Theme: Anguish


Look at the celestial bodies in universe
Sun, moon, numerous stars and planets
Give us light, energy, warmth and growth
Make earth stable so it doesn't tumble
And all this without seeking any return.

Look at the nature and mother earth
And all phenomena of physical world
Bring us climate, nutrients and energy
As also beauty, art and spirituality
And all this without seeking any return.

Look at the life - plants, birds and animals
Provide us habitat, food, shelter and shade
Fruits, vegetables, flowers and perfume
List being too long, so some illustrations
And all this without seeking any return.

Then why only human race is so greedy!
They only take and don't give it back
They only consume and don't replenish
They only destroy and seldom rebuild
Excuse me if I say with some discretion
Humans are vampires with some exception.
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More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment I am tempted to add some more......During the course of evolution, mainly the erect posture and large brain (intellect) made humans so great and powerful among all life forms. Unlike animals, such as lion, human goes to the extent of inflicting pain or kill others for sheer pastime or fun.Their insatiable appetite for possession and power induces them to retain much beyond the all-time basic needs of food, clothing (protection) and shelter (rest). Though of course, some people from the time immemorial have significantly contributed towards the cause of humanity, or rather universe, but a majority remain mediocre and self-centric. Their activities have upset the balance of nature with resource depletion and pollution to a dangerous level. While some humans are ignorant and don't understand that their action can have disastrous outcomes for biosphere including all life forms, others who are not ignorant do so because of their irrational and immoral temperament. Thus ignorance, irrationality and immorality appear to be main causative factors for insatiable greed of humans.

22-Mar-2012 07:56 AM

Comment I will add that the wonderful harmony we see in nature is no illusion, which the poet appreciates in stanzas 1 - 3. This is due to the law of equilibrium inbuilt into non-living nature, where things achieve stable states; and, in life forms, the inbuilt constraint of satiation of appetitive need. For example, the lion will be driven by hunger to kill its prey, but once having done so, and eaten its fill, it will assume a state of rest. The difference with humans is that our appetitive need is lifted to the level of principle and becomes greed. Jaipal Singh thus rightly identifies greed as uniquely human: the insatiable appetite for possessions and power, even for knowledge, of the human spirit - I hope this answers his question 'why'. However, greed is not the whole picture of humanity, and it is the very principles of justice and democracy that drive humans with an appetite for these.

18-Mar-2012 18:57 PM

Comment Mr Ashby, sir, I have no reasons to disagree with you. I have been through some of your work and you - undoubtedly a thinker and writer of substance - and your comments certainly carry a value. I agree in poetry there has to be reality but some melodrama cannot be entirely avoided for variety readers.

17-Mar-2012 00:27 AM

Comment Humans are typical life forms that give back only unwittingly from what is intentionally a one-way taking spree. Nature thrives on a mutual rip-off culture!

16-Mar-2012 09:30 AM

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