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Poem Date Selected
'Godhuli'  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 03,2015
2014  by Randy JohnsonJanuary 01,2015
40 Days and 40 Nights  by Randy JohnsonMay 26,2015
61 Clinic Road  by Madathil Rajendran NairAugust 27,2013
9/11  by R Purushothama RaoSeptember 12,2014
A 3D Movie  by Seshu ChamartyAugust 11,2015
A Beautiful Soul  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 06,2015
A Beauty  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 15,2014
A Beggar  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 08,2013
A Beggar's Son  by A. J. RaoJuly 31,2010
A Bird I Can't See  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 21,2019
A bit of Van Gogh  by Dr. Sunil SharmaNovember 14,2012
A Bit of Your Time  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMay 26,2012
A Blessing  by Kulbir BhallaJune 24,2021
A Break From My Mind  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 26,2019
A Burning Cigar  by Sakthee S. RavichandranSeptember 18,2012
A Butterfly!  by T. A. RameshMay 29,2013
A Chance of Survival for Love!  by T. A. RameshJanuary 31,2012
A Chant...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 13,2012
A Chase  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 13,2012
A Chosen Few  by Kulbir BhallaMay 03,2020
A Clear Vision  by Kulbir BhallaJune 04,2021
A Closed Mind  by Pili PubulJuly 19,2013
A Cloud To Ride  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 31,2013
A Cloudless Sky  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 29,2020
A Cloudless Sky  by Kulbir BhallaJune 10,2016
A Cold Drizzle  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 05,2022
A Cold Wintry Day  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 07,2020
A Common Ailment  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 06,2014
A Common Trailer  by Swatantra SharmaAugust 30,2016
A Confession  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 18,2019
A Conspicuous Miss!  by Seshu ChamartyFebruary 11,2015
A Contrast  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 21,2010
A Cooperative Monarch  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 21,2019
A Cougar's Musings...  by Aaliyah JamesOctober 08,2013
A Couple of Lines  by Maalok July 17,2011
A Creator Sublime  by Kulbir BhallaJune 30,2013
A Damsel in Distress  by Kulbir BhallaApril 01,2015
A Deal  by Swatantra SharmaOctober 21,2014
A Deeper Abode  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 19,2014
A Design or an Accident?  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 27,2011
A Divine Gift  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 22,2020
A Divine Work Of Art!  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 03,2015
A Dog Thinks  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMay 12,2016
A Dollar For Her Thoughts  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 31,2020
A Dream   by Prof. Dr. Anil K. PrasadJanuary 23,2012
A Dream I Saw  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 23,2016
A Drop  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyFebruary 24,2018
A Drop of Summer Rain  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyApril 26,2013
A Face  by Lalit KumarJuly 17,2011
A Fairy Tale  by Dr. Jaipal SinghOctober 19,2012
A Fall from Pedestal  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 24,2012
A Fall in Love  by Harihar Rai JhaAugust 31,2012
A Farmer  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 10,2014
A Farmer's Suicide  by Prof. Madhav SarkundeMarch 01,2015
A Feeling Left Behind  by Sanjay KumbkarniJuly 26,2011
A Few Drops of Silver  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyApril 17,2020
A Few Hypocrites  by Satish NairJuly 18,2011
A Final Goodbye  by Sandra MartyresApril 29,2011
A Final Visit  by Elizabeth DandyMay 24,2012
A Fine Art!  by T. A. RameshFebruary 19,2013
A Foggy Dawn  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 25,2020
A Foggy Landscape  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 17,2020
A Foggy Morn  by Kulbir BhallaMay 25,2012
A Fool's Jig  by David M GunsonMarch 27,2013
A Friend Or Foe?  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiFebruary 08,2013
A Full Moon Glowing  by Kulbir BhallaJune 25,2021
A Garden To Go To  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 19,2011
A Gift To My Friend  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriFebruary 19,2013
A Glimpse  by Kingshuk ChakrabortySeptember 23,2017
A Glimpse Of You  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 21,2020
A Goddess Speaks  by Shernaz WadiaMarch 21,2011
A Good Night Kiss  by Alex (alexis)August 26,2014
A Good Poet  by Stephen WatsonDecember 19,2012
A Great Challenge!  by T. A. RameshJanuary 20,2012
A Grey Hair  by Sandra MartyresDecember 25,2010
A Handful of Jasmine  by Bharat MehruMay 15,2012
A Happening Week  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 26,2013
A Hazy, Lazy Summer Day  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 21,2015
A Hindu Obligation  by Rajender KrishanDecember 09,2012
A Hole in My Soul  by Kulbir BhallaApril 15,2013
A Housewife in Alexandria   by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 20,2012
A Hungry Hawk  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 28,2016
A Jasmine  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 08,2016
A Jasmine Flower  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 19,2015
A Journey  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyNovember 14,2015
A Joy To Behold  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 08,2015
A Lady Tonight   by Harash MahajanJuly 21,2010
A Lady's Handbag  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 17,2013
A Last Visit to the Temple  by Annu ChopraOctober 14,2012
A Leader - The Need of The Hour  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiSeptember 17,2012
A Leaf's Grief  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiFebruary 09,2013
A Life Without Love  by Kulbir BhallaMay 25,2020
A Life Without You  by Kulbir BhallaMay 13,2015
A Light of Hope!  by T. A. RameshMarch 01,2013
A Little Death  by Joseph Allen HardyJuly 18,2011
A Little Leave  by Kumud BiswasJuly 27,2010
A Living Death  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 01,2016
A Lone Rider  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 13,2013
A Lone Walker  by Bijay Kant DubeyJune 07,2014
A Long Time  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 02,2013
A Long Way  by Hafeez ur RehmanAugust 29,2013
A Love Affair  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 06,2019
A Love Song  by Dr. Jaipal SinghSeptember 17,2013
A Love Story   by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 15,2010
A Lullaby  by Bhawini TripathiMay 25,2016
A Man with a Lantern  by Jyoti AggarwalOctober 07,2012
A Manna Dey Song  by Kumud BiswasNovember 03,2013
A Maple Tree  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 15,2013
A Missed Call  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 14,2015
A Moment Sublime  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 06,2013
A Moment To Rejoice  by Rupradha MookerjeeJune 29,2013
A Moment With You  by Kulbir BhallaJune 27,2013
A Monkey's Fall  by Rajender KrishanOctober 15,2012
A Monument  by Pankajam KJuly 20,2018
A Mother  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyMarch 03,2012
A Mother's Cry  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiFebruary 20,2012
A Motherless Mother!  by T. A. RameshMay 14,2012
A Mountain Stream  by Kulbir BhallaMay 03,2015
A Nation Called INDIA  by Madathil Rajendran NairAugust 05,2014
A New You  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 30,2014
A Niche For Me in Your Heart  by Rani TurtonJuly 21,2010
A Night Full of Jasmines  by Bijay Kant DubeyMay 31,2014
A Night of Grace - Once in a Blue Moon  by Mamta AgarwalOctober 04,2012
A Note On Literature's Oldest Sentiment  by Anna Beryl PaeslerJuly 26,2020
A Paean to Poetry  by Seshu ChamartyNovember 28,2013
A Pair of Senryu  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 10,2011
A Passionate Kiss!  by T. A. RameshJanuary 05,2013
A Pause Stuck For Good  by Hafeez ur RehmanNovember 17,2014
A Pertinent Cause of War!  by T. A. RameshJuly 11,2012
A Pigeon  by Dr. Padmesh GuptaMarch 19,2013
A Pinch of Salt  by N. S. MurtyJuly 21,2010
A Pint of Bitter...For Sure  by Jan Oscar HansenJune 19,2012
A Place To Rest  by Dr. C.S. ShahJuly 26,2020
A Plea To Boloji Poets  by Kulbir BhallaApril 16,2012
A Poem  by Prof. Dr. Ram Krishna SinghMarch 11,2016
A Poem Flows  by Kulbir BhallaMay 23,2018
A Poet's Justice!  by T. A. RameshAugust 23,2013
A Poet's Land  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiFebruary 29,2012
A Poet's Mind  by Swatantra SharmaDecember 14,2013
A Poser  by Swatantra SharmaMarch 11,2014
A Postcard  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyAugust 30,2017
A Price You Pay  by Kulbir BhallaJune 26,2019
A Princess  by Sandra MartyresMarch 02,2012
A Prisoner Of Your Mind  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 18,2021
A Profound Truth  by Dr. Jaipal SinghApril 06,2018
A Purple Sky  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 23,2020
A Purpose In Life  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 29,2020
A Raga is Born  by Rajender KrishanOctober 04,2015
A Rainy Afternoon  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 02,2014
A Raw Song of War  by Mamta JoshiSeptember 04,2016
A Reason To Rejoice  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 19,2021
A Reason To Rejoice  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 16,2020
A Relationship Dies  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 25,2020
A Remedy for Claustrophobia  by Charu UppalJuly 16,2013
A Riddle  by Dr. Jaipal SinghApril 01,2012
A Riff-Raff's Epitaph  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJanuary 05,2013
A Rise or Fall ?  by Prafulla SahuJanuary 18,2011
A Robin Seems To Say  by Kulbir BhallaMay 12,2017
A Rose  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 05,2019
A Rural Abattoir  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 17,2012
A Search  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 02,2013
A Second Girl Child - How Dare She be Born...?  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddySeptember 25,2012
A Shining Star  by Rupradha MookerjeeFebruary 06,2014
A Shroud For Peace  by Mamta JoshiJuly 28,2016
A Sick Person  by P C K PremFebruary 08,2016
A Sikh  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 31,2012
A Silent Volcano  by Dr. Jaipal SinghNovember 17,2012
A Sister's Social Agony  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiDecember 23,2012
A Sleeping Volcano Called Hurt  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduMay 03,2013
A Small Dark Bird  by David M GunsonOctober 13,2014
A Smile  by Kingshuk ChakrabortySeptember 11,2017
A Snail on the Beach  by Bharat MehruJanuary 31,2014
A Soldier's Sense of Love!  by T. A. RameshSeptember 01,2012
A Spectacular Sunrise  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 21,2019
A Spider's Web  by R Purushothama RaoSeptember 21,2015
A Staircase To Nowhere  by Mamta JoshiJanuary 04,2016
A Still Pond  by R Purushothama RaoMay 31,2014
A Stone Melts  by Pankajam KSeptember 26,2014
A Summer  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 24,2012
A Sunny Day  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
A Sunset So Grand  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 10,2014
A Sunset Sublime  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 14,2014
A Symphony Playing  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 01,2016
A Tanka  by Jan Oscar HansenJune 30,2011
A Taste for Booze  by Randy JohnsonJune 12,2012
A Temple Of Love  by Kulbir BhallaMay 25,2020
A Thorn in my Side - A Song  by Sandra MartyresDecember 28,2012
A Tourist's Kronor  by Charu UppalMarch 11,2015
A Trail of Delight  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyAugust 13,2015
A Tree House  by Satish VermaMay 15,2015
A Tribute  by Rupashri ChatterjeeApril 07,2016
A Trip To Richmond  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
A TV Star  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 14,2012
A Unique Star  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 07,2018
A Verse  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 06,2019
A Very Hurt Poem  by Satish VermaNovember 04,2011
A Visit To The Zoo  by Mohan DasMay 23,2013
A Vivid Canvas  by Dr. Sunil SharmaJuly 11,2012
A Void  by Rupradha MookerjeeMarch 29,2015
A Volcano  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 29,2012
A Vow  by Pramod KhileryJuly 21,2010
A Voyage of Paradox  by Prosenjit ChatterjiJanuary 30,2019
A Warning To Man  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 12,2012
A Winter Wonderland  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 22,2015
A Winter Wonderland  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 12,2017
A Woman's Love  by Dr. Ram MehtaDecember 22,2012
A Word On Words  by Kulbir BhallaJune 26,2019
A Word To The Wise  by Kulbir BhallaApril 24,2016
A Young Man Between a Father and Daughter  by Sakthee S. RavichandranSeptember 09,2012
Abandoned Temple  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 08,2013
Abdul Kalam is No More  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 29,2015
About and Behind  by Hillol RayApril 15,2013
Absence of Hate  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 30,2012
Absentminded  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 11,2019
Absolution  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Absorbing Beauty She Is!  by T. A. RameshJune 14,2012
Accept  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 10,2017
Accommodation  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 07,2013
Accord  by Rajender KrishanNovember 06,2020
Ache  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 22,2014
Achiever  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 04,2014
Aching Twinge  by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie BayerOctober 11,2014
Action and Reaction  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 08,2019
Adaptation  by Dr. Jaipal SinghSeptember 10,2012
Addiction  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 18,2015
Adjust  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 13,2013
Adoration  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 21,2013
Adultery  by A. J. RaoOctober 06,2012
Adultery   by Ramendra KumarAugust 24,2020
Adversity  by Kulbir BhallaMay 28,2013
Advice  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 20,2017
Advice on Knife Crime  by R. D. AshbyJuly 19,2020
After  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 17,2018
After a War  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 06,2012
After Christmas  by Seshu ChamartyDecember 26,2014
After Diwali  by Seshu ChamartyNovember 04,2013
After I am Gone  by Kumud BiswasOctober 29,2012
After My Death  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 09,2015
After Nine Months  by Kulbir BhallaJune 22,2012
After Rain  by Kingshuk ChakrabortySeptember 06,2017
After The Blossom  by Kulbir BhallaMay 09,2013
After The Rain  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 05,2020
After The Shower  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 03,2013
After The Storm  by Satish VermaDecember 17,2010
Aftermath  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 09,2013
Aftermath of Sandy  by Rajender KrishanJuly 20,2018
Again and Again  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 02,2012
Ageless  by Sparrow TigerApril 05,2011
Aging  by Dr. Jaipal SinghSeptember 19,2012
Aging   by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 31,2016
Aging  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 23,2012
Aging Gracefully  by Dr. Jaipal SinghFebruary 08,2013
Agony  by Devi NangraniFebruary 01,2011
Agony  by Devavratan KaundinyaOctober 08,2015
Agony and Ecstasy  by David M GunsonMarch 08,2013
Agoraphobia   by Randy JohnsonFebruary 10,2019
Air Travel  by Seshu ChamartyJune 07,2013
Alert Message  by Seshu ChamartyJune 29,2013
Alexa, Can You?  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJuly 18,2021
Alien Languages!  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamFebruary 15,2012
Alight  by Dhanwant Kaur KhalsaFebruary 11,2018
All  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 18,2020
All  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 21,2019
All  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 04,2017
All about a 'Non' Mover and 'Non' Shaker!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyAugust 14,2013
All Alone  by Parthap Ratim BanerjeeNovember 01,2013
All in a Day’s Work  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyFebruary 28,2014
All Is Well  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 04,2016
All My Life  by Sanober KhanNovember 14,2014
All That Matters is You  by Randy JohnsonJanuary 23,2013
All That's Left Of Me Now  by Charles CavanaughJuly 21,2010
All The Hugs  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 09,2020
All The Same  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 22,2013
Alleviate Pain  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 03,2017
Almighty Death  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 20,2020
Almost Spring  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 02,2017
Alone  by Neelam DadhwalJuly 19,2020
Alone  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMay 02,2018
Alone  by Aditi KaneJuly 21,2010
Alone  by Clint SheppardJuly 16,2013
Alone  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 01,2015
Alone Among Virtual Crowd  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiOctober 15,2012
Alone In A Crowd  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 14,2021
Alternate Energy  by Kulbir BhallaJune 18,2012
Alumni Meet  by Seshu ChamartyMay 29,2014
Always  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 10,2015
Am Here Without You Baby  by Rupradha MookerjeeOctober 13,2012
Am I A Killer?  by Randy JohnsonFebruary 09,2014
Amalgamation  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 28,2013
Amazing   by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie BayerAugust 10,2011
Amazing  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 23,2014
Amazing Forgiveness  by Randy JohnsonMay 25,2014
Amma  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 16,2020
Amma-Appa  by Ravi N.July 29,2011
Amma's Gospel  by Rajender KrishanNovember 29,2020
Among You  by Prof. Jaydeep SarangiJuly 20,2013
An Allegorical Creation  by Alex NodopakaFebruary 02,2013
An Angel I Saw  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 06,2012
An Angel I See  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 20,2015
An Appeal  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiMarch 04,2012
An April Day  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 21,2010
An Aquarium  by Kulbir BhallaJune 14,2017
An Artist Sublime  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 24,2010
An Atheist Laments...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 17,2014
An Attempt at Baby-sitting  by Sandra MartyresJanuary 11,2011
An Autumn Scene  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 03,2015
An Elemental Saga  by Deepika SinghJuly 22,2010
An Eloquent Female  by Bhawini TripathiApril 11,2016
An Evening  by Kuldeep SrivastavaJuly 07,2012
An Idea of Peace  by R. D. AshbyAugust 23,2020
An Impassioned Plea from Bapu...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 02,2012
