satisfaction!

Then they came back to the hall and sat on the Sofa provided there. They selected the music records from the record shelf, switched on the radiogram and listened to the hilarious tunes! At 3.15 p.m. both of them returned to the room and slept on their beds.

At 5.05 p.m. Kannan got up from his bed, went to the bath room and with in a few minutes came out fresh. He dressed himself up and tapped the shoulder of his sleeping companion.

When woke up, Kannan said, 'I am going out to meet my friends. You please lock the door and take rest. I shall join you for the night dinner. See you!'

'All right, you close the door and go,' said Prakash slightly moving from his bed. 

The Sun was almost approaching the horizon. The evening was becoming pleasant. No conveyance was available. Kannan preferred to walk. When he reached the park, the time was 5.50 p.m. His friends had not yet come there. He sat on the grass near the fountain and lit a cigarette. He inhaled a deep breath and let out the smoke. Even thought it was injurious to health there was no other go for him to engage himself with. What other company could he seek for when he was alone and was not at ease? It made him forget his too much personal consciousness, come to the world and go above the world!

Brightness came upon his face. He saw the yellow flowers, ink blue flowers, red flowers and white flowers and the green grass. These things of beauty brought him cheerfulness. 'Beauty brings joy, ameliorates the painful heart, makes love possible' it is quite true,' said he to himself. Such abstract ideas occupied his mind.

The Sun had set. He looked at the beautiful Sky which brought him back his characteristic mood. He felt, 'God is infinitely generous to have created imperishable beauties beyond man's reach but meant for man's peace of mind.' He threw aside the cigarette and looked around. The faces of his friends were seen at a distance!

Baku and Vaithianathan exchanged greetings with Kannan and sat near him. Then Selvam and Gopal came out one r the other, saluted at Kannan and sat opposite to Balu and Vaithianathan.

'So friends,' said Kannan to them, 'I met the proprietor of THE TREASURE last month. Now I shall be going on a tour to some places as a business and service representative in lieu of another representative. There is something wrong with the business concern. I am going to get in touch with them in my tours. After observing their activities I have to write articles which will reflect the typical character of the personalities in this line. One of the persons I am going to observe in detail is this Prakash. Tomorrow we are going to Cuddalore. From there my actual operation starts.'

'I can't understand,' said Vaithianathan in doubt, 'whether you are going to work as a journalist or going to become a business representative. I think there is complication in your appointment, Kannan. How is it possible for you to do this kind of job when your aim is in some other thing?'

'There is no complication in this job. As per the programme of my office, I am accompanying service personnel or business personnel to attend to the problems of their customers. I shall be observing how they are solving the problems; secondly how they are living while touring different places and thirdly what makes them to be interested in this kind of job. Basing these points, I am going to write reports or articles for our magazine, THE TREASURE. In short, to gain experience and knowledge of these working men I have undertaken this job. It has to be interesting to me.'

After giving this explanation, Kannan looked at Vaithianathan, who remained quite clarified. Then Gopal started his enquiries regarding Kannan's job.

'What is the name of the company you are going to represent?' asked Gopal; 'And what is the name of the company you are going to have training in?'

'Messers Ramakrishna Brothers,' answered Kannan, 'General Engineering Merchants, Madras is the company I am going to represent and the name of the company I am going to have the training is Logun's Engines Limited, Bangalore. But neither of these two companies knows that I am a writer from THE TREASURE.' 

'Suppose you are found out by either of them, what will be your position? It will look you yourself fell in the trap. Have you thought over this problem?' In a thoughtful mood Balu asked these questions to Kannan.

'I cannot be found out by either of them. My reports will reach THE TREASURE. Our office will instruct the real representative of the Ramakrishna Brothers what he has to do then and there. This Logun's Engines Limited is acting as if they can't be shaken off by anyone. If they are really that much confident, they won't open their mouth; they will not say anything about this matter to anyone even if I am found out by them. Their real nature shall be exposed to Ramakrishna Brothers. In the meantime I shall get the facts about the gamut of their activities in our country. Even though I am in the picture for the eyes of the people, I am not actually involved in their activities, you see. I have thought about these things already and so, I need not bother about the matter for the present.'

