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The choice
Was between
Being good and
Being bad

Being good
I had to
All social
Norms and
So I couldn't
Remain with

I chose to be
Bad as being
Good simply
Meant - living
A life without

Being Bad
Meant - I could
Break all social
Norms, come to
You anytime and
Every time and
Be always with you

And for me,
A life without you
Was simply No option as
Not even a moment of
Separation I could bear,
Away from you, as Life
Simply seemed so very
Meaningless, rudderless
Lifeless....without you....

As for name and fame,
Who cares?
As a life without you
Can never be the same.
Hence loving you,
I feel no shame.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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