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Learning from Plants and Trees


No two persons see eye to eye.
If they had, why both of them
would be there!
So we must agree to disagree.

Then, how do we run the society?

How trees and plants and vegetation
run their society!
How trees continue theier progeny?
They flower.
They mate!

Nature helps them through bees, butterflies,
simple gusts of air, and what not!
They fruit and spread their seeds
helped by Nature.
And lo and behold,
their children are born.
They stand their ground
spreading branches.

They quietly do everything.

Can we not humans learn from them?
Must we create commotion
for every single disagreemet?
Terrorise, war and destroy each other?

Do we realise:
It is trees, plants and herbs,
their fruits, their seeds, their leaves
and even their roots nourish us?
And help us to live.

They do so everything so quietly.
And what do they ask us in return?
They even give us recreation
through their beutiful and colourful flowers.

And we call ourselves superiors!
When shall we learn to emulate them?

Image © Aparna Chatterjee


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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