Selvam who had been listening the conversation finally asked Kannan, 'When will this programme or training be over?'

'Six months afterwards!' said Kannan laconically.

Gopal lit a cigarette and offered the cigarette pack to Kannan, Balu and Vaithianathan respectively. They lit the cigarettes and smoked for a while in silence. Then Gopal resumed the conversation.

'Okay Kannan,' said he, 'you have given your explanation. But I tell you that you will be found out today itself. How, you know? You have left that Prakash in the Liberty Hostel and you have come to see us. You have not showed yourself that you have come to this town as a stranger like him.' 

'Very simple, Gopal! This Prakash is a Punjabi. Even if he has this suspicion, I can settle it easily. How, you know? I shall say that you are all my friends who have studied together in a college in Madras. Further I will include that this town is a near by place to Madras and we use to meet often. On that basis only I so easily came out to meet you all!'

'Then it is okay man,' said Gopal to Kannan, 'anybody can play your part. But anyway you have to be careful in dealing with those service personnel.' 

Kannan said nothing and was in a thoughtful mood though he was gazing at an ink blue flower near him. Then he turned to Selvam and looked at him for sometime and kept quiet.

'What Selvam?' said Kannan then, 'you are not saying anything interesting today?'

'What is there to say?' responded Selvam, 'As usual everything is going on.'

Vaithianathan could not keep himself quiet. He said, 'Soon, Selvam is going to become a lawyer. He can talk and move with anyone because he is not having any secret affair with anyone of the fair sexes in his area. As usual everything is going on!'

Vaithianathan raised his eye brows up and down twice and looked at the Stars in the Sky. This kindled the curiosity of Kannan and he wanted to dig out the hidden matter.

'What Gopal,' asked Kannan 'is everything as usual going on well or not? What do you mean by the statement of Selvam? As usual is everything going on? Please tell me anything you know regarding this sort of reply.'

'What is there for me to tell you, Kannan? I am far away from Selvam and Vaithianathan. Perhaps Balu can be in touch with Selvam much closer than anybody else as far as distance is concerned. But Vaithianathan is closest to Selvam as far as secret affairs are concerned. What do you say, Balu?'

'Yes, Kannan, what Gopal says to you is having weight. It is better you ask this question to Vaithianathan. I shall also persuade him to tell you the message of this allegory. I know the out line of this affair, but I don't have proper facts to support it. That is why I am not at all considering that matter as a happened one rather than a rumour. But let us see what it is today.'

'I am also far away from Selvam's house like Gopal, Kannan. I think as Balu says this affair is a rumour. I cannot say lies and offend the feelings of Selvam, you see. Let us drop this matter and talk something useful and try to develop ourselves man. What do you say, Selvam?'

'Yes, Kannan, what Vaithianathan says is correct. Let us drop the rumours in our Halo. Let us discuss on a good topic. You suggest a topic and on which we can have our conversation this evening.'

Kannan did not say anything. With a suspicious smile he looked at Balu and kept quiet for sometime. Balu looked at Kannan for a while and resumed his battery of words on Vaithianathan.

'It is you Vaithianathan who have used the word secret affair in connection with Selvam's reply to Kannan's question. This means you know what this secret affair is. Otherwise you would not have opened your mouth. Kannan, you are believing him. But he is not true to your belief.'

'Balu,' interfered Vaithianathan immediately in the talk, 'don't play like this. Kannan, don't believe Balu's words.'

To cut short the matter Balu said, 'Kannan, these fellows are always like this. The secret affair in short is Selvam's connection with a lady next to his house. This is the thing I know. Other things you have to guess by yourself!'

To put an end to this chain reaction, Kannan said, 'Okay men! Stop them! The person involved in the secret affair is Selvam. He is not opening his mouth. That means what? Perhaps it is something beyond his control. But I tell you one thing, man' If a lady smiles at you while you are going on the road, you should not smile at her, because if a lady smiles no one will find fault with her, but if you reciprocate her smile, you will be taken to task. That is the world.'

There was a discerning smile on the faces of Gopal and Balu. But Selvam and Vaithianathan were keenly listening to Kannan's talk.