An Insight Inside  by Jyoti AggarwalNovember 19,2012
An Invaluable Gift  by Rupradha MookerjeeApril 03,2012
An Occasion for Champagne  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 14,2011
An Old Love  by Seshu ChamartyFebruary 07,2014
An Orchestra  by Pankajam KJanuary 19,2016
An Ordinary Flower  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 08,2012
An Unknown Paradise  by Rupradha MookerjeeSeptember 21,2020
Analytics  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJune 22,2012
Ananda - The Boundless Bliss  by Geeta RadhakrishnaMay 27,2014
Anastasia at a Window  by Stephen WatsonNovember 21,2012
Ancient Hamlet  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 18,2013
And the Violin Sings...  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJune 15,2013
And They Met...  by Hema RaviApril 06,2022
Android Spring  by Seshu ChamartyApril 07,2013
Anew  by R Purushothama RaoJanuary 02,2014
Angels  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 07,2016
Anger in My Soul  by Randy JohnsonJune 27,2012
Anger, Despair...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyApril 21,2013
Animals  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 13,2017
Anklets  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarSeptember 18,2015
Anniversary  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 05,2012
Another  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 29,2015
Another Ahalya  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 05,2012
Another Blank Stare  by Stephen WatsonDecember 20,2012
Another Moon to Look For  by Prosenjit ChatterjiFebruary 06,2020
Another Rain  by Neelam DadhwalJuly 22,2014
Another Silence  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 02,2012
Another Summer  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMay 26,2013
Answer to Rumi  by David M GunsonJuly 20,2018
Answering Questions  by Mukesh WilliamsJanuary 16,2012
Answers  by Kulbir BhallaApril 17,2011
Anti Social Networking....  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyNovember 21,2012
Anticipation   by Seshu ChamartyDecember 11,2018
Anticlimax  by N. S. MurtyJuly 21,2010
Anyway  by Kakoli GhoshMay 10,2012
Aparna  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 04,2012
Apartheid  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 19,2012
Apathy  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 26,2013
APJ Abdul Kalam  by K.S. SubramanianJuly 29,2015
Apocalypse  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 20,2012
Apocalypse Now  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 28,2017
Appearances  by Dr. Sunil SharmaOctober 16,2012
Apple or Android  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 08,2014
April Fool  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickApril 01,2015
Are We Living Corpses?  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiFebruary 20,2013
Are You?  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 24,2015
Arms And The Man  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 09,2012
Aroma  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 09,2015
Art  by T. A. RameshNovember 16,2013
Art for Life!  by T. A. RameshMarch 02,2013
Artisan of Words  by Rani TurtonJuly 21,2010
Artist  by T. A. RameshAugust 03,2013
Artwork  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 06,2018
As are the people, so should be the culture  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 04,2012
As Days Pass  by Jan Oscar HansenJune 22,2012
As I Have Realized  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 23,2012
As Long As You Live  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 13,2019
As Long As...  by Aparna ChatterjeeDecember 21,2016
As Schopenhauer said  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduAugust 06,2011
As Time Goes By  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 11,2017
As Usual  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 20,2015
Ask  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 04,2014
Ask  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 06,2020
Ask  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 22,2021
Ask A Dove  by Kulbir BhallaApril 21,2015
Ask in Dawn  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJanuary 27,2018
Ask Your Mind  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 02,2016
Asking All Nurses  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 12,2012
Astitva  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyAugust 13,2010
At Peace  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 12,2015
At The End of The Day  by Glory Sasikala FranklinSeptember 13,2012
At the Turn of the Road  by Saheli R.January 26,2016
Atithi Devo Bhava...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 23,2013
Atomic Deal  by Seshu ChamartyMay 17,2016
Atone  by Swatantra SharmaOctober 13,2015
Attached  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 17,2014
Attitude  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 26,2012
Attraction  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 28,2016
Attuned  by Swatantra SharmaJune 11,2015
Aura  by David M GunsonApril 21,2012
Aura  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 21,2014
Austerity and God  by Jan Oscar HansenFebruary 02,2012
Automation  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 25,2013
Autumn  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 05,2013
Autumn  by G SwaminathanJune 20,2021
Autumn  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 03,2016
Autumn  by R Purushothama RaoMarch 04,2016
Autumn  by Ramesh AnandJanuary 15,2011
Autumn  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 08,2014
Autumn  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 05,2016
Autumn  by Sandra MartyresSeptember 26,2012
Autumn Days  by R Purushothama RaoAugust 05,2014
Autumn Evening  by Ramesh AnandDecember 25,2012
Autumn Film  by Hafeez ur RehmanDecember 13,2013
Autumn Leaves  by Stephen WatsonJanuary 06,2013
Autumn Leaves  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyOctober 28,2013
Autumn Morning  by R Purushothama RaoSeptember 06,2014
Autumn Season  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Autumn Song  by Dr. Jaipal SinghSeptember 08,2012
Autumn Stillness  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Autumn Sunbeams  by Neelam DadhwalNovember 03,2014
Autumn Waterfall  by Ramesh AnandDecember 02,2012
Autumn without Words  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Avalanche  by Satish VermaJune 08,2012
Avoid The Newly Rich  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 16,2021
Awaken  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 11,2016
Awakening  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 04,2012
Awakening Love  by Prafulla SahuAugust 20,2012
Away  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 24,2016
Away from Home  by Satish VermaMay 17,2012
Azaleas  by Kulbir BhallaMay 04,2016
Baba  by Jayati ChowdhuryJuly 21,2010
Baba  by Rupradha MookerjeeJune 29,2015
Babble Gabble  by Rajender KrishanFebruary 12,2019
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Bajirao Mastani – Movie Review  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJanuary 17,2016
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Balance Sheet  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 25,2013
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Barfi! - Movie Review  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddySeptember 23,2012
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Battle of The Sexes  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 29,2013
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Be  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 29,2012
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Be Careful, Love  by Dr. Jaipal SinghApril 10,2016
Be Ever Calm  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMay 27,2020
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Beauty Queen  by Seshu ChamartySeptember 19,2013
Beauty to Behold...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 30,2012
Because You Will Never Read This  by Divya ChandranFebruary 15,2011
Become A Beholder  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 18,2016
Become An Optimist  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 04,2020
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Bee Stung  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 24,2012
Before  by Sparrow TigerApril 01,2011
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Before I Die  by Rupradha MookerjeeFebruary 13,2015
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Being in Love  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 06,2015
Believe It or Not  by Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.February 20,2018
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Betrayal (Fifty Years Ago)  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 27,2011
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Between The Two Poles  by Dr. O.P. AroraApril 05,2022
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Bhartrihari again  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJanuary 11,2012
Bhartrihari's wisdom  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJanuary 11,2012
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Biochemical Emission   by Satish VermaDecember 20,2013
Bird   by Pt. Mandakol ManianJuly 06,2014
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Birds of My Dreams  by Prof. Madhav SarkundeMarch 02,2015
Birth of a Poem  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 09,2012
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Bit Between My Teeth  by Mukesh WilliamsFebruary 16,2011
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Blabberick...!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMarch 27,2013
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Blink Of An Eye  by Ramesh AnandNovember 18,2010
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Bliss and Peace  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 25,2014
Blissful Nothingness  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 10,2013
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Blue  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriOctober 11,2012
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Blurred Painting  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarOctober 22,2017
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Body and Soul  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJune 07,2014
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Book  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 03,2019
Book Release  by Seshu ChamartyJune 11,2016
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Bound by Poetry alone  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduMarch 16,2012
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Bowl Was Still Empty  by Satish VermaDecember 27,2011
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Bright Darkness of The Monsoon  by Prof. Rita DabhiJuly 13,2012
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Building Tall and Living Small  by Julia DuttaJuly 19,2013
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Bureaucracy  by Dr. Jaipal SinghOctober 05,2015
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Burma Cyclone  by R. D. AshbyJune 17,2016
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Bus Journey  by Pankajam KSeptember 16,2015
Business of War  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 11,2012
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But All I Can Find  by Rupradha MookerjeeApril 25,2013
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But I Shall...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 01,2012
But Still I Sprout  by Dr. Ghansham Sardar BaviskarOctober 07,2019
But They Were All Just Lies  by Ravinder MalhotraSeptember 05,2010
But Why?  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 01,2019
Butterflies  by Seshu ChamartyJune 02,2016
Butterflies Can Astound  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 14,2012
Butterflies In My Stomach  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 31,2020
Butterfly  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 12,2013
Butterfly, Firefly, Cicada  by Mukesh WilliamsJuly 21,2010
Buttering  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 04,2014
Bye-Bye!  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 11,2015
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Bygones Be Bygones  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMarch 28,2022
Cactus  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 14,2014
Cactus  by Supriya BhandariJuly 20,2013
Cactus Flower   by Pradeep DhavakumarOctober 15,2012
Caged Bird  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 09,2013
Calendar  by Seshu ChamartyJanuary 25,2015
Call It What You Will  by Julia DuttaJune 29,2013
Call of the Dirge  by K.S. SubramanianMay 22,2022
Can  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 12,2020
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Can't Thank Enough  by Seshu ChamartyJune 29,2013
Canada  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 09,2017
Candle  by Bijay Kant DubeyJanuary 28,2021
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Candlelight Vigil For Gaza  by Hafeez ur RehmanAugust 05,2014
Candor  by Dr. Neria H. HebbarJuly 16,2017
Caption  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 06,2019
Careless  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 01,2018
Caring Cate  by Stephen WatsonJuly 01,2020
Carols  by R Purushothama RaoJanuary 18,2014
Cartoon Network  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 16,2013
Cast Adrift  by David M GunsonJune 11,2012
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Catches Win Matches..!!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMarch 10,2013
Cave of Contemplation  by Hafeez ur RehmanJuly 13,2015
Ceiling Fan  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarFebruary 04,2017
Celebrate Being You  by Rupradha MookerjeeNovember 06,2016
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Celebrity  by Ravi Shankar RajanOctober 08,2012
Celebrity Status  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 15,2010
Celibacy  by Dr. Ram MehtaApril 08,2016
Cell Phone  by Dr. Ram MehtaJuly 02,2011
Cemetery of Rural Amity   by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarFebruary 22,2017
Chaand!  by David M GunsonMay 29,2013
Chance Angel  by Amita AminJune 10,2014
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Change  by Kulbir BhallaApril 17,2011
Change  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 17,2016
Change of Mind  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 03,2018
Change Your Tune  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 03,2013
Change Yourself  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 14,2013
Changing Face of Europa  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 18,2011
Character  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 26,2015
Chariot Ride  by Stephen WatsonJune 14,2020
Charm  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 21,2014
Charm  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 06,2014
Chartered Cruise  by Seshu ChamartyMarch 29,2015
Cheats  by Rajender KrishanSeptember 13,2020
Chechnya  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 10,2012
Cheeks  by Ramesh AnandMay 05,2013
Cheer  by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie BayerOctober 20,2014
Cheers with a Woman and the Crush  by P C K PremMay 01,2017
Chemistry  by Dr. Jaipal SinghSeptember 21,2014
Chennai City, Jai Ho!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 23,2014
Cherry Blossoms  by Rupradha MookerjeeOctober 31,2013
Cherry-Picking  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 13,2016
Child Bride  by Ravinder MalhotraJuly 23,2010
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Childhood  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 04,2017
Childhood  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 26,2015
Children  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 25,2016
Children  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 12,2015
Chiming of Bells!  by T. A. RameshDecember 24,2012
Chirping of Birds  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaAugust 31,2012
Chirrup  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 24,2017
Chirrup  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 26,2017
Chit Chat - Cheat Chat   by Hillol RayApril 15,2013
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Cholesterol  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 21,2015
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Christmas  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 09,2014
Christmas 2013  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Christmas Day  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 06,2014
Christmas Expectations  by Mukesh WilliamsDecember 21,2010
Christmas Theme  by Maria Reed-ShoreDecember 20,2013
Cipher  by Rajender KrishanAugust 27,2020
Circle of Life  by Kulbir BhallaApril 15,2015
Circumstances  by Wangdi GyalpoOctober 15,2012
Circumstances  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarAugust 03,2020
City Without Sorrow  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 10,2016
Clauses  by Satish VermaDecember 27,2011
Clear Sky  by Neelam DadhwalJuly 11,2020
Climate  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 07,2020
Cling  by Maria Reed-ShoreApril 26,2012
Clinging to my Naked Body  by Floris BrownJuly 21,2010
Closed Doors  by Bharat B. TrivediJuly 21,2010
Closer To You  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 10,2020
Closure  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 06,2016
Clothes  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 13,2014
Cloud Computing  by Seshu ChamartyApril 16,2013
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Clouds of Dust  by Kingshuk ChakrabortySeptember 12,2017
Cloudy Skies  by Frank SheehanMay 10,2017
Clustered  by Satish VermaDecember 02,2012
Coaching  by Swatantra SharmaDecember 19,2013
Coby - The Chocolate Labrador  by Rajender KrishanSeptember 12,2012
Cock-a-doodle-doo  by Seshu ChamartyDecember 17,2013
Coffee with Her!  by Seshu ChamartyMay 15,2015
Cold  by Dr. Sunil SharmaJanuary 04,2013
Cold Morning  by Hafeez ur RehmanSeptember 23,2013
Colibri, A Sonnet  by Jan Oscar HansenJune 23,2012
Color an Issue  by Seshu ChamartySeptember 29,2014
Color of the Skin  by Ratnakar SadasyulaSeptember 14,2012
Color Theory  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 01,2019
Colorful Pollen  by Seshu ChamartyAugust 14,2014
Colors of Life  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyDecember 08,2012
Colour Blind  by Supratik SenMay 02,2014
Colour of Rising Waves  by Ramesh AnandDecember 21,2012
Colours  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMarch 09,2012
Come  by Rupradha MookerjeeJune 08,2012
Come  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 10,2019
Come and Confess  by Anil BhatJuly 21,2010
Come Back  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 13,2013
Come Back, My Love  by Kumud BiswasDecember 19,2011
Come Sing Along  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 28,2022
Come to India  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 17,2014
Coming Home  by Swatantra SharmaNovember 11,2013
Command over English  by Seshu ChamartyJune 04,2013
Commercialized Cricket  by Dr. Ram MehtaJune 16,2011
