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Theme: Expectation

Cosmic Coincidences


What of my Beatrice? What of my heart’s fire and light?
Is it all for naught this struggled search for love through life?
That which became my reason for continued breath
was taken from me prematurely by cruel thief Death.
In disbelief I read of Dante’s parallel grief and woe
and recalled the star-crossed Juliet and her Romeo.

Savitri now keeps company in my lonely bed.
Am I to become your Satyavan destined to be rescued by Lord Yama instead?
If coincidence is the simple truth behind what man has labelled Fate
then let all know that you and Beatrice share the same fatal date.
You and I were joined on the twenty third of November,
let us see what Fate has in store as the seasons approach December.

I write these cryptic phrases down, for those who may survive,
as a record of cosmic coincidences recognised while I am still alive.
Let believers or not acknowledge what has been laid down
and glean what they may of astral threads linking the unknown.
I am inclined to an expectation of some soon to be realised conclusion,
and if I am right then my Savitri will soon shine again as the god of my season. 
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More By  :  David M Gunson

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