So, Kannan turning to Vaithianathan said, 'Vaithianathan, if you want to help a person solve his problem, never say a false thing and fight with others in words to change over to another kind of rubbish. If you cannot openly say a thing, please don't lie at least to a person who is happened to be your friend.'

'Vaithianathan,' said Balu, 'is in want of this, Kannan. So, you never listen to his words. He is a liar.'

'Balu,' said Kannan, 'if he cannot say the truths here, to whom shall he share his secrets or when will he get the time to say the truth? It will be like a lump in his throat. Others won't suffer for it. But he alone will suffer for it. Okay, we will mind some other thing.'

Everyone was looking at the green grass and minutely minding the activities of the insects upon the grass leaves. Though they had not talked much the time was going beyond 8.15 p.m. Kannan was the first man who noticed the time.

'All right Haloens! A name to call ourselves is fine! We are not able to discuss today on anything because I don't have time. Let us do this discussion work in our magazine itself. What do you say, Balu?'

'That is a fine idea, Kannan. We shall take up a poetic passage and a prose statement and upon which we shall write in the style of a discussion. Let everyone contribute his matter for these statements. Otherwise, we have to discuss on various subjects in these meets only. We can do one thing, i.e. let us discuss on lighter topics when we meet here and let us write on serious topics in the magazine. I want opinions from all of you. First let us hear what Kannan says.' 

'Balu, I fully agree with what you suggest; we have a lot of quotations for this work. We shall take up one by one and discuss it in our articles we write for the magazine. In this way we can develop our reasoning capacity. Let us see what Vaithianathan, Selvam and Gopal say on this matter.'

Vaithianathan said, 'I welcome this idea. I take a lot of time to understand any quotation. Only after understanding the meaning of it, I shall be able to write on it. So, I should not be compelled to submit my views of the quotations within a certain time limit. Once I write out the matter I shall send it for publication.'

Both Kannan and Balu listened to his view and waited for the opinion of other two Haloens. 

Then Selvam said, 'Recently I saw a poetry bit. It was having a wonderful meaning. I think you may be aware of it Kannan' That is' Good to forgive / Best to forget/ Living we fret/ Dying we live! I suggest we can write our opinion for these lines in our next issue of THE HALO magazine. What do you say?'

'I accept this,' said Kannan, 'let us listen to what Gopal says about this arrangement.' 

Gopal said, 'It is just like a school composition work! You and Balu are very much interested in this kind of work. Writing an article, I take a lot of time not that I am a dull fellow but that I have got to mind my family works. There should not be any compulsion over me. But I shall certainly contribute my articles and view points on quotations provided I am free in my spare time.'

After listening to the views of all the Haloens, in conclusion, Kannan said, 'Friends, our magazine work is not an imposed one on anyone. It is a voluntary venture. You write for the magazine what you feel, see, hear, think and imagine. It is a process by which you can keep your mind free and clear. Please don't take this work as a burden. Do what you can. Why we have to add quotation explanation work is that we are not having enough time to discuss on subjective topics whenever we meet together. If we discuss well on our respective topics we can develop our knowledge sooner and use it for better works in life'

Tomorrow I won't be here. I don't know when I shall meet you all afterwards. But I shall note down what is interesting to you and convey them to you in articles whenever possible. Please maintain the release of magazine every month not for my sake but for your own development and benefit. It is already time for me to join my new companion to mind my present work. I don't have the heart to leave you, yet I have to leave you. Let us see what we can collectively do when opportune time comes to us one day. It is not far off!'

In that manner that day's Halo meet came to an end. Soon Kannan left for the Liberty Hotel. The other Haloens had to go in the North for their destinations and so, except Kannan they all went together to the North! 

The showrooms, the cloth shops, the footwear marts and the Big Market Complex shops were closed at that hour. One or two grocery shops and fruit stalls only were kept open. The heavy rush of men and vehicles used to be there near the Eastern gate of the Big Market. But in that hour that area too remained quite vacant and desolate! So, it was very free for Balu, Selvam, Vaithianathan and Gopal to walk by that way.