Communal Holiday  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 21,2014
Communication  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyNovember 18,2013
Companion  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyApril 26,2012
Companion  by Dr. Jaipal SinghDecember 06,2013
Compassion  by Rajender KrishanNovember 29,2020
Compatibility  by Rajender KrishanSeptember 21,2020
Compensation  by Kumud BiswasAugust 22,2013
Completing The Puzzle  by Swatantra SharmaJune 12,2014
Composition  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Compulsion  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 04,2012
Concoct an Excitement  by Mukesh WilliamsMarch 03,2012
Concrete Jungle  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 19,2012
Condemn Yourself   by Dibyendu GhosalMarch 03,2013
Confession  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiAugust 20,2013
Conflicts  by Rajender KrishanNovember 26,2020
Confrontation  by Satish VermaNovember 04,2012
Confusion  by Dr. Sunil SharmaApril 03,2013
Conman Caught  by Prosenjit ChatterjiAugust 07,2020
Connection  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 18,2014
Conscience  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyDecember 21,2012
Conscience  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 30,2022
Conscience Pricked...?  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyDecember 21,2011
Conspicuous by its Absence  by Mamta AgarwalMarch 31,2011
Conspiracy of Silence  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 07,2013
Contentment  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 05,2022
Contrast  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 03,2013
Contrast  by Rajender KrishanAugust 19,2020
Control  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 28,2013
Control Your Mind  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 08,2022
Convert  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 22,2014
Cookbook  by Chandana BanerjeeJuly 21,2010
Cops  by Randy JohnsonOctober 18,2012
Copy-write!  by U Atreya SarmaMay 26,2013
Cordial  by Rajender KrishanNovember 02,2020
Corona  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 04,2020
Corona - One More Day  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyApril 08,2020
Corona Way  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMarch 18,2020
Corporate Life  by Kulbir BhallaMay 10,2017
Corpulent Eyes  by Alex NodopakaFebruary 04,2013
Correlation  by Rajender KrishanDecember 20,2020
Corruption Free Society  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduDecember 28,2011
Cosmic Coincidences  by David M GunsonSeptember 10,2012
Cosmic Silence  by K.S. SubramanianFebruary 24,2019
Cosmos  by Mandira GhoshMay 04,2012
Costume  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 26,2013
Cotton  by Rupashri ChatterjeeMay 19,2015
Count  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 08,2015
Courageous  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 25,2014
Court Dancer's Dream  by Semant HarishApril 25,2011
Covers  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 18,2014
Cowboys and Tourist Town  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 27,2013
Crack  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 17,2016
Cradle of Creation  by Charles CavanaughSeptember 28,2012
Cradle of Poesy  by U Atreya SarmaJanuary 23,2012
Cramp  by Hafeez ur RehmanNovember 07,2014
Crap  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 18,2013
Creation  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaNovember 24,2012
Creation  by Rhituparna ChakrabortyJune 06,2014
Creeping Cold!  by T. A. RameshOctober 12,2012
Crescent Moon  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 23,2016
Cricket Fries  by Seshu ChamartyMarch 03,2014
Crime and Punishment  by Dr. Raj VatsyaJune 29,2017
Crimson Sky...  by Ramesh AnandNovember 30,2012
Crisis  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Crisis in Relations  by P C K PremDecember 28,2014
Crook  by Prof. Dr. Ram Krishna SinghJanuary 09,2020
Cross-Border  by Prof. Shailesh Kumar MishraJanuary 06,2016
Crossing  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 13,2016
Crossroads  by Rajender KrishanAugust 09,2020
Cruel and Fatal Joke  by Randy JohnsonJune 17,2020
Cruising and Losing  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 17,2013
Crumbling  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 26,2020
Crux  by Rajender KrishanJuly 31,2020
Cry  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 14,2016
Crying Child  by Seshu ChamartySeptember 24,2013
Crystals  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriOctober 12,2012
Cuba 1958  by Jan Oscar HansenJune 01,2012
Cuckoo  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 26,2013
Cuckoo  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 24,2018
Cue  by Rajender KrishanAugust 27,2020
Cultivate. ABC Style  by Pili PubulAugust 27,2013
Culture  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamJuly 09,2012
Cumulous  by Jan Oscar HansenSeptember 07,2012
Cupid's Choice  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 05,2013
Cure  by Swatantra SharmaSeptember 01,2016
Curse   by Dr. K.R.S MurthyJanuary 26,2013
Cursed Love  by Nooria RahmanzaiNovember 01,2013
Cursory  by Rajender KrishanNovember 21,2020
Curtain Raiser  by Seshu ChamartyApril 23,2015
Curtains  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 09,2015
Cyber Love  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJune 29,2012
Cyclone Phailin  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 12,2013
Dad   by Sandra MartyresJuly 22,2010
Dad  by Rupradha MookerjeeApril 18,2020
Dad  by Rupradha MookerjeeJune 16,2012
Dad  by Seshu ChamartyJune 15,2014
Dada  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 07,2014
Daddy's Little Princess  by Randy JohnsonJune 29,2015
Daily  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 30,2014
Daily Walks  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 08,2013
Dance  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 18,2013
Dance for the Better!  by T. A. RameshSeptember 17,2012
Dancing Dawn - A Tapestry Poem  by Shernaz WadiaMay 23,2014
Dancing in the Rain  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJuly 27,2017
Dane Marks  by Dr. Ram MehtaAugust 01,2020
Danny  by Randy JohnsonAugust 01,2015
Darkest  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 08,2017
Darling  by Rupradha MookerjeeSeptember 12,2012
Date  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 04,2013
Dates  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 05,2015
Daughter  by Meera ChowdhryJuly 21,2010
Daughter  by Jan Oscar HansenSeptember 23,2012
Daughter of Mount Kenya  by Wanjiku NjugunaMarch 29,2012
Dawn  by Ramesh AnandDecember 24,2012
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Daylight Saving Time  by Seshu ChamartyDecember 02,2014
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Days Together  by Anushree PalFebruary 29,2012
Dead at 14  by Randy JohnsonMay 31,2014
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Dead of Night  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 02,2016
Dear  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 06,2020
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Death  by Pradip BasuOctober 01,2011
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Death of a River  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 30,2012
Death of a Youth  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 10,2011
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Death of the Moment  by Hafeez ur RehmanNovember 20,2014
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Death That Shook The World  by Dr. Sunil SharmaDecember 30,2012
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Debate  by Rajender KrishanSeptember 28,2020
Debut Solo Song   by Seshu ChamartyFebruary 03,2015
December  by Jayati ChowdhuryFebruary 18,2022
Decent Proposal  by S. A. HamidSeptember 27,2014
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Deciduous Tree  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 29,2021
Decline of Rich Men  by Jan Oscar HansenJune 23,2012
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Deepavali: Festival of Light  by Subhajit GhoshNovember 07,2012
Deeply Sexual  by Aaliyah JamesMarch 22,2016
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Delight  by Prof. Dr. Anil K. PrasadFebruary 16,2013
Delightful  by Prof. Dr. Mahendra BhatnagarNovember 04,2012
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Deprived of your Love  by Rupradha MookerjeeNovember 13,2010
Dervish and the Nautch Girl  by Hafeez ur RehmanJuly 01,2013
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Diary  by Gopal LahiriFebruary 03,2014
Dictionary  by Rachna August 26,2013
Did I Do It?   by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 15,2013
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Digital Love  by N S RamachandranNovember 07,2015
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Disowned Relations  by Devi NangraniApril 20,2011
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Distance  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyDecember 11,2012
Distant drums and chores  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduFebruary 29,2012
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Don't  by Swatantra SharmaMarch 20,2015
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Don't come to my House  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 18,2014
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Don't Hold Your Breath  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 05,2013
Don't Look At Me  by Kulbir BhallaApril 17,2016
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Don't Start   by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 31,2014
Don't Step On The Scale!  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 17,2013
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Don't Wait For Tomorrow  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 14,2013
Don't You Agree?  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 07,2014
Don’t Judge  by Kumud BiswasOctober 29,2012
Donation  by Neelam DadhwalMay 30,2020
Done For The Day  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 03,2018
Doom  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaSeptember 07,2012
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Down in the Dumps  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 26,2012
Down In The Dumps  by Swatantra SharmaAugust 03,2015
Down with Fever  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyDecember 20,2012
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Dragonfly  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 17,2017
Drawing  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 15,2016
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Drenched  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 02,2020
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Drills To Thrills  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMay 09,2016
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Driving In The Rain  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 27,2020
Drizzle  by Hafeez ur RehmanFebruary 06,2014
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Durga and I  by Archna SahniOctober 01,2014
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Durga: Goddess in Distress   by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarOctober 03,2014
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Each Moment Is A Gem  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 02,2016
Earth  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 12,2013
Ease  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 05,2014
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Ecological Doom  by Madathil Rajendran NairNovember 05,2013
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Emotionally  by Satish VermaOctober 04,2013
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Empress of The Garbage Heap  by Patrick DurnilFebruary 20,2014
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End  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 05,2016
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English-Vinglish...!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 28,2013
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Enjoy Your Ride  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 14,2021
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Enough...  by Swatantra SharmaDecember 30,2013
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Ephemeral  by Kulbir BhallaApril 02,2021
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Epitaph  by Bhawini TripathiJune 01,2016
Epitaph for Khushwant  by K.S. SubramanianMarch 25,2014
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Errant Strand  by Kewal PaigankarMay 13,2013
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Essence of Woman  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMarch 11,2016
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Eternal Triumph  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 26,2011
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Eternity in Hell  by Randy JohnsonMarch 05,2012
Evaluation  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 29,2017
Evaluation  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 17,2013
Even  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 06,2020
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Every Day should be like Christmas Day  by Randy JohnsonDecember 18,2012
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Every Rape and I Die Once More  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduDecember 21,2012
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Exit Doesn't Exist  by Vaibhav PandeySeptember 28,2010
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Eyes  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 29,2015
Eyes  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 14,2016
Eyes That See Do Not Grow Old   by Hafeez ur RehmanNovember 22,2013
Eyewitness  by Rupradha MookerjeeFebruary 03,2016
F[rigid]  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 25,2013
Face  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 15,2014
Facebook  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 05,2020
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Facebook  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 02,2017
Faceless Journey  by Satish VermaNovember 26,2012
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Faded  by R Purushothama RaoSeptember 08,2016
Fading Petals  by R Purushothama RaoJune 18,2014
Fado  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 18,2012
Failed Immortality  by Satish VermaDecember 24,2010
Failed Performance  by Satish VermaNovember 07,2011
Failed Turnip Makes Good  by Stephen WatsonAugust 27,2020
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Failure  by Rajender KrishanSeptember 24,2020
Fair and Lovely  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyNovember 20,2013
Fair Judgement  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduDecember 16,2011
Fairy Cakes  by Divya ChandranApril 13,2011
Fairy Tale  by Dr. K.C. PrasharJuly 21,2010
Faith  by Dr. Sunil SharmaAugust 31,2012
Faithful Believers  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 02,2012
Fake Book  by R Purushothama RaoDecember 04,2013
Fakebookeans  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJuly 06,2012
Fall Colors  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 25,2013
Fall Colours  by R Purushothama RaoJanuary 12,2015
Fall Foliage  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 19,2013
Fall of a Poet  by Alex (alexis)July 13,2014
Fallacy  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 28,2013
Fallen Leaves  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 09,2016
Falling In Love  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 12,2017
Falling in Love!  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamMarch 02,2012
Falling Snow  by Mukesh WilliamsFebruary 13,2011
Fallow Land   by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 03,2012
False Friends  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 12,2016
Fame and Cuddles  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduFebruary 07,2012
Fame and Glory  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyNovember 20,2013
Family  by Dr. Sunil SharmaSeptember 11,2012
Family Affairs  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 27,2011
Family Drama  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 26,2011
Family Is The Best Christmas Present  by Randy JohnsonDecember 20,2014
Family Man  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 16,2012
Famous TV Channel  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 13,2012
Fancy  by Arup GangulyFebruary 24,2020
Far   by Dr. Amitabh MitraNovember 10,2012
Far Away  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 13,2014
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Farm Laws 2020  by Prof. Akella RatnamJanuary 19,2021
Fast Food For Fast Birds  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 11,2014
Fasting  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJuly 16,2013
Fatalistic Philosophy  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 13,2012
Father   by Mallik BulusuOctober 12,2012
Father  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 10,2013
Father  by Hafeez ur RehmanFebruary 05,2014
Father and Mother   by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 23,2015
Father is the Heaven  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 16,2012
Father Ted  by Randy JohnsonSeptember 26,2010
Father to Father  by Prof. Dr. Makhan Lal DasJune 16,2013
Father's Day  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 20,2015
Father's Day  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 14,2014
Father's Day  by R Purushothama RaoJune 15,2014
Father's Day  by Neelam DadhwalJune 21,2020
Father's Way  by N S RamachandranDecember 24,2016
Fatigue  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 03,2014
Fear  by Balram CheruparambilMay 10,2013
Fear  by Pili PubulAugust 15,2013
Fear  by Seshu ChamartyMay 01,2013
Feast to Eyes...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 01,2012
Feedback  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 08,2016
Feeding  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 25,2016
Feeding  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 21,2016
Feel  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 14,2015
Feel  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 19,2015
Feel  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 01,2018
Feel Me  by David M GunsonApril 08,2013
Feel The Difference  by Rupradha MookerjeeSeptember 11,2014
Feel the Wave  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyNovember 12,2015
Feeling  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJuly 11,2013
Feeling  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 11,2017
Feelings  by Rema PrasannaSeptember 20,2012
Feelings  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 17,2013
Feelings of a Whore   by Wangdi GyalpoJuly 21,2010
Feign  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 15,2014
Feline Play  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 20,2012
Female Feticide  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 31,2012
Feminism  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriNovember 02,2010
