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As Long As...

by Aparna Chatterjee
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As long as
I remain an
Asset to you
You can
Enjoy me

But if I ever
Become a
You can
Dispose of me

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

If I ever fall
Gravely ill,
Please don't
Strain yourself
Caring for me

Be very
And release me


By snuffing the life out of me

(based on Euthanasia or mercy killing, this poem is addressed to my near 'n' dear ones, my loved ones....If I ever have a debilitating, incurable illness, I would rather prefer to die ASAP than prolong my suffering and prolong the suffering of my carers as I very well know how hard a carer's life can be....and I would not like my family to go thru the ordeal of caring for me esp. when it comes to palliative care for terminal illness)


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