They went straight to the beach after they made up their mind to do so at the last minute. Near the play ground they sat on a cement bench. Balu and Gopal were looking at the calm beauty of the sea; but Selvam and Vaithianathan allowed their eyes to measure the dimensions of the weaker vessels passing that way!

'Little chiselled statue moving with an exquisite grace,' described Vaithianathan!

'No, it is an unpainted moving picture,' described Selvam!

'No, what I say is appropriate,' attached Vaithianathan.

'Whatever be your view, what I say is apt,' finalised Selvam the matter with a thump on the cement bench by his clenched fist!

'What the hell are you doing men?' questioned Gopal to both of them by looking at the fair sexes going at a distance.

'You yourself tell me, Gopal,' started Vaithianathan. 'Look at the sight going under the third mercury lamp. Is it not right on my part to describe them as statues not chiselled out! But Selvam says that it is an unpainted moving picture!'

'Come to your senses men,' snapped Gopal. 'They are neither statues chiselled by anyone nor pictures painted by an artist' they are simply painted veils!'

'See Balu!' said Vaithianathan, 'When we are describing the beauty we saw just now in our special language, Gopal is putting a puzzle and smashing us on our face. Do you know what is that painted veil?'

'What is the matter, Gopal?' asked Balu turning to him.

'That is the name of the novel by Somerset Maugham,' said Gopal I read recently in the Bharath Library. It is the story of a street girl. I hope you understand now.'

Balu simply laughed and kept quiet.

'Our friends are having experience in this Line also, I think,' said Gopal critically.

Then Vaithianathan said, 'Gopal, you don't know anything about this like Kannan. What is life, man if you don't know anything about this? This is life, I say.'

'Vaithianathan, life is not this only,' said Balu. 'Without work and wealth, there is no life for any person. In that circumstance, will you allow this alone as life?'

That was a critical observation of Balu. In support of that Selvam said, 'What Balu says is quite correct. When we are not able to stand on our own legs, we should not even dream of this matter.'

'You can dream,' said Gopal in that place, 'but not indulge and spoil your health and waste your hard earned money. That is the point!'

'I am not saying this seriously, men,' said Vaithianathan. 'It is after all a joke!' 

That was an adjustment of Vaithianathan so that he could escape from further tirades. But what had happened? 

'As far as I have seen,' said Gopal looking at Balu, 'both this Vaithianathan and Selvam are never opening their mouths on sex matter when Kannan is present with us. Once he leaves us, immediately these fellows' attention is diverted to these fair sexes!'

For this view Selvam spoke out his opinion. 'In Kannan's presence we are immersed in serious matters. He never loses the grip to leave anyone to touch upon other matters other than the matter he knows best. It is a great relief for me when I take leave of him.'

'Well said, Selvam!' said Vaithianathan in support of him, 'What he says is quite true. That is why, to help others also to come to this world, I am trying to divert the attention of the Haloeans towards sex matter. We are young men and at this age only we can dream about this matter. Only old people will be discussing about the world matters or philosophy to spend the rest of their life. Our discussions are like old people's talk. We should not lose the prime of our youth in this way and suffer for it later on, you see!' 

Balu came forward to deflect this talk. He seriously said, 'Don't always talk like this and pull on the time. Do you think Kannan doesn't know anything about sex? He is a well to do person. He is interested in the high order of life. He could very well move with persons of wealth. In stead of doing that he is moving with middle class type like us. This shows his concern for our type of people. In stead of dragging us into the quagmire of sex, he is taking us to the world of intellect, humanity and humour. That shows he is a lover of peace, joy and high thoughts.'

Vaithianathan could not keep quiet and he said what he had in his mind then. 'Balu you don't understand him. Kannan is a wealthy person. Due to his family position he has become reserved. At difficult times we can rely on him. But it is not the case with us there. We are really sailing on the same boat. We know what our difficulties are. So, we can adjust ourselves accordingly. But he can't do so because of his social position.'

In reply, about his critical opinion Balu said, 'Vaithianathan, as far as I have observed he is not having the least ill will on us. If he is having a mentality as you are depicting picture about him, he would not be moving with us in this fashion leaving his social position. Difficulties are common to everyone. We cannot call a person as a good for nothing fellow, if he cannot help one in difficulty. There is limit for everyone. When a person is moving with us on good terms, he should not be rejected on a false ground. If we do so, we are not cultured. That is all I can say.'