Fence  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 30,2016
Fest of Colours  by Dr. Sunil SharmaMarch 27,2013
Festival of Lights  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyNovember 01,2013
Festival of Lights  by N S RamachandranNovember 14,2020
Festive Eve  by R Purushothama RaoDecember 29,2013
Fetters  by Swatantra SharmaMay 16,2016
Fifth  by Rupashri ChatterjeeNovember 08,2015
Fifty  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 14,2020
Fight  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 15,2016
Finally Free  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 30,2014
Fingernails  by Hafeez ur RehmanNovember 27,2014
Finishing Touch  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 08,2019
Finishing Touch  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 07,2019
Fire  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJanuary 10,2013
Fire Walk  by Hafeez ur RehmanNovember 28,2014
Fireflies  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 29,2013
Fireflies of Love  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 23,2020
Fireplace  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 29,2014
Fireworks  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickApril 27,2013
First  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 29,2013
First Love  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMarch 08,2012
First Night  by Seshu ChamartySeptember 25,2013
First Raindrop  by R Purushothama RaoSeptember 04,2014
First Sight  by N S RamachandranNovember 27,2015
First Talk  by Ramesh AnandOctober 16,2012
Fish  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 19,2016
Fist of Fury  by Seshu ChamartyDecember 12,2013
Flame  by Gopal LahiriNovember 02,2014
Flares of Love  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJune 09,2018
Flaunt Your Tricolor  by Dr. Uma AsopaJuly 21,2010
Flaunting  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 05,2018
Flight of Imagination  by Bharat B. TrivediSeptember 18,2013
Flights of Fancy  by Seshu ChamartyNovember 23,2013
Flirting  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 11,2014
Flood  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriOctober 31,2012
Flood  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 16,2015
Flood of Tears  by Kumud BiswasJanuary 31,2016
Floods  by Rupradha MookerjeeOctober 28,2013
Floral Show  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 21,2013
Flow of Time  by Dr. Raj VatsyaAugust 17,2013
Flower  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 08,2015
Flower Speaks  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiApril 04,2015
Flowers  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 10,2014
Flowing of Poetry!  by T. A. RameshNovember 11,2012
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Food Banks  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 29,2013
Food in Oslo  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 07,2013
Footmarks  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 09,2016
Footprints of Love  by Mamta JoshiMarch 18,2016
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For a Kiss  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 23,2014
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For I…  by Alka AgarwalFebruary 04,2011
For Life's Sake  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 10,2013
For Manu  by Aditi KaneOctober 09,2012
For You  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 22,2013
For You, With Me  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 09,2014
Forbidden Fruit  by Devavratan KaundinyaJuly 13,2013
Forbidden Love   by Anwaar N. HassanAugust 23,2020
Forecasts  by Seshu ChamartyApril 26,2013
Forelock Tugging Fools  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 18,2011
Forest  by R Purushothama RaoMarch 29,2015
Forest  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 12,2018
Forest Brook  by K.S. SubramanianMarch 24,2015
Forever There  by Swatantra SharmaJune 27,2014
Forget Me  by Rani TurtonDecember 07,2011
Forgetful  by Rajender KrishanAugust 27,2020
Forgive Me for Forgetting You  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 12,2022
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Forgotten Her?  by Jan Oscar HansenSeptember 20,2011
Forgotten Hills  by Satish VermaMarch 18,2012
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Forlorn Lifescapes   by Shernaz WadiaJuly 21,2010
Form Out!  by Parameswaran KVOctober 13,2015
Fortitude  by Subhajit GhoshJune 23,2012
Fortune Teller  by Hafeez ur RehmanAugust 15,2013
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Found and Lost  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJanuary 17,2013
Four Letter Words  by Dr. KS RaghavanApril 23,2013
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Four Seasons and Stages of Life  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 12,2013
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Free Wi-Fi Campus  by Prof. Bolloju BabaJune 10,2017
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French, The Language of Love  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 20,2011
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Friendship Vs Love  by Rupradha MookerjeeSeptember 21,2012
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From Adam To Apple*  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiMay 21,2015
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From Where Do They Come?  by Kulbir BhallaApril 26,2020
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Frustration Deep  by Dr. Sunil SharmaNovember 05,2012
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Full Moon  by Dr. Jaipal SinghFebruary 28,2013
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Funeral Luncheon  by Seshu ChamartyMarch 22,2015
Fusion  by Rajender KrishanDecember 31,2020
Future Imperfect  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJuly 11,2014
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Generation Next  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiMay 21,2013
Generation Next  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiMay 07,2015
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Genesis Rides To Global Warming  by Susan DaleMay 05,2012
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Give Us More Reality TV  by Charu UppalDecember 20,2014
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Global Village  by Bijay Kant DubeyMay 13,2016
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God's Conservatory  by Dr. O.P. AroraJuly 27,2021
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God's Own Body   by Mary Anne MohanrajJuly 06,2011
God’s Own Blessings   by Pravin GuptaJanuary 15,2015
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Golden Sunshine  by M. V. J. SimonJuly 21,2010
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Gone With The Wind  by Rupradha MookerjeeOctober 10,2012
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Google Doodle & Independence Day  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 08,2015
Gopikas' Shame   by Dr. Uma AsopaJuly 21,2010
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GP versus Specialist  by Seshu ChamartyMay 07,2015
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Grateful  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 31,2015
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Graveside  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 08,2014
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Grow Up and Awaken  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 25,2021
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Guard at the Palace  by N S RamachandranMarch 14,2017
Guilt  by Rajender KrishanNovember 29,2020
Gulls  by Kulbir BhallaMay 02,2012
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Gunplay in Heaven  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 03,2012
Gurbachan Preet Singh  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 01,2012
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Hard Times Just Like Now  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 20,2012
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Harvest  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 19,2016
Hassle Free  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 31,2015
Hasty Marriage  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 21,2012
Hatred  by Naraine (Norman) DattOctober 13,2020
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Heavy  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 26,2016
Height  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 16,2020
Help  by Sony DaliaNovember 01,2020
Helpless  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 21,2018
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Her Empty Side of the Bed  by David M GunsonNovember 08,2012
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Her Love Has Gone Forever  by Stephen WatsonMarch 24,2013
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Her Name  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 01,2016
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Her Pink Nails  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 03,2020
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Her Portrait   by Seshu ChamartySeptember 19,2013
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Her Song  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 30,2013
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Her Teasing Face  by Harihar Rai JhaJuly 08,2013
Her Window  by Sandra MartyresJanuary 19,2011
Heritage City   by Neelam SangwaiMay 17,2014
Hiccups  by Dr. Jaipal SinghDecember 04,2014
Hidden Semantics  by Neera LollbeeharryApril 16,2013
Hide and Seek  by Kulbir BhallaMay 07,2020
Hide and Seek  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 04,2014
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Hides  by R Purushothama RaoAugust 18,2015
Hidimba's Gift  by Archna SahniNovember 13,2012
Hiding  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 24,2017
High on God - Part II  by Randy JohnsonOctober 02,2014
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His  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 16,2020
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His Name  by Rupradha MookerjeeJanuary 07,2015
His Pain, Our Shame   by Helena FernzMay 18,2016
His Smiles  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 21,2010
History  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduAugust 10,2011
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History and Love  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamJune 30,2017
Hold Me   by Ravi PipalJuly 21,2010
Hold My Hand  by Wanjiku NjugunaJuly 09,2012
Holding Arms  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyAugust 06,2013
Holi  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMarch 14,2017
Holi  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMarch 14,2017
Holi  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 24,2016
Holi  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMarch 30,2016
Holi  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMarch 10,2020
Holi  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMarch 07,2015
Holi is a Chance   by Prof. Madhav SarkundeMarch 16,2014
Hollow  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 20,2014
Holy Basil  by Neelam DadhwalOctober 13,2014
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Home Turf  by Seshu ChamartyFebruary 08,2015
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Home-Coming   by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 11,2016
Homecoming  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 24,2011
Homewards  by Seshu ChamartyMarch 29,2013
Homo  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 03,2013
Homosexuality  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 18,2015
Honest Portrait  by Hema RaviJanuary 30,2015
Honesty Shines Bright...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 01,2013
Honesty versus Dishonesty  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduAugust 09,2012
Honey  by R Purushothama RaoJanuary 08,2014
Honeymoon  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 21,2017
Honking  by R Purushothama RaoFebruary 06,2015
Honor Killing  by Anushree PalFebruary 28,2012
Hooked!  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 04,2015
Hope   by Pusparaj MishraApril 05,2013
Hope  by Aditi MisraJuly 01,2021
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Hopeless  by Kulbir BhallaJune 25,2015
Hopeless Love  by Kumud BiswasNovember 05,2012
Horror  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 04,2012
Horse's Patoot  by Randy JohnsonApril 18,2012
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Housewife  by Renu KalaJuly 16,2013
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How the World Has Changed  by Mukesh WilliamsJanuary 23,2012
How to Fight the Cupid Till Then?  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamApril 30,2012
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How To Recognize Me?  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 04,2012
How Well The Clock Turns  by Prof. Kathryn PerezMarch 20,2013
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How You Loved Me  by Kulbir BhallaJune 16,2016
How your Words speak of your Attitude  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiMay 05,2013
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How?  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 23,2015
However  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 27,2015
Howzzat...?  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 11,2014
Hu and Wi  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 07,2020
Hubby Asks Me  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 06,2014
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Hugging  by Erfan KApril 22,2020
Human Being  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriFebruary 28,2012
Human Desire  by Dr. Shamenaz SheikhMay 13,2015
Human Gestures  by T. A. RameshJuly 21,2010
Human Race  by Prof. Swanti SharmaSeptember 11,2013
Human-Lotus  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaSeptember 04,2012
Humans  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriSeptember 17,2012
Humility  by Pili PubulSeptember 08,2013
Humour  by Ravi N.May 30,2014
Hunger  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 26,2015
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Hunger and Gloom  by Harihar Rai JhaJuly 24,2013
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Hurt   by Gail AlvarezMarch 18,2014
Hurt  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 09,2012
Hurt In The Heart  by Kulbir BhallaJune 18,2018
Husband  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 08,2015
Husbands and Wives  by Rodney C. WalmerOctober 13,2012
Hyperlink  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyAugust 22,2013
Hypocrisy, Thy Name is America  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriOctober 08,2012
I  by Rupradha MookerjeeApril 14,2011
I am  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarApril 24,2016
I Am  by Stephen WatsonJanuary 14,2013
I am a Common Man  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyDecember 31,2012
I am Dreaming  by Venkatesh PrasadSeptember 30,2012
I am Dying  by Sandra MartyresJanuary 11,2011
I Am Dying  by Rupradha MookerjeeSeptember 24,2011
I Am The One  by Kulbir BhallaMay 05,2016
I Am Your Sinner  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 03,2015
I and Me  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduFebruary 24,2013
I and my Beloved  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamJuly 11,2013
I Ask Myself  by Pili PubulJuly 17,2013
I Asked My Heart  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 13,2015
I Awake One Radiant Spring Morning  by Stephen WatsonJuly 21,2013
I Can Never  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 17,2013
I Can See You  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 07,2020
I Can't Feel Remorse  by Randy JohnsonAugust 14,2021
I Cannot Forget You  by Prof. Madhav SarkundeJune 11,2015
I Cannot Promise You Eternal Love  by Rani TurtonNovember 26,2013
I Care  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyAugust 18,2012
I Dare...  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 09,2014
I Die  by Ragini PuriJuly 21,2010
I do not Look at Damsels' Faces Anymore  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJuly 21,2010
I Do Smile  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 14,2012
I Don't Know Why  by Sandra MartyresJuly 21,2010
I Don't Love You  by Mriganka ChatterjeeOctober 11,2014
I Don't Write...  by Prof. Madhav SarkundeMarch 26,2014
I Dream that Mom is still Alive  by Randy JohnsonMay 17,2014
I Dream to Be  by Stephen WatsonDecember 21,2012
I Felt Free  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 18,2014
I Forgot All  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 30,2011
I Found My Gold  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 12,2016
I Get Your Touch  by Kumud BiswasJuly 19,2013
I Have Managed, So Far  by Rani TurtonJanuary 14,2012
I Have Much Less To Be Thankful For  by Randy JohnsonNovember 27,2013
I Have Not Come Alone  by Prafulla SahuJanuary 14,2012
I Have the Right to Scandalise  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduApril 13,2013
I Hear Its Call  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 06,2013
I Hear You  by Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi, MDNovember 17,2011
I Hear Your Voice  by Rani TurtonJuly 13,2011
I Heard One Day ...  by Saptarshi DasJuly 29,2010
I Know  by Trupti DerashriSeptember 23,2013
I Know Me  by Satish VermaSeptember 24,2012
I Like to Let the Word Fly About  by Prof. Murali SivaramakrishnanSeptember 18,2012
I Love  by Ramesh AnandFebruary 22,2013
I Love It  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 08,2016
I Love You  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 15,2015
I Love You  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 19,2017
I Love You  by Kumud BiswasOctober 30,2012
I Love You  by Kulbir BhallaApril 21,2015
I Love You  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 17,2014
I Love You, Son  by Frank SheehanFebruary 06,2017
I Miss You Most When You Don’t Miss Me At All   by Dr. Ratan BhattacharjeeAugust 29,2012
I Miss You...  by G SwaminathanSeptember 21,2019
I Missed You  by Sakthee S. RavichandranMarch 31,2013
I Need Inner Peace  by Randy JohnsonFebruary 04,2013
I Need Someone   by Paresh ChanchaniOctober 22,2012
I Promise You  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 11,2013
I Recommend  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 04,2017
I Saw Them Walking  by Madathil Rajendran NairNovember 13,2013
I Saw You This Morning  by David M GunsonOctober 05,2014
I See Thy Hand  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 09,2014
I Still Care  by Kulbir BhallaApril 28,2013
I Still Feel Lost  by Randy JohnsonOctober 28,2014
I Still Return  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 27,2014
I Still Say Happy New Year  by Madathil Rajendran NairJanuary 01,2014
I Swear  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 07,2020
I Tell You, Dear  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 27,2020
I Tell You, Dear  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 25,2016
I Thank Thee  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 02,2016
