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Durga and I

The great difference between
Durga and I, is that I fell
in love with my victim.
Viprasura is his name.

I met him at the end of time
when the heavens spewed red
and the oceans raged. We stood
on either side of the widening
crack splitting the earth in two.

This one is different, I thought,
from the way he charged at me.
There was reluctance in his
pace. He wore no armor.
He carried a blunt sword.

When we got close enough,
I looked into his eyes:
I saw a strangled beauty there:
I saw my hell in his eyes.

Following his gaze from his sword
to mine, I saw what he saw: that
we were in the same profession.

I raised my sword at him
(to test, not to strike), but he
opened his arms out to me,
and crossed over to my side:
I knew it would be like this.

He was a part of me I had
lost eons ago. We are together
now, and have nothing to kill.
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More By  :  Archna Sahni

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