Gopal came forward to put an end to this set back between them. He said, 'Now, what has happened, men? We are actually using time for a better thought in Kannan's company. In fact we have to learn quite a lot of things in this world. Think that we are having another sort of experience in life with Kannan.'

Selvam also came forward to give his opinion in that matter. Basing his understanding he said, 'Kannan is an innocent fellow. He is having knowledge. He will learn many things from real experience. In that way he will be of great help to us. We will have to develop ourselves much to coup with his standard. If we try, we can also become like him'

In conclusion, Vaithianathan said, 'Because of Balu, I am coming for the Halo meetings. I have Selvam with me. I can go ahead. Gopal can mange himself. Balu will be left alone. I don't want him to meet with this difficulty because of us. As long as Balu wishes, I shall move with Kannan and support this Halo friendship.'

This hurts the pride of Balu. He said, 'I don't want to be a burden to others. I want to come up in life. You are all having this kind of aim too. If we all collectively discuss about the means of development basing on our knowledge, everyone can plan well, take sincere efforts and fulfill our goals. To be frank with you all, I have to say that I am happier when I am in your company than with my relatives. That is one of the reasons for my movement with you. In your own way each one of you is friendly with me. I think everyone will take these meets in the right perspective and go ahead united like gentlemen.'

With that note that day's special meet came to an end. Then each one left for his own destination.

The Halo magazine got successfully released for three months or so. The articles for the magazine were collected by the respective Assistant Editor before the end of each month and the issue was released on the first day of every month. Then the troubles started whenever the articles were to be collected from the sluggish Haloens. 

Balu scolded Vaithianathan, Siloam and Gopal one after the other in his editorials whenever he took the editorship. To cultivate interest in the minds of the Haloens towards writing articles with enthusiasm, Kannan did what he could with his magical power of words in his editorials. In the Comments and Suggestions column Balu bitterly criticised the good for nothing articles. Kannan wrote a mild criticism on all the articles in order to make them write better next time.

It was not an easy job altogether. Then came the leading editorial in one of the issues especially from the pen of Kannan. It poured out his heart's helplessness and his great desire!

Better Late than Never!

IT is well understood that the editorial of our magazine is serving as a general introduction or a forward with an inspiring encouragement to the endurance or the perseverance of the genuine writers who have contributed their praise worthy articles towards development, betterment and enrichment paving the way for the perfection which everyone of us is aiming at; or with a bitter criticism over the diligent delinquency of some inadvertent writers, who take up the responsibility of contributing certain articles in time but, when the magazine gets released by hook or crook, it is quite evident to know that they are the people who with their articles happen to swerve away from the issue to accomplish what they promised as if they by some black magic overnight creating a boisterous blemish to the beauty of THE HALO, which has to be curbed!

If the editorial has to be considered as an introduction or a prologue the comments can be said as a conclusion or an epilogue. The report is the fine record of the activities and the developments of our thoughts, words and deeds. Halo Book Shelf, Haloens' precipitation and Newspaper cuttings are so entertaining and instructing that they form a single whole which is the interlude of our magazine. Essays are to represent the body of THE HALO whether it is narrative or descriptive, reflective or argumentative. This particular aspect covers a major portion of our magazine which is the part and parcel of literature and the measure or the yardstick of the progress of our knowledge. 

The Quotations and the Songs of great Authors and Poets are the appropriate accessories essential for the embellishment of our Halo, which form a unique link that gives pleasure to read the magazine again and again. The precipitation of new articles is the additional assets to the novelty of the creative activities of our Halo. 'The crown of Literature is Poetry. It is its end and aim. It is the most sublime activities of human mind.' This is the notion of W. Somerset Maugham. Poetry by the Haloens is the highest achievement of perfection which makes our magazine magnanimous, magnificent and majestic as every month marches on!

A magazine having so many attractive features in so small a size is not a thing to be dreamt of. Besides, there should be beauty and perfection. Who has compelled us to do so and why it should be so? It is so, because it gives joy that knows no bound. That is why all those features should be there.