I think of You  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 17,2015
I Think of You  by David M GunsonMay 10,2013
I Think of You  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 14,2015
I Understand...   by Aaliyah JamesFebruary 28,2013
I Wait And Wait  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 23,2015
I Want To Be With You Always  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 02,2015
I Want To Kiss You  by Yogendra PandeyJune 13,2016
I Want to Stay  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 28,2017
I Watch Those  by Prosenjit ChatterjiSeptember 19,2019
I Wear  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 26,2017
I Will Come For You  by Alex (alexis)September 28,2014
I Will Never!!  by Rupradha MookerjeeMarch 16,2012
I Will Not Give Up!  by Randy JohnsonApril 29,2012
I Wish Your Death was Just a Dream  by Randy JohnsonOctober 30,2014
I Won't Deny  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 01,2015
I Write  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 21,2022
I Write Poems...So What...?  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMarch 31,2014
I...  by Alex (alexis)August 05,2015
I'd Love To Find  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 24,2014
I'd Love To See You  by Kulbir BhallaJune 29,2015
I'll Always Protect Her From You  by Randy JohnsonAugust 16,2012
I'll Follow You  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 02,2012
I'm Dying To Know  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 10,2015
I'm Glad To Say  by Kulbir BhallaMay 21,2017
I'm Keeping An Eye  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 04,2020
I'm Thinking  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 30,2016
I’ll Shine  by Rupradha MookerjeeDecember 17,2012
Icicle Strangers  by Stephen WatsonNovember 17,2012
Ideal Life  by Seshu ChamartyMay 01,2013
Identity  by Sushil KansalJuly 21,2010
Idiolects  by Rajender KrishanDecember 20,2020
If  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 10,2013
If  by Wanjiku NjugunaMarch 28,2012
If  by Neera LollbeeharryFebruary 24,2013
If I Could  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 03,2020
If I Had a Re.1 Change  by Aditi MisraSeptember 25,2012
If It's In Our Stars  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 30,2013
If My Wishes...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 24,2012
If Only  by Swatantra SharmaNovember 22,2013
If Only I Could  by Rupradha MookerjeeDecember 27,2014
If Only I Knew...  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriJuly 17,2013
If People...  by Prof. Madhav SarkundeMay 24,2014
If Tears Were Words  by Nooria RahmanzaiNovember 08,2013
If This Is How It's Going To Be  by Perrin AbbasFebruary 20,2011
If You  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 03,2016
If You Could See  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 03,2014
If You Could See  by Kulbir BhallaJune 07,2020
If You Could See  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 14,2015
If You Leave  by Suchithra BalanFebruary 01,2011
If You Love Someone  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 21,2012
If You Think  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaSeptember 15,2012
If...  by Jan Oscar HansenFebruary 22,2012
Ignorant Love  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 05,2014
Illegitimate  by Ravi PipalJuly 21,2010
Illicit Kiss  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 16,2013
Illness  by Rupradha MookerjeeApril 07,2012
Illumination  by Rajender KrishanMay 27,2013
Illusion  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 03,2012
Illusion  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMay 07,2013
Illusion  by Kulbir BhallaJune 24,2015
Illusions  by Swatantra SharmaSeptember 17,2014
Image of God!  by T. A. RameshJuly 03,2013
Images  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 21,2012
Imagination  by Alex (alexis)August 07,2014
Imagination  by Parag AgarwalOctober 25,2013
Imagination  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 04,2013
Imbalance  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiSeptember 05,2013
Immeasurable  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 14,2017
Immersion  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyOctober 14,2013
Immersion  by Rajender KrishanOctober 03,2012
Immersion  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyOctober 06,2014
Immersion!  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMarch 30,2016
Immortal  by Nikhil GawaiJuly 21,2010
Immortal Love  by Dr. Jaipal SinghOctober 21,2012
Immunity  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarSeptember 28,2012
Immutable  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 05,2013
Impaired  by Dr. Jaipal SinghNovember 10,2012
Impatient Buyers   by Seshu ChamartyMay 27,2014
Impermanence  by Dr. Jaipal SinghOctober 27,2012
Impermanence  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJanuary 05,2012
Impetus  by Rajender KrishanNovember 29,2020
Importance  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 16,2013
Impoverished  by Satish VermaOctober 18,2012
Imprints of Our Freedom - Boloji  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiSeptember 02,2012
Impulsion  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
In  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 09,2017
In a Nutshell...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 06,2012
In Aarhus via Sweet Skype  by Dr. Sunil SharmaJanuary 10,2013
In Her Memory  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 25,2013
In High Dudgeon  by Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.May 29,2015
In Love  by Charu UppalMay 30,2013
In Love with God  by Seshu ChamartyJune 16,2013
In Love With Myself  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyApril 02,2021
In Memoriam  by Subhajit GhoshSeptember 22,2016
In Memoriam  by Elizabeth DandyMay 02,2012
In Memory of Edith Piaf  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 09,2012
In Memory of Father...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 26,2014
In My Dream  by Sandra MartyresJuly 21,2010
In My Ever Lonely Life  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 18,2012
In Praise of Muse  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJune 29,2018
In Retrospect  by Maaya DevOctober 09,2015
In Reverence  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 04,2013
In Search Of  by Mousumi PaulAugust 29,2013
In Search of God  by Nathmal SharmaJune 14,2014
In Search Of One World  by Prosenjit ChatterjiOctober 15,2018
In Search of Radha  by Bijay Kant DubeyMay 13,2016
In Search of the Eternal Killer  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarOctober 09,2020
In Sheer Delight  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 18,2013
In Silence  by Venkatesh EmaniMarch 28,2021
In Small Measures  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 15,2011
In Sync  by Dr. Padmapriya SJanuary 31,2022
In the Ambulance of God  by Bijay Kant DubeyMay 13,2016
In The Intermittent Love  by Satish VermaFebruary 16,2012
In The Night  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 06,2015
In the Shadows  by Stephen WatsonJanuary 24,2013
In The Still of The Night  by Kulbir BhallaJune 03,2014
In the Stillness of The Night  by Sushil SoniJuly 21,2010
In the Winter (A Song)  by David M GunsonMay 25,2016
In This Lazy Noon  by Kumud BiswasOctober 13,2015
In Time   by Wanjiku NjugunaApril 13,2012
Incarnation  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Incomplete  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 09,2015
Incomplete Love Story  by Jayati ChowdhuryJuly 21,2010
Incredible India!  by Seshu ChamartyJune 06,2015
Indian Polity  by P. Mohan ChandranOctober 08,2012
Indian Summer  by R Purushothama RaoMay 16,2014
Indian Violation  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 07,2013
Indifference  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 19,2014
Indifferent Nexus  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriOctober 10,2012
Indulgence  by Arup GangulyOctober 19,2012
Inevitable  by Sony DaliaJanuary 22,2012
Infatuation  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduAugust 06,2011
Inferno  by Satish VermaSeptember 30,2011
Infinite Is Her Giving  by Kulbir BhallaApril 29,2017
Infinite Is My Supply  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 20,2021
Infinity Is Within Me  by Kulbir BhallaMay 05,2016
Inhabit  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 13,2017
Inhale  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 26,2018
Inheritance  by Kingshuk ChakrabortySeptember 09,2013
Inner Voyage  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarApril 29,2017
Innocence  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 17,2019
Innocence  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 29,2019
Innocence  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 28,2013
Insatiable is Desire  by Kulbir BhallaApril 14,2016
Inseparables!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 10,2013
Insight  by Swatantra SharmaOctober 10,2015
Insomnia  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 03,2015
Inspiration  by Satish VermaNovember 07,2013
Inspiration  by Swatantra SharmaJanuary 08,2014
Inspiration...Thanksgiving...   by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 28,2013
Intact  by Swatantra SharmaSeptember 19,2014
Intelligent Grief  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 27,2012
Intently  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 28,2015
Interaction  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 01,2015
Interesting  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 04,2013
Interesting  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 25,2017
Internet Blues...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyDecember 06,2012
Intriguing Silence - A Haiku  by Dipankar DasguptaDecember 19,2011
Introspection  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 02,2013
Introspection  by Pili PubulJuly 21,2013
Introspection  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 29,2015
Invisible  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickOctober 06,2016
Inwards  by Swatantra SharmaAugust 21,2022
IPL and Betting  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJune 03,2013
Ironing Hand  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMarch 03,2017
Is He Watching Us All?  by Swatantra SharmaDecember 31,2013
Is It Called Progress?  by T. A. RameshApril 15,2012
Isful ah-ness!  by Satish VermaSeptember 23,2011
Islamic Legacy  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 19,2011
Islands  by Pankajam KJanuary 31,2015
It Comes Naturally  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 08,2022
It Goes Beyond Words!  by M. V. J. SimonSeptember 22,2012
It Happened  by Satish VermaAugust 15,2011
It Has Been Raining  by Dr. Amitabh MitraJuly 21,2010
It Hurts No More  by John Glenn DoromalJuly 21,2010
It Is Only Your Love!  by Rupradha MookerjeeJune 25,2014
It Rained Tonight  by David M GunsonOctober 04,2013
It was like Listening to Music  by Randy JohnsonJuly 21,2010
It Was Somebody’s Tears  by Dr. Shamenaz SheikhMay 28,2015
It Will Work  by Hafeez ur RehmanDecember 20,2014
It's A Dream Unfolding  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 14,2021
It's A Free Show  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 23,2013
It's Amazing  by Kumud BiswasOctober 30,2012
It's Becoming Clearer  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 01,2020
It's My Love  by Dr. Jaipal SinghDecember 08,2014
It's Winter  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyOctober 27,2012
It's Worth It  by Alka PandeyOctober 09,2013
It’s Your Birthday, My Love  by Rupradha MookerjeeJanuary 01,2017
Itchy  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 30,2018
Ivy  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 02,2013
Jasmine  by Kulbir BhallaJune 02,2016
Je t'aime  by Allen StebleJuly 22,2010
Jealousy  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMarch 19,2013
Jesus On The Cross  by Madathil Rajendran NairDecember 26,2013
Jihad  by Subhajit GhoshJuly 10,2012
Job vs. Work  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJuly 03,2015
Journey  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 04,2017
Journey  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 09,2014
Journey  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 07,2014
Journeys  by Mukesh WilliamsDecember 21,2010
Joy  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 08,2017
Joy  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 22,2013
Joy and Pain  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 23,2016
Joy and Sorrow  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 10,2016
Joy of Giving  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 14,2011
Joy Ride  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 02,2014
Joy Ride...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 28,2013
Judge Not  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 01,2014
Juncture  by Satish VermaApril 28,2013
Junior  by Subhajit GhoshMay 05,2012
Just A Little Bit  by Swatantra SharmaJanuary 04,2014
Just By Smiling  by Kulbir BhallaJune 08,2021
Just Like Me  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 17,2016
Just Married...  by Seshu ChamartyMay 07,2016
Just One Question  by Rupradha MookerjeeAugust 21,2012
Juxtaposed  by Satish VermaAugust 12,2011
Karma  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 22,2015
Karmic  by Rajender KrishanDecember 17,2020
Karmic Chakra  by Prof. Dr. Ram Krishna SinghJanuary 08,2016
Karmic Laws  by Dr. Jaipal SinghFebruary 18,2021
Karmic Strings  by Swatantra SharmaNovember 22,2013
Karva Chauth  by Pintu KumarOctober 31,2015
Keep  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 16,2013
Keep An Eye  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 15,2013
Keep Smiling  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMarch 02,2013
Keep Your Love Pure  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 26,2015
Kill the Devil   by Rajender KrishanJanuary 06,2013
Killers in Our Midst  by Naraine (Norman) DattOctober 08,2020
Killing  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 18,2015
Killing Time  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 19,2020
Kiln  by Hafeez ur RehmanSeptember 25,2013
King Elephant  by Madathil Rajendran NairJanuary 23,2013
Kiss  by Dr. Sunil SharmaJuly 21,2013
Kiss  by Dr. Sunil SharmaMarch 04,2014
Kiss  by Dr. Jaipal SinghApril 11,2022
Kiss  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJune 11,2016
Kitchen of Abundance  by Madathil Rajendran NairOctober 31,2013
Kite  by Ramesh AnandOctober 17,2012
Kitty Party  by R Purushothama RaoSeptember 30,2014
Knock Off  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 01,2013
Know  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 11,2015
Know  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 01,2013
Know The Knack  by Kulbir BhallaMay 18,2020
Known to Unknown  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarNovember 27,2014
Kochi  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 20,2015
Kochi's Bear  by Stephen WatsonJanuary 16,2013
Krishna   by Dr. K.C. PrasharOctober 14,2017
Krishna and Radha : A Dialogue   by Kumud BiswasSeptember 03,2020
Labour Day  by Seshu ChamartyMay 01,2015
Labour Ethics  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 19,2013
Lady Casanova  by Dr. Ram MehtaMay 11,2011
Lake of Lost Souls  by Stephen WatsonJune 16,2013
Lame Duck  by Satish VermaNovember 09,2012
Lament  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 13,2011
Land of Milk and Honey  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 10,2012
Language  by Neelam DadhwalOctober 24,2014
Lassitude  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 08,2014
Last  by Aparna ChatterjeeDecember 08,2016
Last Day  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 28,2014
Last Night  by Michael SchafferJuly 16,2014
Last Night...  by Bharat B. TrivediSeptember 09,2012
Last Remains  by Debalina RoychowdhuryJanuary 02,2015
Last Rites  by Ramesh AnandSeptember 01,2013
Lasting Cure  by Seshu ChamartyJune 18,2015
Lata Mangeshkar Passes Away!  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 06,2022
Late  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 06,2020
Late Night  by Neelam DadhwalSeptember 17,2014
Late Spring  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickApril 19,2020
Laughing Skull  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarOctober 18,2022
Laughter  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 31,2014
Learn from a Rose  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 19,2011
Learn From Us  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 03,2015
Learning  by Rajender KrishanOctober 30,2020
Learning  by Kulbir BhallaJune 08,2016
Learning from Life  by Dr. Jaipal SinghOctober 20,2014
Learning from Plants and Trees  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduMarch 22,2012
Learning to Dance  by Shernaz WadiaMarch 17,2017
Leave Treasures Behind  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 13,2021
Leaves  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 17,2015
Leaves Turning Red  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 26,2012
Legacy  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiSeptember 05,2013
Lesson  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 29,2014
Let  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 26,2019
Let Go...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 08,2013
Let Me  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 12,2020
Let Me  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 27,2017
Let Me Burn  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJanuary 23,2015
Let Me Go  by Jayati ChowdhuryJune 26,2021
Let Me In...  by Glory Sasikala FranklinSeptember 03,2012
Let Me Walk Alone  by Parthap Ratim BanerjeeOctober 21,2013
Let The Journey Begin  by Nikhil GawaiSeptember 21,2012
Let The Truth Be Known  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 29,2022
Let Us Heal  by Shernaz WadiaJune 01,2017
Let us Rule the World through Hearts  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJuly 21,2010
Let's All Convert  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyNovember 17,2012
Let's Unite  by Kausik BhaduriAugust 31,2012
Let’s Have An Affair  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 04,2014
Letter  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 15,2016
Letter  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 15,2015
Letter to Myself  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriOctober 19,2012
Letters  by Sandra MartyresJuly 22,2010
Letting Go  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 10,2012
Lexis  by Rajender KrishanDecember 19,2020
Liberate  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyNovember 22,2013
Library  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 04,2015
Libya in a Tanka Fold  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 24,2011
License and Lost Freedom  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduMay 26,2013
Lies  by Jayati ChowdhuryJanuary 25,2022
Life  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 14,2014
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Life  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 15,2020
Life  by Sony DaliaMarch 23,2013
Life  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 27,2019
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Life  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriFebruary 15,2013
