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Forbidden Love

She sat by the window lost in thought
Her mind and heart a battle fought
To wed a stranger twice her age
Her family said was no outrage
Or take such matters into her hand
Elope with her love to a far off land

Her mother, then, came in that day
To impart wisdom on her wedding day
'My dear, why must you be so irate,
Learn to accept what is your fate
Culture and tradition will always dictate
That we as parents will choose your mate.

Love and passion count for naught
Just as common sense cannot be bought
Time alone will engender love
Respect will be your treasure trove.
Listen well to what you've been told
Our honor alone you must uphold.'

Duty and honor must surely dictate
What her heart desired, to abate.
With a broken spirit she bid adieu
To her only love, to start anew;
Knowing then that come what may
A bartered bride she would be that day.

So amidst all the pomp and splendor
She left her home with heart asunder
As her father tried to soothe her pain
He said these final words again:
"Your home is with your spouse today
Our doors are closed if you return to stay."

And so began her new life again
In fear and anger and in pain;
And with time all respect went away
And honor and tradition no longer held sway
For though she fought against her pride
She knew she was just a bartered bride

In time her passion made her bold
Her only love she vowed to uphold
And so in many a secret rendezvous
A forbidden love now became taboo.
And culture, tradition, honor and pride
Meant little enough to a bartered bride

But alas! As all such stories go
The ignorant masses came to know
And amidst the rage and blinding hate
A silent death was a merciful fate
A fitting end is what they claim
To a forbidden love borne of shame

Think you not that this tale be old
Even today such things go untold
For culture and tradition still dictate
Whom to love and whom to hate
And conscience is just a silent voice
Fighting alone for freedom of choice.


More By  :  Anwaar N. Hassan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Anwar bhai, the tragic scenario, so often taking place even now has come out well. People need to be truly educated so that one can come out of such travesty. I congratulate you and put my appreciation through to you. I believe at least some people will be influenced by this poem of yours! What more can one want!

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
08-May-2013 22:39 PM

Comment very heart touching, reality of life aptly depicted.

08-May-2013 01:04 AM

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