By and large, 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever,' says John Keats in one poem. Does he stop with that? No, he says further 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty ' that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know' in another poem! To obtain such a thing of beauty a lot of hardships have to be faced. By my profession I opine that through writing we can achieve a thing of beauty that can bring never ending joy for us. Further beauty is truth; to achieve that a vast amount of knowledge is required.

By reading books we understand many things and can enrich our knowledge. Knowledge is power. That too, the more we know the more we can live a purposeful life, the more we can help our fellow men, the more we can understand the constantly changing and sometimes complex world, in which we operate. With the strength of our knowledge, we can write some thing worthwhile and clear. Perfection in writing is acquired or conquered through constant practice, endurance, patience and confidence. Perfection is beauty. Once our knowledge is powerful, our writing will be truthful and perfect.

It is too ridiculous to think of achieving such a thing of beauty in a short span of time without any effort. It is better late than never to take such an effort to achieve such a goal that brings consummate happiness. That is why this magazine is getting released a bit late; but it gives a thrilling joy to the heart! That is the thing we are after all striving hard in our life! And what else we require in this world?


With great difficulty the Reports of the Halo meets were written by the reporters concerned. Even in that Vaithianathan managed to submit not even a single report though the magazine had completed one year of its life. The release of the magazine took place beyond the scheduled time. Often the publication of the issue was not predictable. Again to purge the weak mentality of Vaithianathan and Selvam as far as that artistic work was concerned, Kannan wrote another editorial to bring about a change in them.

Things to Think!

It is quite pleasing to see that the magazine has completed one full year! In this one year ten issues have turned out well covering eleven months with one exceptional issue embracing two months. The magazine took French leave on one particular month in 1973 and that was entirely due to the professional inadvertent ability of one particular editor of the Haloens! Whatever be the short comings, it is quite justifiable to say that the magazine has excelled all gloomy hopes of some of the Haloens who were of the opinion that the dusk of THE HALO would come soon (which was said some two months before now}. The release of the issues, though not before the stipulated time, is done at least before the end of each month and this itself proves that that gloomy opinion of those Haloens is quite false and absurd. 

Seldom is the surety of man's existence guaranteed in the present age of anxiety. None should feel that there could be any change; nor should think that it could be difficult. All depends upon the ability of the individuals to bring rehabilitation in the gloomy minds of many. The same pessimistic views of the several are prevailing in the minds of our Haloens too at times. This is only due to lack of drive or enthusiasm or inspiration.

Man is noted for his erring and forgetful nature. The intention should be high. In the process of implementing many wonderful ideas many obstructions of unforeseen nature will come. On such occasions great intention should not be bifurcated and purposeful ideas diversified. It is always there that 'one good turn deserves another!' With this in mind every problem should be isolated for thorough analysis so as to find out a suitable solution to solve it and the course of pursuit with the pleasing encouragement or drive of great philosophers has to be continued in order to fulfill the highly cherished intention.

What should be the intention depends upon the varying strength of the talents of the individuals and that is left to the detection of the individuals. Why the intention should be high should not be asked. What should be the intention should be thought over and if it is difficult must be discussed among the individuals.

Great thinkers are seldom unsuccessful in life. Genuine thinking made them set right any intricate situation or solve any difficult problem procuring them irrefutable titles such as wise, noble, sagacious, genius, etc. Solomon, Shanakya and Shakespeare are the few for example among the so many like them. Thinking made them wise. And their works are still remarkable and invaluable. All this is because of their precious mind.

In times of difficulties, especially when the question of dealing some precious work concerned with life or art, it is quite common for everyone to have effable anxiety as to how to pursue it or as to how to complete it. If it is left as it is that may lead them to any form of misery and remain as an irreparable blemish in their career. On those situations attention should be drawn towards the works of great men and a drive or inspiration could be obtained, when the secret of their success is realised which would make a messy affair a simple one.

You may think why it is should be uncorked after going so far away. To put it plain, the mind that knows how to defend and offend in the game of Chess can be utilised in the same manner in life too because life is after all a Chess game in reality!