Life  by Bhagwat K. ShahFebruary 21,2015
Life  by Swatantra SharmaApril 22,2015
Life  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 23,2016
Life  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 25,2012
Life  by Rachna September 07,2013
Life and Death  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 23,2015
Life and Death  by Kulbir BhallaApril 14,2016
Life and Time  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 07,2020
Life at Stake!!!  by Ananya Roy PratiharJuly 08,2014
Life gives More and More  by Prof. Dr. C. P. SharmaMay 14,2013
Life Goes On  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 11,2020
Life Goes On...  by Mohini GuravMarch 31,2017
Life Has Laws  by Kulbir BhallaApril 20,2016
Life Imprisonment  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 18,2012
Life Is A Favor  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 23,2022
Life Is A Riddle  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 31,2012
Life Is A School  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 16,2019
Life is Beautiful  by Prof. Dr. Ram Krishna SinghAugust 04,2020
Life is Giving  by Kulbir BhallaMay 18,2012
Life is Showing  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 14,2012
Life Moves On  by Mita SharmaNovember 18,2010
Life on a String  by Neera LollbeeharryDecember 14,2015
Life Tales  by Sandra MartyresSeptember 24,2012
Life Will Annoy  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 17,2020
Life, Fast Forward  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 30,2012
Life's A Prison  by P. Mohan ChandranAugust 19,2012
Life's Canvas  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 03,2014
Life's Storms  by Pili PubulJuly 22,2013
Lifeline  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 12,2019
Lifeline  by Dr. Jaipal SinghApril 29,2012
Light  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 19,2016
Light and Dark  by Rajender KrishanDecember 23,2012
Light Rain  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 24,2015
Lightning  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 15,2015
Lightning and Thunder  by Kulbir BhallaJune 21,2014
Like  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 14,2017
Like a Joey  by Shernaz WadiaJune 02,2017
Like A Movie Playing  by Kulbir BhallaApril 26,2016
Like A River  by Kulbir BhallaJune 05,2016
Like Facebook like  by Seshu ChamartyFebruary 24,2013
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No, We Are Not Going To Build A Home By The Lakeside  by Dr. Abu SiddikDecember 09,2020
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Non Je Ne Regrette (Edith Piaf)  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 18,2010
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Past is never Past  by Debalina RoychowdhurySeptember 08,2012
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People Call Him A Coward  by Randy JohnsonMay 28,2021
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People Seldom Realize  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 02,2021
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Platonic Love, A Sham  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduApril 07,2012
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Please Take Me To Her Land  by Kumud BiswasApril 08,2012
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Political Ducks  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 30,2013
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Poly-tical Leaders!!  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriMay 21,2012
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Pool of Love  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 27,2020
Porky  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 29,2012
Portrait of Heavenly Angel!  by T. A. RameshJuly 12,2011
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Possess  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 05,2020
Potatoes  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 21,2022
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Power  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 18,2012
Power Failure  by Seshu ChamartyApril 21,2013
Power Outage  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 28,2019
Practice  by Swatantra SharmaJanuary 17,2014
Praiseworthy  by Sulagna MookerjeeJuly 21,2010
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Prayag Ganga at Dawn  by Mukesh WilliamsFebruary 09,2011
Predator  by Rajender KrishanSeptember 18,2012
Premonition  by Prof. Dr. Anil K. PrasadFebruary 09,2013
Pressure Cooker  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 12,2018
Pretending to be Strangers  by Mohini GuravMarch 19,2015
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Pretty Butterfly  by Kulbir BhallaMay 18,2017
Price for Everything  by Misna ChanuOctober 22,2020
Pride  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 15,2015
Princess  by Rupradha MookerjeeApril 17,2012
Prison  by Rupradha MookerjeeApril 29,2012
Prisoner  by Sandra MartyresFebruary 28,2012
Pristine  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 22,2014
Private Sector Hanging  by Hafeez ur RehmanOctober 22,2013
Prize Fighter  by Hafeez ur RehmanJuly 17,2013
Problems  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 18,2021
Professionals And Pets  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiFebruary 12,2013
Profile in Courage – Lee Duck-Hee   by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJuly 02,2013
Profile Landscaped  by Seshu ChamartyFebruary 04,2013
Profit and Make Merry  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJuly 04,2012
Progress  by Mukesh WilliamsJanuary 02,2011
Progressive Thinking  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJuly 30,2013
Promiscuous  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 25,2013
Proposal  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriNovember 03,2010
Propose Day  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 09,2016
Protect  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 03,2016
Proverb  by Jan Oscar HansenJune 28,2014
Psyche  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 09,2020
Public Issues  by Seshu ChamartyJune 24,2013
Public Toilets  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 06,2017
Pumpkin Logic  by Seshu ChamartyDecember 14,2012
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Put the Clock Back  by Mandira GhoshJune 14,2012
Quantity of Loss   by Beachlover July 21,2010
Queer Theory  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMay 27,2016
Quest  by Bharat MehruMarch 18,2012
Quest of Life  by Amita AminMay 26,2014
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Questions  by David M GunsonFebruary 03,2013
Quickly  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 30,2013
Quiet  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 20,2013
Quit Tobacco Before It's Too Late   by Dr. Pankaj ChaturvediJuly 21,2010
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Quizzical Quartet  by Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.February 07,2015
Quo Vadis?  by Sony DaliaDecember 30,2012
Quod Scripsi, Scripsi  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
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Racing  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 24,2014
Radha Krishna  by Dr. Ram MehtaJuly 21,2010
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Raining Cats and Dogs  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 07,2020
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Rajender Krishan  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 24,2021
Rajnigandha Dreams  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJuly 04,2022
Rajnigandha Feelings  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 27,2014
Rajnigandha Heals  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 05,2015
Rajnigandha Relived  by Dr. Jaipal SinghNovember 12,2013
Rajnigandha Touch  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 11,2017
Raksha Bandhan  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 09,2014
Ramblings of a Schizophrenic  by A. J. RaoJuly 21,2010
Random Thoughts  by Arup GangulyFebruary 20,2022
Rape of Innocence  by Bharat B. TrivediDecember 31,2012
Rape,The Swedish Way  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 17,2010
Rapture  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 07,2013
Rati Leela  by Maalok July 21,2010
Ray  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 13,2017
Reading Poetry  by Ananya S GuhaAugust 08,2012
Real World  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMay 07,2018
Reality  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthySeptember 04,2014
Reality  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 07,2015
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Reality Says: Past was Better   by Prerna SinghMay 05,2012
Reality Shows  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyAugust 01,2013
Realization  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 15,2013
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Realization of Gandhism  by Prof. Dr. Nar Deo SharmaDecember 19,2020
Really  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 30,2015
Really  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 30,2015
Reason  by Rupradha MookerjeeAugust 05,2017
Rebuild Our Beautiful Nature  by Krishti KJune 07,2020
Recall  by Shernaz WadiaSeptember 02,2012
Recap  by Satish VermaNovember 09,2012
Reciprocation  by Devi NangraniOctober 03,2012
Recollect Our Heritage  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiDecember 30,2012
Recollection  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 09,2013
Reconcile  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 27,2014
Recycled Thinking  by David M GunsonJanuary 14,2013
Red and Green  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 29,2020
Red Chillies  by Seshu ChamartyMarch 27,2015
Red Sea  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 06,2019
Reel Life  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 22,2013
Refill  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 22,2013
Reflections Don't Lie  by Maria Reed-ShoreNovember 01,2013
Reforestation  by R Purushothama RaoAugust 04,2017
Regarding Miracles  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Rehab  by Aaliyah JamesNovember 09,2012
Rejection  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 29,2014
Rejoice  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 28,2017
Related  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 02,2018
Relationship  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 11,2019
Relationships  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduMarch 01,2012
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Religious Debate  by R. D. AshbyMarch 06,2020
Remember  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 08,2022
Remember My Love, Now or Never  by Jayati ChowdhuryJuly 21,2010
Remembering to Forget  by Balram CheruparambilMay 13,2013
Remembrance  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Remind Your Mind  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 23,2015
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Reminiscence In Slow Motion  by Sushil TrivediJuly 21,2010
Remnants  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 08,2017
Rendezvous  by N. S. MurtyJuly 21,2010
Renunciation  by Rajender KrishanNovember 29,2020
Rescue Mission  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 19,2014
Research Vs Plagiarism  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMarch 23,2017
Reservation  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarAugust 31,2013
Resiliency  by Kulbir BhallaMay 08,2021
Resilient  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 25,2014
Resolution  by Dr. Sunil SharmaNovember 13,2012
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Resonate  by Aparna ChatterjeeDecember 14,2014
Resonating  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 24,2016
Respect  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 23,2013
Respect  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 26,2013
Respect  by Aparna ChatterjeeDecember 23,2012
Respect Life  by Minal JadhavJuly 21,2010
Respect Me  by Swapnil KawaleJanuary 14,2013
Rest in Peace, Mom  by Randy JohnsonMarch 07,2013
Restless I am for You  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJune 22,2014
Rethink  by Swatantra SharmaDecember 15,2013
Retouching  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 01,2015
Retrospection  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 27,2013
Return of The Poet  by Satish VermaSeptember 02,2012
Returning  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 19,2013
Reverse Evolution!  by T. A. RameshDecember 19,2012
Review  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 13,2016
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Revolutionary Was He...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 13,2012
Rewinding Silent Tunes  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 21,2010
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Rhythms Do Wonder  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJuly 05,2013
Rickshaw Ride  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickApril 16,2015
Riddled Existence  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJune 30,2013
Rinkle's Letter to Mother Ganga...  by Sudheer Maurya 'sudheer'September 21,2012
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River of Consciousness  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaMarch 18,2013
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Road Accidents  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 31,2012
Road I Took...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 16,2012
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Role in Life  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
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Romance  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Rootless  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaAugust 31,2012
Rose  by Jayati ChowdhuryJune 16,2021
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Rose in the Winter  by Reena SharmaJuly 21,2010
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Roses and Thorns  by Dr. Sirisha DabiruJuly 21,2010
Royalty Endures  by Elizabeth DandyMay 10,2012
Rule The Hearts  by Devi NangraniOctober 12,2012
Run  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyDecember 07,2012
Rustic  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJanuary 08,2014
Sacrifice  by Joti johalJuly 21,2010
Sacrificial Goats  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 11,2013
Sad Demise  by R Purushothama RaoFebruary 13,2014
Saddam's Legacy  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 03,2010
Sadness  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 12,2012
Sailing  by R Purushothama RaoAugust 11,2015
Sailing  by Neelam DadhwalAugust 18,2014
Sailing in Sea  by Dr. Raj VatsyaApril 22,2015
Same Side of the Coin...?  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMarch 10,2016
Same Story  by Alka PandeyOctober 13,2013
Sanctified Union  by Ishika SethJuly 21,2010
Sanctity  by Rajender KrishanNovember 01,2020
Sandy Moves from New York to New Jersey*   by Dr. Ratan BhattacharjeeNovember 05,2012
Sandy, the Super Storm  by R. D. AshbyJune 07,2020
Sangeeta Melekar  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 26,2022
Saree...Sorry!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyDecember 13,2014
Satyanarayana -The paper Boy  by Mangari Rajender (Zimbo)July 21,2010
Saudade*   by Shernaz WadiaApril 21,2017
Savage Fire  by Satish VermaApril 08,2012
Save Water  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaAugust 31,2012
Saw  by Aparna ChatterjeeAugust 23,2013
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Say  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 06,2020
Say Sorry  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJuly 02,2013
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Saying a Wish  by Seshu ChamartyJune 10,2016
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Sc-oops...!  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJanuary 31,2014
Scaling Olympus  by Kewal PaigankarOctober 29,2013
Scared  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 10,2013
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Screenplay  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 13,2015
Screensaver  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
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Sea  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 12,2015
Sea Breeze  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 24,2016
Search  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiFebruary 23,2012
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Search for Truth  by Pili PubulJuly 21,2013
Searching You  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyNovember 01,2014
Seaside  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickApril 19,2020
Seaside  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 23,2015
Season of Colours  by N S RamachandranMarch 14,2017
Seasonal Romance  by Ramesh AnandJanuary 23,2012
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Second Best  by Joti johalJuly 21,2010
Secret Lover   by Prof. Bolloju BabaApril 04,2017
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Secrets, Murmured When Alone  by Rani TurtonDecember 05,2010
Secular Pope  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 09,2010
Sedona - Land of Gods  by Madathil Rajendran NairMarch 26,2014
Seduction  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 04,2012
Seduction  by Alex (alexis)July 15,2014
See The Source  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 10,2013
See The Sublime  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 11,2019
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Seeds of Thoughts  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJune 05,2016
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Seeker  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 10,2021
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Self-Belief  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyFebruary 28,2013
Self-Made  by M. V. J. SimonDecember 27,2012
Selfie  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 20,2015
Selfie  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 04,2016
Sell and Be Damned  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduAugust 08,2012
Semantic Fiasco   by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJuly 24,2016
Senryu  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 06,2012
Senryu  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyMarch 06,2012
Senryu  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyMarch 06,2012
Senryu  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiMarch 06,2012
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Senryu  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJuly 20,2012
Senryu  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyMay 02,2012
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Senryu - CCC  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyAugust 01,2013
Sensation  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
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Sentiments of Intensities  by Mukesh WilliamsDecember 21,2010
