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by Sandra Martyres
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From the Son:

I need just one more drag
On that glorious fag
I do not have the money
I realize you do not think it is funny
I will definitely repay you
If not in cash then in kind
But right now I need to sniff the stuff
Please, all I ask for is for a single puff
As parents you are a parsimonious pair
You claim that for me you really care
But if you really did
You would part with the quid
And of me and my problems you'd be rid
I do not know how to sound convincing
Since your threats and your ranting
No longer bother me
I will be as I want to be
And to hell with you and your kind
With one puff I can easily unwind

From the Parents:

Our dear son
You think that it is fun
For us to try and manage an adult's life
And with it, all the attendant strife
Over the years we have had but one aim
Caring for you and bringing you to fame
From the time you took your first independent baby steps
Until you successfully cleared your high school exams
We stayed by your side
As parents, friend and guide
Now everything seems such a sad shame
Where you are concerned, we are the only ones to blame
Our responsibility does not end
We seem to continuously have to defend
Our reasons for refusing late nights
Even though we are well within our rights
To stop you from smoking and ruining your health
Inhaling dangerous substances with such stealth
It is now time that you come to terms with life, get sane
Shake your self out of your reverie and start living again


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