Perhaps this was gingerly delicious and sounding too much for the author of the Swinging Generation, Selvam and the author of Why I Wish to Sleep, Vaithianathan. For Gopal and Balu this was quite encouraging to take bold steps more in life than in writing articles alone. Mainly due to Vaithianathan and then Selvam the release of THE HALO magazine came to an indefinite halt.

After a few months due to Balu's effort Vaithianathan and Selvam agreed to contribute articles to THE HALO magazine. Kannan was requested to write the editorial. He wrote the editorial in his characteristic style.

To Resume and Proceed 

For a long time our magazine was in concealment. The reason for such a disappearance was due to the inability of the Haloens to cooperate among themselves and to have a strong will to develop this art for useful and progressive purposes. Had this been realised earlier, there wouldn't have arisen certain inevitable questions one after the other in the minds of the Haloens in general.

One Haloen (Vaithianathan) felt that 'we failed to realise where we are.' He got unbelievable astonishments. One such one is ' 'How far we have drifted away from the so-called ambitions and goals! Something was always missing!'

Why there should come such a situation? Will the following suggestion of another Haloen (Gopal) be suitable to overcome that? 'Look here, it is in the way you take it. Let there be any number of difficulties; but you yourself should not get depressed. As regards your mind you must be entirely aloof from every outer activity. Take it easy and think only about your ideals; to have mind in a standard position give more work to it rather than to keep it quiet.'

Ignorance is the cause for many difficulties. That is why knowledge has to be developed in all the fields.

The first Haloen again says something to solve the knowledge problem as follows:

'Now the question that stands before us is TO START, WHAT TO START? To start exploring the kingdom of knowledge ' the world, land, people, customs, manners and almost all walks of life!'

A third Haloen (Balu) feels as follows:

'I have a yearning to explore into that Ultimate Reality, the true value of things and the philosophy of life.'

So, what are the tools required to deal with these crises? The same first Haloen discloses those weapons that are useful for the purpose. They are ' 'We have Kannan to deal with Poetry and Literature, Gopal to deal with Science and Technology, Selvam to deal with Law, Sociology and Politics, Balu to deal with Tamil and Hindi Literature and Vaithianathan to deal with Philosophy and Religion.'

Further he adds some more things as follows:

'The longest journey starts with the smallest step!'

'Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached!'

I think this is sufficient. So, writing articles and publishing this magazine are inevitable affairs for all the Haloens.

To make this magazine interesting some more features are required. These features can solve the frequent problems of everyone. The third Haloen has given some suggestions for improvement. They are as follows:

1. Book Review ' wherein one can give the details of a good book one has read recently. This will be an interesting one.

2. Hot Spot ' wherein one can write about a burning problem.

3. While pasting paper cuttings, we may also include our comments on its contents.

4. Question and Answer Column ' wherein all the members can put forth their questions on any subject. Any other Haloen/s who is/are interested in answering them may do so in the space provided for.

Views and further suggestions are invited from everyone regarding the aforesaid features. As far as my opinion is concerned all the four items are quite inevitable.

In fact novelties were taking place as the magazine was coming out regularly in the past. The exploration work has already started. The equipments were not properly handled. Now, what has to be done is to resume this work and proceed with it by using the weapons of everyone's interest in a disciplined way. If this is done properly, I think, all the problems can be solved in a civilised way. 


Hardly fifteen to sixteen issues had been released covering one year and half. After the magazine work came to a stop, the Halo meets also came to a stop! Two years had gone away!

The Halo had faded away into thin air. The friends of the Halo group had scattered to different directions. THE TREASURE office had dwindled into nothing. Kannan returned back home with much depression and heavy heart.

In the completely changed circumstances, every Haloen did what he could and they were just pulling on the days with dejection and no interest.

After sometime, Balu was transferred form Pudhu Town to New Delhi Vaithianathan had become a Sales Tax officer and was in Coimbatore. Selvam had gone to Madras to work as a junior lawyer under a new lawyer there. Gopal was taking tuition classes for Matriculation students and was studying final year of Law Course which had finally became his life's ambition. 

Continued to: "The Debts: The Halo Dreams"  

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