Separate  by Aparna ChatterjeeDecember 24,2016
Separate State  by Seshu ChamartyJuly 28,2013
Sequoia Trees  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 14,2019
Serene Revenge  by Satish VermaJanuary 18,2011
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Serenity  by Rajender KrishanAugust 02,2020
Serious Study   by N S RamachandranSeptember 24,2015
Serotonin  by Dr. Sunil SharmaDecember 06,2013
Serpent and Moonlight  by Dr. Raj VatsyaApril 22,2015
Services Rendered  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 11,2013
Servitude  by Kumud BiswasNovember 05,2012
Seven Colors Glowing  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 27,2015
Seven Mantras  by Dr. Jaipal SinghDecember 14,2017
Sew My Heart with A Golden Needle  by Rani TurtonApril 12,2011
Sex in a Cave  by Aaliyah JamesSeptember 10,2015
Sex Therapy  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 23,2015
Sex Toy  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 19,2016
Sexual Crimes  by R. D. AshbyJuly 28,2020
Sexual Harassment at Workplace  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 22,2013
Shackles  by Prof. Madhav SarkundeNovember 29,2014
Shackles  by Rupashri ChatterjeeJune 02,2015
Shadow  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 28,2012
Shadow Plague  by Stephen WatsonJuly 21,2013
Shanti  by Maria Reed-ShoreFebruary 09,2011
Shanties (Pleiades Poem)  by Sandra MartyresFebruary 27,2012
Shape to the Girl  by Seshu ChamartyMay 10,2013
Share  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 31,2014
Share  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 08,2021
Shared Heaven  by Satish VermaSeptember 22,2012
Sharing  by R Purushothama RaoJanuary 25,2016
Shattered Dream  by Rupradha MookerjeeMarch 30,2012
Shattered Dreams  by Ramesh AnandJuly 27,2013
She  by Kulbir BhallaJune 07,2021
She  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMarch 08,2015
She is Carnal…She is Flesh  by Shilpa TiwariJuly 21,2010
She Told Me...  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 28,2016
She Waited  by Rupradha MookerjeeDecember 12,2014
She's A Beauty!  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 28,2013
Sheer Joy  by Annu ChopraJuly 21,2010
Shimla  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyMay 12,2012
Ship  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 06,2015
Shivling Sadhu  by Mukesh WilliamsDecember 24,2010
Shivoham  by Amita AminJune 21,2014
Shoa  by Jan TheuninckSeptember 27,2012
Shooting Star  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 19,2013
Shores  by Prof. Dr. Mahendra BhatnagarNovember 04,2012
Short  by Aparna ChatterjeeDecember 01,2019
Short Circuit  by Kulbir BhallaJune 24,2014
Short Verse  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 24,2013
Short Verses  by Jan Oscar HansenFebruary 03,2011
Should I?   by Shernaz WadiaSeptember 09,2012
Shouting Match!  by Seshu ChamartyJune 05,2016
Show Your Beauty  by Kulbir BhallaJune 07,2015
Shower  by Arielle KornJuly 21,2010
Showers  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 10,2014
Shrapnel  by Dr. Jaipal SinghSeptember 25,2015
Shrug Off  by Swatantra SharmaJune 28,2022
Shy Away  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 23,2013
Shy Protagonists  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 04,2013
Shyness  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 13,2017
Sibling  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 06,2014
Sidelined  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 01,2014
Siesta  by Seshu ChamartyAugust 29,2013
Sightless Vision  by Sudeepa NairJuly 21,2010
Significant or Not?  by Pradeep DhavakumarSeptember 14,2012
Signs of Spring  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 14,2020
Silence  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 12,2015
Silence  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 24,2021
Silence  by Sandra MartyresJuly 21,2010
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Silence - A Haiku  by Dipankar DasguptaOctober 26,2011
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Silence, Court is in Session!  by Sony DaliaSeptember 25,2021
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Silences  by Prof. R. K. BhushanSeptember 18,2015
Silent  by R Purushothama RaoFebruary 07,2018
Silent Talk  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaSeptember 16,2012
Silent Invader  by Pili PubulMarch 05,2014
Silent Love!  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamNovember 14,2012
Silent Night  by Neelam DadhwalSeptember 06,2014
Silent Night  by Sanober KhanOctober 09,2014
Silhouette  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 01,2013
Silhouette  by Kewal PaigankarJanuary 05,2021
Silk Routes  by Madathil Rajendran NairMay 30,2014
Silky Folds  by Kewal PaigankarApril 21,2013
Simple Living  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 05,2015
Simple Quiz  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 09,2013
Since When Was Mother Nature So Kind?  by Rupashri ChatterjeeJune 02,2015
Sing Me A Song  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 24,2013
Singapore Shuffler  by Stephen WatsonDecember 14,2012
Sinners  by Michael LevyJuly 21,2010
Sister  by Subhajit GhoshApril 09,2012
Sister  by Rupashri ChatterjeeApril 10,2016
Sister Spring  by Stephen WatsonMarch 25,2013
Sitting By The Window  by Rajan MalhotraJuly 21,2010
Sizzling Rain  by Mohan DasJune 16,2013
Sizzling Samosa  by Seshu ChamartyJune 15,2015
Skeletons In The Closet  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 25,2020
Sketch  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 23,2020
Skin Games  by Mukesh WilliamsFebruary 17,2011
Sky Art  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJuly 17,2013
Slam  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 08,2015
Slanting The Picture  by Satish VermaMarch 06,2014
Slashed Wound  by Satish VermaJune 14,2012
Sleep  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 26,2020
Sleep Well  by Hafeez ur RehmanOctober 21,2014
Sleepless  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 30,2019
Sleepless Night  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarFebruary 19,2017
Sleet  by R Purushothama RaoJanuary 06,2014
Slept  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 22,2019
Slimming  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 30,2011
Slimming  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 09,2016
Slip of Tongue  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarMarch 12,2017
Slum Dog Millionaire  by Prafulla SahuAugust 01,2011
Sly  by Rajender KrishanAugust 21,2020
Small Prints  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 10,2019
Smell  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 21,2013
Smile  by Kulbir BhallaJune 17,2013
Smile  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 28,2012
Smile  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 19,2016
Smile  by Dr. Jaipal SinghOctober 07,2014
Smile :-)  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 05,2013
Smile Day  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 01,2013
Smile If You Can  by Dr. Giti TyagiJune 03,2020
Smile Is Not An Incitement  by Pankajam KAugust 31,2016
Smile Makes All the Difference  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickSeptember 14,2012
Smiley  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 16,2016
Smiley Day  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 29,2013
Smitten  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 09,2018
Smoke Free - Part V  by Randy JohnsonMay 03,2020
Smoking and Falling Asleep  by Randy JohnsonMarch 28,2022
Smoking in Bed  by Randy JohnsonSeptember 20,2010
Snatch  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 28,2016
Snow  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 29,2016
Snow  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 15,2016
Snow  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 11,2019
Snow and Ice  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 19,2013
Snow Whispers  by Mukesh WilliamsFebruary 15,2011
Snowfall  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 22,2015
Snowflakes  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 05,2013
So Different  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyFebruary 04,2013
So Many  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 03,2015
So Much  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 27,2013
So Special  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 09,2020
So Sweet...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 08,2012
So What Do I Do?  by Kulbir BhallaJune 16,2014
Soaring Spirits  by N S RamachandranNovember 24,2015
Socially-Distanced Love  by S. A. HamidMay 08,2020
Society  by Aparna ChatterjeeSeptember 10,2012
Soft Feelings  by Dr. Jaipal SinghOctober 26,2015
Soft Toys  by Aparna ChatterjeeDecember 30,2012
Soft Toys  by Seshu ChamartyJanuary 10,2013
Soft Toys - II  by Seshu ChamartyJanuary 12,2013
Solace  by Dr. Jaipal SinghFebruary 28,2013
Solace  by Swatantra SharmaAugust 29,2016
Solitary  by Dr. Sunil SharmaAugust 07,2012
Solitary Existence  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 12,2020
Solitude  by Rajender KrishanSeptember 04,2012
Solitude, Sorrow, Separation  by Devi NangraniNovember 08,2013
Some  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 05,2014
Some Days...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 27,2014
Some Moments  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 18,2015
Some People  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 04,2016
Some Relationships  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJuly 23,2014
Some Roses  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 16,2014
Some Souls  by Swatantra SharmaAugust 12,2014
Some Verses  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 23,2012
Some Warren Buffet Mantras....  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 04,2012
Some Years Back  by Kulbir BhallaMay 15,2015
Someday  by Joshua SheaJuly 22,2010
Something  by Anusha BadhwarJune 08,2014
Something  by Michael BurchJanuary 21,2013
Something  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 06,2014
Something  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 06,2014
Something Amiss  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 14,2016
Something Wild  by Satish VermaNovember 08,2012
Sometimes  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 04,2017
Sometimes  by Perrin AbbasFebruary 20,2011
Sometimes  by Kulbir BhallaMay 21,2013
Sometimes I Feel  by Dr. Shamenaz SheikhJune 29,2015
Sometimes it is Better to Hate  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJuly 23,2012
Sometimes Mine!  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyAugust 30,2013
Somewhere in a Dream  by Sandra MartyresFebruary 20,2011
Somewhere in Time  by Maria Reed-ShoreApril 15,2013
Somewhere Someday  by Aaliyah JamesMarch 23,2013
Son always a Star  by Seshu ChamartyJanuary 20,2014
Sonargaon  by Hafeez ur RehmanNovember 06,2013
Sonata  by Ramendra KumarJuly 14,2013
Song  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickApril 20,2020
Song  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 27,2014
Song  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 10,2015
Song  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 19,2014
Sordid Spring  by N S RamachandranJanuary 13,2016
Sorrow   by Dr. Ratan BhattacharjeeAugust 28,2012
SOS   by Subhajit GhoshApril 24,2012
Soul's Code  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJune 13,2018
Soulmate  by Dr. Jaipal SinghDecember 24,2012
Soulmate  by Randy JohnsonMay 06,2012
Sound  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMarch 10,2015
Sound of Music  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickDecember 08,2012
Sound of Music  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 20,2011
Sound of Silence  by Rupradha MookerjeeDecember 01,2013
South Of The Border  by Kulbir BhallaMay 21,2013
Spam  by Stephen WatsonDecember 16,2012
Spare A Thought...  by N S RamachandranAugust 08,2015
Sparkling Smile  by Seshu ChamartyJune 29,2013
Special Touch  by Seshu ChamartyApril 01,2015
Special You  by Dr. Sunil SharmaNovember 21,2013
Speech  by Rajender KrishanFebruary 12,2019
Speechless  by Kulbir BhallaMay 08,2015
Speechless Words!  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthySeptember 01,2013
Spell of Sunshine  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Spider  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 30,2018
Spider Poet and the Social Termite  by Indrajit BandyopadhyayMay 15,2012
Spider's Web  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickAugust 07,2014
Spirit Child  by Stephen WatsonMay 02,2013
Spirits  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 02,2014
Spiritual Bond  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJuly 22,2013
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Spoilsport  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 07,2014
Spreading  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 03,2016
Spring  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyNovember 21,2013
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Spring  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 06,2014
Spring  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickFebruary 11,2016
Spring and Sharks  by Jan Oscar HansenMarch 26,2013
Spring Day  by Ramesh AnandNovember 17,2012
Spring Dream  by Ramesh AnandSeptember 06,2013
Spring Equinox  by Randy JohnsonMarch 20,2022
Spring Fever  by Ramesh AnandDecember 27,2012
Spring Fragrance  by R Purushothama RaoJune 26,2014
Spring is Sublime  by Kulbir BhallaApril 25,2017
Spring Sunset  by Ramesh AnandNovember 26,2013
Springbok  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 27,2013
Springtime  by Swatantra SharmaFebruary 11,2014
Stage  by Prof. Siva Prasad PeddiMarch 03,2012
Stages of Life  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 29,2015
Stargazing  by Swatantra SharmaNovember 27,2016
Stars  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 09,2014
Statue  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 17,2013
Status Report  by Kulbir BhallaJune 18,2012
Stay Serene  by Kulbir BhallaMarch 25,2014
Steep Path  by Satish VermaMay 19,2013
Stifling  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 11,2021
Stigma  by Dr. Jaipal SinghJune 02,2016
Still Life...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 29,2014
Still Love You  by Mita SharmaJanuary 31,2011
Stone  by Rupradha MookerjeeDecember 04,2014
Stone Bench  by Ramesh AnandMarch 01,2014
Stop Racism  by Rajarshi ChatterjeeJanuary 11,2014
Stop Seeking Love  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 19,2020
Stop!  by Wanjiku NjugunaMarch 22,2012
Stop!  by Aparna ChatterjeeApril 04,2012
Storm  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 05,2018
Storm  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 03,2017
Storm of a Woman  by Amita AminMay 23,2014
Stormy Day  by Neelam DadhwalMay 28,2020
Strange are the ways of the World  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 07,2011
Stranger in a Mirror  by Bharat B. TrivediNovember 24,2010
Stranger in the Mirror  by Devavratan KaundinyaJuly 07,2013
Straws  by Satish VermaJanuary 31,2014
Stream that Flows Unseen  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 16,2011
Street Fight  by Seshu ChamartyFebruary 17,2015
Street Light  by Aparna ChatterjeeMarch 15,2015
Street Vendor  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickApril 25,2020
Strength  by Subhajit GhoshJuly 02,2013
Stressors  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 14,2022
Strewn Leaves  by Neelam DadhwalApril 20,2020
Strike  by Seshu ChamartyAugust 17,2013
Striking Yoga Teacher  by Seshu ChamartyAugust 06,2013
Strong Scents  by Aparna ChatterjeeOctober 26,2013
Struggling  by Aparna ChatterjeeJanuary 10,2014
Struggling Workers  by Rajender KrishanDecember 01,2012
Stubborn Streak  by Kulbir BhallaMay 21,2022
Studio Audience  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Stupid Cupid  by Kulbir BhallaApril 22,2016
Style  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 06,2013
Sublime Flame  by N S RamachandranNovember 16,2015
Sublime Love  by Dr. Jaipal SinghFebruary 19,2014
Success  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 26,2012
Success  by Kulbir BhallaJune 08,2021
Such is Life  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 18,2017
Suddenly  by Pili PubulJanuary 04,2014
Suffering  by Sparrow TigerApril 04,2011
Suffering and Success  by Mukesh WilliamsJanuary 15,2012
Sugar Test  by Seshu ChamartyMarch 02,2015
Sugarcane  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 12,2019
Suicide or Murder  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduMay 10,2012
Summer  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 09,2013
Summer  by R Purushothama RaoJuly 28,2016
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Summer Scourge  by Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.May 28,2015
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Summer Sizzler  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 04,2013
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Summer's First Day (June 21, 2015)  by Kulbir BhallaJune 21,2015
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Sun and Moon  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarApril 18,2020
Sun's Rays  by Aparna ChatterjeeJune 30,2013
Sunanda Pushkar  by Madathil Rajendran NairJanuary 18,2014
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Sunday  by N S RamachandranOctober 29,2015
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Sunflower  by Dr. Neria H. HebbarSeptember 15,2012
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Sunshine  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 17,2013
Sunshine and Breeze  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 20,2014
Superciliousness in Norway   by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 28,2012
Supersedes  by Aparna ChatterjeeNovember 15,2012
Superstitions  by Satish VermaJune 01,2014
Surely This Is The Most Blessed Time Of My Life  by Frank SheehanJuly 31,2017
Surprise  by Pankajam KOctober 11,2012
Surreal  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 27,2016
Surreal Mourning  by Pili PubulJuly 19,2013
Surrender To Sleep  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 06,2020
Survival  by Prof. Dr. Ram Krishna SinghNovember 02,2015
Surviving  by Swatantra SharmaJune 09,2015
Surya's Light  by David M GunsonOctober 30,2013
Suspended Animation or Animated Suspension...?  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMay 17,2013
Swaccha Bharat  by R Purushothama RaoOctober 02,2014
Swami Vivekananda - The Prophet  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 12,2012
Swan Song  by Satish VermaNovember 11,2012
Sway of Providence  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Swaying Butterflies  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 15,2015
Sweet  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 01,2015
Sweet and Spicy  by R Purushothama RaoApril 02,2015
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Sweet Is Your Land  by Kumud BiswasJanuary 26,2016
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Sweetness  by Dr. O.P. AroraJune 11,2022
Swing  by Jayati GuptaFebruary 12,2016
Symbiosis  by Satish VermaJune 19,2012
Symbolic Lines  by Maria Reed-ShoreApril 15,2013
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Table Manners  by Seshu ChamartyDecember 17,2013
Tailor-Made  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickMay 22,2020
