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What a wonderful world we live in:
One full of perfection -
That is to say
A beautiful illusion,
Of curves, lightweight,
Of dresses, size 8,
And matte make-up

Such a wonderful world we live in:
Where empty husks
Dominate the limelight,
Where most people worship
Not God, not spirit,
Not love, none of it,
Just the ones who "fit"

A world so wonderful
That the ones that it shuns
Are left hidden from sight
Wielding a so-called right
To reshape, yet now lose,
And reform, yet abuse
Themselves in the name of beauty.

Yet, don't you agree that
More wonderful a world we could live in,
If we could look in the mirror,
And define ourselves
As intelligent, empathetic,
Passionate, energetic....
Because our bodies aren't all.


More By  :  Rupashri Chatterjee

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