Take Her As She Is  by Maria Reed-ShoreApril 15,2013
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Talvar the Movie – A Review  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyOctober 13,2015
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Tanka (wikileaks)  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 15,2010
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Tata Leaves Port Talbot  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
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Tea of Life  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarOctober 28,2014
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Tell Me Why?  by Kulbir BhallaJune 25,2015
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Ten Questions About a Pair of Reading Glasses  by Mukesh WilliamsJuly 21,2010
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Testimony of Love  by Shernaz WadiaJuly 21,2010
Thank God  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 10,2022
Thank You, Jehovah  by Randy JohnsonFebruary 21,2016
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Thanks from Rape Victim  by Seshu ChamartyJanuary 04,2013
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Thanks To Nature  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarJune 07,2021
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That Child  by Suhas KumarJuly 21,2010
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That Long Silence!  by Dr. Rao S VummethalaFebruary 21,2012
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The ‘Mahatma’ of India in the 21st Century  by P. Mohan ChandranApril 21,2013
The 99 Club  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 08,2014
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The Ballad of Jade Goody  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
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The Bleeding Tree  by Prof. Murali SivaramakrishnanFebruary 16,2013
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The Boat with a Hole  by Aaliyah JamesNovember 10,2012
The Boundary  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 10,2020
The Breeze and The Trees  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 13,2014
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The Caste System  by Aparna ChatterjeeFebruary 09,2012
The Cauldron of Life  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduApril 07,2013
The Cementing Factor  by Dr. C.S. ShahJuly 21,2010
The Changing Face of Man  by Rajender KrishanDecember 23,2012
The Child  by Ramesh AnandApril 27,2013
The Child I Was   by Ratish PandyaJuly 21,2010
The Chimp in Us  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 29,2012
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The Dark and The Light  by Jerry SarvasJuly 21,2010
The Day  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
The Difference  by Satish VermaSeptember 23,2011
The Disease of Caste  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriJuly 20,2012
The Divine Foreplay   by Maalok July 21,2010
The Dreamer  by Kumud BiswasJanuary 13,2016
The Dress Revolution   by Jan Oscar HansenSeptember 10,2012
The Drop!  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamFebruary 21,2013
The Ego  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 17,2016
The Eiffel Tower  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarNovember 22,2015
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The Elephant  by Krishti KJune 07,2020
The Empty Bed  by Kumud BiswasSeptember 09,2013
The End  by Sanjoy BaruaJuly 04,2013
The End of a Life  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 19,2011
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The Entity   by Devi NangraniJuly 28,2011
The Equation  by Shernaz WadiaFebruary 07,2020
The European Problem   by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 24,2010
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The Fable of Jesus  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 18,2011
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The Father of a Sick Daughter  by Rati SaxenaJuly 22,2010
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The First Anniversary Of Wade's Death  by Randy JohnsonJuly 24,2022
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The First Teacher  by Dr. Madhavi Lata AgrawalMarch 15,2021
The Five Fingers  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 18,2020
The Flag  by Prafulla SahuAugust 11,2011
The Flautist   by Mamta JoshiFebruary 22,2016
The Floating Messenger  by Abhishek GoswamiDecember 08,2017
The Flutist  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyDecember 14,2011
The Forces Of Evil  by Kulbir BhallaApril 07,2022
The Four Truths  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 18,2014
The Game  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJune 22,2012
The Game of Dice  by G SwaminathanFebruary 17,2022
The Ganga, No Ordinary River  by Mukesh WilliamsJuly 21,2010
The Gift of Time - Sonnet  by Elizabeth DandyApril 15,2012
The Gifts of Love  by Kumud BiswasJuly 03,2014
The Girls!  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamAugust 23,2012
The Glory Shall be Mine...  by Vaibhav PandeyOctober 16,2010
The God Omnipresent  by Dr. Sivanand VeluriApril 26,2012
The Grazing Mule  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 15,2012
The Great Anarch  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduDecember 24,2012
The Great Othello Laments  by Moloy BhattacharyaFebruary 21,2016
The Greatest Happiness  by Rupradha MookerjeeDecember 09,2010
The Hammer Speaks  by Pankajam KOctober 08,2014
The Hand of Mammon  by Kewal PaigankarNovember 17,2020
The Healer   by Rajender KrishanSeptember 29,2012
The Heart of a Good Man  by Randy JohnsonApril 24,2019
The Hearty Way  by Swatantra SharmaJune 13,2014
The Hidden  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 18,2012
The Hideous Heart of Scandinavia  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 12,2011
The Highway At Night  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 19,2020
The Holy Month of Ramazan  by Dr. Shamenaz SheikhJuly 01,2015
The Home for the Aged  by Sandra MartyresNovember 02,2012
The Honest Truth  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 25,2019
The Honest Truth  by Kulbir BhallaFebruary 03,2013
The Humble Hero  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 29,2015
The Illegitimate Child  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 07,2014
The Imaginations of Us  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamMarch 18,2021
The Incomplete Love   by Amanush July 22,2010
The Inconsolable  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 17,2012
The Indian Village  by Kumud BiswasMay 23,2014
The Inside Story  by Swatantra SharmaDecember 15,2016
The Intellectual  by Gautam NadkarniJuly 21,2010
The Internet  by Aparna ChatterjeeMay 29,2014
The Invisible Potter  by Swatantra SharmaNovember 13,2013
The Island  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 01,2012
The Journey of My Life  by Rupradha MookerjeeMay 03,2013
The Key To Joy  by Kulbir BhallaJune 10,2014
The Kiss  by Kumud BiswasNovember 05,2012
The Kiss  by David M GunsonDecember 01,2012
The Last Penny  by Kumud BiswasJuly 02,2014
The Last Smile  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickNovember 24,2010
The Law Rider  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 15,2013
The Light  by Kumud BiswasJuly 17,2013
The Light of my Life  by Randy JohnsonMay 14,2014
The Light of Wisdom  by Dr. Jaipal SinghNovember 18,2015
The Lingering Petrichor  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyDecember 08,2014
The Loss  by Sudha DixitSeptember 07,2020
The Love Hatred Coin  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJuly 21,2010
The Magic of Words  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamNovember 07,2012
The Malady  by Dr. Sutapa ChaudhuriOctober 14,2012
The Mandela Effect  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
The Mask  by Sanjoy BaruaJune 23,2013
The Masque of the Chameleon Lydan  by Kewal PaigankarJuly 18,2021
The Master Planner  by Kulbir BhallaJuly 07,2013
The Men Women Mismatch  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduJuly 21,2010
The Mind  by Swatantra SharmaSeptember 08,2014
The Mindful Eye  by Prof. Dr. Vinod DeshmukhFebruary 09,2015
The Mirror  by Swatantra SharmaNovember 25,2013
The Mirror  by Sudha DixitSeptember 07,2020
The Miser  by Kumud BiswasNovember 04,2012
The Moon  by Kulbir BhallaJune 18,2014
The Moon  by Kumud BiswasJanuary 19,2016
The Moon  by R Purushothama RaoNovember 20,2013
The Morning Show  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 07,2016
The Morning Sky  by Kulbir BhallaJune 06,2020
The Most Unrecognized Artist  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamJune 23,2017
The Nawabs  by S. A. HamidSeptember 17,2014
The Nectar of Gautama Buddha  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduSeptember 29,2014
The Never Man  by Stephen WatsonSeptember 11,2013
The New Me  by Jan Oscar HansenJanuary 05,2013
The New Moon  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyJune 07,2020
The New World  by Pili PubulFebruary 11,2014
The Night my Doors were Blown away by the Storm  by Kumud BiswasJuly 28,2013
The Night Show  by Swatantra SharmaDecember 10,2013
The Nightingale's Curse  by Kewal PaigankarMay 13,2013
The November Sunset  by Sandra MartyresNovember 05,2012
The Nowhere Road  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 08,2011
The Nub  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyMarch 10,2016
The Only Cold  by R. D. AshbyDecember 19,2018
The Pangs  by K.S. SubramanianNovember 27,2017
The Party  by Kulbir BhallaApril 23,2012
The Perfect Show  by Wanjiku NjugunaMarch 01,2012
The Pitter-Patter of Rain  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 02,2017
The Poet in Each of Us  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
The Possible Dream  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
The Present  by Rajender KrishanNovember 29,2020
The Price of Water  by Jan Oscar HansenSeptember 14,2012
The Problem Is Not New  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 26,2019
The Promise  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 30,2013
The Prophet's End  by Saheli R.April 26,2015
The Purpose of Life  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 09,2016
The Quest   by Jan Oscar HansenJune 26,2014
The Quest  by Swatantra SharmaAugust 04,2014
The Quest  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyJune 04,2015
The Question  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 22,2013
The Race  by Swatantra SharmaJanuary 25,2014
The Race has Started...  by Padmaja Iyengar-PaddyMarch 16,2013
The Rain Falls  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 06,2014
The Reason is You  by N. SaeedJuly 21,2010
The Reason Why  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 17,2013
The Rebel  by Kumud BiswasJune 29,2014
The Receding Waves  by Ramesh AnandApril 16,2013
The Requirements  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamFebruary 21,2013
The River of Reality  by Anna BanasiakAugust 20,2017
The Rose I Loved  by Ravinder MalhotraJuly 22,2010
The Saddest Poem  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarSeptember 16,2014
The Saddle Curve  by David M GunsonMarch 01,2013
The Scars  by Pankajam KDecember 11,2014
The Scream  by Satish VermaJune 12,2013
The Sea  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
The Sea  by Sandra MartyresApril 22,2011
The Sea  by Anna BanasiakAugust 30,2017
The Seasons  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 03,2016
The secret of Life and Living  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 20,2011
The Seer  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 25,2013
The Setting Sun  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 16,2016
The Shapes of Breeze  by Ramesh AnandDecember 29,2013
The Shooting Star  by Satish VermaMay 18,2012
The Show was Sublime  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 16,2010
The Side Pillow  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 24,2013
The Siege  by Satish VermaNovember 08,2012
The Silent Preachers  by Swatantra SharmaMay 15,2015
The Smile of a Young Child  by Stephen WatsonJuly 19,2013
The Sober Mistress  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 04,2013
The Son-in-Law Becomes the Son  by Dr. Ratan BhattacharjeeMarch 27,2013
The Soul  by Kulbir BhallaDecember 28,2013
The Soul is Sailing  by Kulbir BhallaSeptember 24,2018
The Soul Waits  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyMay 03,2012
The Sound and Sounding of Heartbeats  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamOctober 15,2012
The Sound Of Silence  by Kulbir BhallaJanuary 26,2021
The Spring  by Kumud BiswasJuly 19,2013
The State of Bengal  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduMay 10,2012
The Story of Oedipus  by Santanu HalderNovember 21,2012
The Storyteller  by Jan Oscar HansenJuly 05,2012
The Street Light  by Aparna ChatterjeeJuly 24,2015
The Suffering  by Jan Oscar HansenSeptember 21,2010
The Sum of His Parts  by Kewal PaigankarOctober 29,2013
The Summer Poems   by Julia DuttaJuly 23,2010
The Summit  by Pankajam KJuly 23,2014
The Sun  by Kulbir BhallaJune 13,2013
The Sun  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 22,2012
The Sun of your Soul  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaSeptember 24,2013
The Sun Wishes Not to Set  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJanuary 08,2012
The Tenth Month  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 20,2012
The Terrible  by Satish VermaMarch 02,2012
The Train Journey  by Sandra MartyresJanuary 25,2011
The Tree House  by Bijal Dwivedi MehtaJuly 12,2013
The Truth Comes Out  by Kulbir BhallaApril 06,2016
The Truth Speaker  by Jan Oscar HansenMay 08,2014
The Ugly and the Beautiful  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduApril 03,2012
The Unseen  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyApril 02,2015
The Untouchables  by Prof. Mukesh RavalApril 01,2020
The Vase  by Sandra MartyresFebruary 01,2011
The Virtuous  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 23,2010
The Visit  by Bharat MehruApril 18,2012
The Vista  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 29,2013
The Voice  by Swatantra SharmaMarch 21,2018
The Volunteer  by Charles L. BrownJuly 28,2010
The Voyage  by Dev RaghuveerOctober 08,2012
The Wait  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyJuly 13,2012
The Wall  by Swatantra SharmaMarch 06,2018
The Wars  by Satish VermaDecember 22,2012
The Way It Was  by Jan Oscar HansenNovember 08,2011
The Way Water Flows  by Maria Reed-ShoreSeptember 17,2012
The Whys and Wherefores  by Priyanka DeyJune 12,2011
The Wind Died Last Night  by Kulbir BhallaNovember 03,2014
The Window is Open  by Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.November 30,2015
The Winter Sun  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyNovember 11,2013
The Woman of My Dreams  by Randy JohnsonOctober 06,2012
The World We Create  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 10,2012
The Worst Man on Earth  by Tauseef WarsiMarch 25,2013
The Young and the Still  by Jan Oscar HansenAugust 02,2011
Thee  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 08,2021
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There was Heavy Rain that Day  by Neera LollbeeharryNovember 10,2013
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They Were Safe   by Moses MujatiJuly 21,2010
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This Life Is A Dream  by Kulbir BhallaApril 30,2021
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Those Flowers, So Fresh!  by M. V. J. SimonJuly 21,2010
Though We Hardly Knew Each Other  by Mariam D. MababayaJuly 21,2010
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Three Old Companions  by Dr. Sandeep Kumar KarDecember 10,2011
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Through the Window  by Sanjoy BaruaJune 20,2013
Thunder and Lightning  by Kulbir BhallaJune 21,2014
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Tick Tock  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyFebruary 27,2013
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Till We Die  by Dr. Jaipal SinghAugust 23,2012
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Times Two  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
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To be Successful in Life  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduDecember 20,2011
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To Love in Denial  by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie BayerMarch 30,2011
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To Market, To Market  by U Atreya SarmaDecember 01,2012
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To My Daughter!!  by Mohini GuravNovember 08,2014
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To Tagore  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
To Verbalize in a Void  by Jan Oscar HansenDecember 23,2010
To Whom?  by Kulbir BhallaOctober 14,2015
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To You, My Friend  by Alex (alexis)August 05,2015
Today  by Sandra MartyresDecember 27,2012
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Tombless Grave  by K.S. SubramanianApril 27,2014
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Too Late  by Rupradha MookerjeeJuly 21,2010
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Toy Gun  by Jan Oscar HansenApril 23,2013
Trade and Art  by Seshu ChamartyOctober 15,2012
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Two Obstetricians  by Shernaz WadiaFebruary 12,2020
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Two Sides of the Coin  by Prof. Dr. Ram SharmaAugust 31,2012
Two Troubles!  by Dr. Varanasi RamabrahmamJune 06,2012
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Two Worlds  by Swatantra SharmaJuly 01,2014
Two-Faced Mechanic  by Randy JohnsonJune 22,2012
Tying Hair  by Kingshuk ChakrabortyOctober 19,2013
Unconditional Love  by Dr. Jaipal SinghNovember 04,2020
Under Mistletoe  by Seshu ChamartyDecember 18,2013
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Underscoring  by Satish VermaDecember 11,2010
Unemployed Lawyers  by Kulbir BhallaMay 28,2013
Unending Wait  by R Purushothama RaoDecember 25,2012
Unforgettable   by R Purushothama RaoSeptember 29,2015
Ungrateful  by Sanober KhanOctober 14,2012
Union  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 03,2012
Union  by Seshu ChamartyApril 27,2013
Universal Dilemma  by Shernaz WadiaJuly 20,2021
Unknown Samaritan  by N S RamachandranFebruary 24,2018
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Unnoticed...  by Dr. Kumarendra MallickJuly 08,2013
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Unrequited  by Bhaskaranand Jha BhaskarOctober 25,2017
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Unseasonal  by Shernaz WadiaJanuary 10,2021
Unsolicited  by Dr. Jaipal SinghMay 17,2012
Unstrung  by Dr. Madhavi GodavarthyNovember 28,2014
Unsung Car  by R. D. AshbyJune 12,2016
Untempered Joy  by David M GunsonSeptember 11,2016
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Unusual October  by Jan Oscar HansenOctober 08,2013
Up To You  by Kulbir BhallaAugust 26,2020
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Wanted a Nobel for the UN  by Sharbaaniranjan KunduOctober 15,2012
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